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The Democracy Fallacy

This was posted on Saturday, March 10, 2007 by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog 11 Comments

It was the end of the 18th century and soon would come the beginning of the 19th. A new age that it was believed would usher in a world of transformation. The old tyrannical monarchies would fall and the success of the American revolution would be replicated across Europe.

First in line was France. The French revolution was heralded by America's revolutionary Francophiles such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Support for the French revolution was identified with support for a broader revolution for mankind against tyranny and oppression. Much as the liberals of the 20th century would inflexibly commit themselves to supporting the great evil that was Communism, in the name of human progress- American liberals of the 18th would do for the French revolution.

Democracy was the goal. Freedom for all men. A new age.

At first the prospects seemed good. The American Revolution's chief propagandist, Thomas Paine, joined the National Assembly (even though he barely spoke a word of French.) George Washington wrote letters of advice to the hero of two revolutions, Lafayette, his surrogate son.

If the attitude is reminiscent of anything, it can be reminiscent of American troops entering Baghdad, coming to rebuild Iraq and idealistically bringing democracy to an oppressed people. Or liberals rejoicing in the Russian people overthrowing the Czar and creating a government of the workers. And then as now, idealism gave way to baffled horror, as the killing began.

The tide of blood began. Talk of liberty and freedom went on and so did the blades of the gullioutine. The revolution had begun to devour its own children. Many Americans looked away horrified, incapable of comprehending what had happened. After all the American experiment had encountered its share of troubles yes, the Whiskey Rebellion, Aaron Burr and the Federalist debates were notable early highlights, but nothing like this.

What Americans then and what Americans now had failed to understand that democracy is a tool. A means not an end. Used correctly democracy can create a republic of free men invested with rights and responsibilities. Used incorrectly democracy can lead to political bloodbaths, anarchy or a genocidal madman.

As in the 18th century, Americans continue to view democracy as a messianic ideal that will transform humanity. It may. In time. The reality though is democracy is simply a method of achieving political consensus. It is the fairest method we know and the least likely to be abused. But every method of government is also inherently unfair and abusive. It is the nature of the citizenry and the political class that determines whether its outcome is good or evil.

The fundamental error then and now in messianically embracing democracy as an ultimate good, is that we contrast it with tyranny as the ultimate evil. We falsely assume that tyranny is evil because it is undemocratic. While that is one aspect of tyranny's evil, the overall evils of tyranny come from abuses, atrocities and oppression. Democracy is not a perfect cure for those things. To the extent that its leadership is corrupt or void of empathy or committed to political philosophies that harm some in their society, the democracy they run reflects that.

Democracy and freedom are not the same thing. Just ask a Southern slave. Democracy and equality are not the same thing, just ask a white college student applying to college.

Democracy as we apply it is an outgrowth of ideals and ideas within Western culture and European history. Transplanted into another society, the effects are unpredictable. But beyond all the idealistic rhetoric, boiled down simply, democracy says that you don't have to kill in order to be treated fairly. You don't have to kill to survive, if your beliefs are different from the people running things. You don't have to kill to have your rights protected. You don't have to kill to have a voice in the way government is run. You can vote. You can lobby. You can protest without being shot down in the street.

This is not always the case even in democracies. That has not and is not always the case in America. But it is the case overall and that has been enough to keep things going. It combined with hefty doses of government welfare and a growing respect for human life has been enough to keep things going. It and the general exhaustion in the West for any more wars and killing has been enough to keep things going.

That is the reality. The myth of democracy as a near-religious icon has been what has blinded Americans time and time again when democracy was offered to other nations and peoples and those peoples shrugged and said "Who needs it" and went on killing anyway.

Democracy only works in a culture where different sides can agree to vote it out, instead of fight it out. Democracy only works in a culture that values human life enough to pull back from the brink and settle things by slandering each other in the press. Democracy only works in a culture where each other side believes the other side is wrong, but not so wrong they have to be wiped out and kept from any role in the country's future.

Where those conditions do not obtain, THERE WILL BE NO DEMOCRACY. It does not matter how many troops you send in. Not unless you are prepared to use those troops to slaughter every faction that is not prepared to lay down arms and accept the results of the voting booth, not caring what devastation we produce in the process. We are not prepared to do that and until we are discussing bringing democracy to Iraq or any Muslim country is a dead end.

Democracy will not produce Muslim countries that will respect human rights. Democracy is a truce. In a Muslim country it's an armed truce while both sides prepare to kill each other. Don't believe me? Look at Democracy in Lebanon or Gaza? That's what democracy looks like in a country where both sides care more about winning than about their own people.

Want a best case scenario of what democracy looks like in an unstable society? Take a look at Latin America. Want a worst case one, look at Russia.

Russia abandoned its brief flirtation with democracy in favor of a new dictatorship. Russia is never going to be a democratic country, simply because Russia has always been run by powerful cliques inserted into a rotten bureaucracy. Russia's democracy was simply more of the same. So was Communism. So were the Czars. So is Putin.

It's the same government with a different name, because it's the same society and culture. Governments don't define a society and a culture. A society and a culture define the government.

Colonial America had many of the same characteristics as Post-Colonial America. The Revolution simply gave Americans legal independence, a national government and the ability to set our cultural norms into law.

European democracy set the cultural norms of Europe into law. Namely a massive state bureaucracy, a static culture and tolerance of most things so long as they don't interfere with business as usual.

Iraqi democracy set Arabs norms into practice. Be loyal to your tribe and faction. Kill your enemies before they kill you. Attack anyone who shows weakness. Lie about all of the above until you believe it yourself.

Iraq or any Arab country will change when enough of its citizens desire it. Not until then, unless we're prepared to engage in the kind of force it takes to break their society down and rebuild it in our own image. It's possible but we won't do it, because we are who we are and they are who they are.

Our democracy is a great and wonderful thing. But it is not the cure for the world. It is who we are. It is a part and parcel of our Americaness. We cannot give it to another people unless they want it and are willing to accept it. And most will not, until they learn for themselves there is a better way.

Too often in our history we have chosen to believe that democracy is the innate condition of mankind when tyranny is removed. We believed that removing Louis or Saddam or Nikolai, would usher in democracy, freedom and human rights. But tyranny is the innate condition of mankind. Thousands of years of history indisputably back it up. Democracy is an ideal to be reached up for. Not something that emerges when the ground is cleared of tyranny.

Societal virtues cannot be given as a gift. They must be acquired by dedicated striving. When a people is ready to reach for self-improvement, they may have what we have. But until that day if we are to hold on to what we have, we must be prepared to defend ourselves against them and put our trust in destroying their threat potential through arms, not in rebuilding them into a virtuous society


American Thinker

Featured Article:  How the Left turned electoral rejection into triumph (and what Conservatives can learn from them), Jared E. Peterson
We must finally acknowledge the scope of the damage that’s issued from attaching too much importance to electoral victories and too little to cultural losses. More

My Take - To understand my views you must first read the article.  I've stated before this can only be fixed by forcing these institutions off of the government feeding tube. End all grants to these institutions. End all federal student loan programs, which is turning into a financial nightmare for those who graduate and it's even worse for that substantial number who don't. This will force all these institutions to become "for profit" self supporting organizations.  This will force them to compete for student dollars - dollars the parents are providing. End racial preferences. That's a disservice to everyone, including those getting these preferences.  Allow institutions to accept those only of particular racial or ethnic groups or practice gender exclusion if they prefer.  This will give rise for groups to create and promote their own institutions.  Now that’s reality based diversity!

 Allow institutions to promote whatever philosophy they think is of value, whether the theme is leftism, conservatism, capitalism, socialism or even racial or gender concepts, then fine. Let them sell that view to their potential customers. If and when all these things happen a number of changes will naturally occur.  One, the price of higher education will drop like a stone. Two, a large number of universities will most likely go out of business or get smaller. Third, professors will have to actually start teaching classes instead of being paid big bucks for doing nothing. Fourth, those professors who are left will be of a higher caliber than currently exists.  That will create a glut of over educated under smart people working at McDonalds.  Fifth, tenure will start to unravel. Sixth, students will start getting a real education. Competition is the answer, and will this unnatural fever swamp that “higher” education has become. One more thing. I would love to see alumni start suing these institutions for promoting propaganda instead of teaching facts.
In short - cut the feeding tube and let them set up whatever system that seems good to them and then sell it to the public in the real world of competition.  The leftists will be doomed, since eventually reality will destroy all their false utopian dreams, because dreams aren't reality.

Planned Parenthood's Cash Cow, Steve C. Craig
When revenue from harvested baby organs is considered, late term abortion is one of Planned Parenthood’s highest ticket items. This may explain why it has resisted any attempt by legislators to restrict them. More

He's no Socrates. More

A few days ago I received a phone call from an old acquaintance living in Haifa, Israel. Fighting back the tears, he asked me what in God’s name has happened to the United States More

The Dark Triad consists of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy, and it turns out Obama is riddled with all three, especially the darkest category -- psychopathy. More

Scouting has never been just about tying knots and learning survival skills, but about instilling virtue and building character. More

Our president's priorities are making the United States a laughingstock. More

Friday brought an end to a horrific thunderstorm here and for Hillary and the Democratic Party, some telling legal orders. In the capital, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan issued the following order against Hillary: As agreed by the parties at the July 31, 2015 status hearing, the Government shall produce a copy of the letters sent by the State Department to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Ms. Huma Abedin, and Ms. Cheryl Mills regarding the collection of government records in their possession…..

With the way things are going, conservatives are going to need them. More

All the touchy-feely stuff about “Muslims and non-Muslims getting along peacefully together” isn't going to become a self-fulfilling prophesy any time soon. More

As monuments to Robert E. Lee are being defaced, it is time to compare his views on race to those of the president against whom he led the Confederate Army. More

If a quarter-century-old alleged marital “rape” is relevant to Donald Trump’s candidacy, why isn’t Juanita Broaddrick’s accusation of rape relevant and credible? More

Imagine your child or grandchild living in a world with a nuclear Iran. Imagine your child or grandchild asking what you did to try to stop it. But here we are. More

Two recent pieces of legislation were all set to make government as transparent as Barack Obama has always (apparently) wanted it to be. Guess who objected. More

Atlas Shrugs

DHS Chief: Don’t Call it ‘Islamic Extremism’ Because it Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With Islam- This denial and willful ignorance will be the death of us. You can’t beat an enemy you refuse to understand. And yet the Obama administration refuses to understand Islamic jihadists.

Turkey’s Erdogan: “We have only one concern. It is Islam, Islam and Islam.” - It is very telling that Obama has called Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the destroyer of Kemalist secularism, his “most trusted” and “favorite” foreign ally. Obama’s islamophilic foreign policy and his regard for Erdogan stem from the same wellspring. Obama has even asked Erdogan for advice on how to raise his daughters. Obama has commented: “And I also appreciate the advice he gives me, because he has two daughters that are a little older than mine — they’ve turned out very well, so I’m always interested in his perspective on raising girls.” Erdogan is not being honest when he says that Turkey doesn’t support the Islamic State (ISIS). That support is increasingly obvious.

Khamenei Advisor: “Regardless of how the P5+1 countries interpret the nuclear agreement, their entry into our military sites is absolutely forbidden.” - It just keeps getting worse. What Obama has inflicted upon the world with this nuke deal is an unfolding disaster that will keep punishing the free world for years, if not decades, to come.

Iranian state-run media: Islamic Jihad urges stronger anti-Israel activity -When an Islamic jihadist murdered the Fogel family, including small children, “Palestinians” passed out candy to celebrate. When this “Palestinian” toddler was killed,” all of Israel mourns, and the perpetrator is prosecuted. But what is more important here is that the Iranians are reporting about Islamic Jihad calling for the stepping-up of jihad operations. They think they can act with impunity now: Obama isn’t going to stop them.

Boko Haram Slits the Throats of Sixteen Christian Fishermen - The body count grows daily — the horror unimaginable, but little of it appears in the mainstream media. The Obama administration has said that Boko Haram has “legitimate concerns.” Legitimate? According to one only school of“law” — sharia.

Wow -Atlas readers are long familiar with the vicious relentless smears, attacks, lies and libels that the media, Islamic supremacists and islamic apologists have made against me on almost daily basis over the past decade. Their campaign of destruction is demonstrative of the strategy of the enemy. Destroy the messenger, and the message gets destroyed along with it. This was illustrated yet again when a new report exposed Refugee Resettlement agencies advising their operatives to research the backgrounds of opponents and turn them over to the Southern Poverty Law Center for public shaming as “racists” and“anti-Muslim” “bigots.” So it is wonderful to post the following article and this essay on my work. I am deeply humbled and...

Cure for Racial Dishonesty

Walter E. Williams

There have been several notable cases of racial fakery. Years ago, then-law professor Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren falsely claimed that her great-grandfather was Cherokee Indian. A diversity-starved Harvard University jumped at the opportunity to hire her. She was so good at the racial fakery that a 1997 Fordham Law Review article lauded now-Sen. Warren as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color.”

Racial fakery for private gain has been going on for decades. In 1990, there was a highly publicized case of outright racial lying. Two white men, twins Philip and Paul Malone, took the Boston Fire Department test. They failed. It turned out that the Boston Fire Department was under a consent decree mandating racial preferences, back then euphemistically called affirmative action but today called diversity. The Malone brothers retook the test, this time identifying themselves as black. Again their scores weren’t high enough to be hired as whites, but they qualified under the lower standards for blacks and were hired. They worked for 10 years, until their racial fakery was discovered during a promotion proceeding. They were fired......To Read More.....

Washington Examiner: Election 2016

GOP candidates trash first debate's structure
Even candidates who are near-locks to be on the main stage criticized the structure of the first debate.

She chose to focus instead on the difference between Republicans and Democrats.  (My Take - Okay, let's take a poll.  Is Wasserman a Republican plant?)

The three Republican governors fighting for the final two spots in the debate came out swinging.


Joe Biden aides have reportedly contacted left-leaning donors who have yet to buy into Hillary Clinton.


"We've not stopped anything, except we are now starting a nuclear arms race in the region."


This is the second time State officials have been forced to publish a substantial batch of Clinton's emails.

This week: The scandal of Lord Sewel, The GOP debate of Cleveland, and a troubling poll for Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic candidate noted the plan will take "defending" as Republicans push back against it.

State fell short of the 8 percent of records it was required to produce by July 31 under a court order.

Chelsea Clinton, VP of her family's foundation, visited Haiti to see the impact of the philanthropy's work.

Clinton went from finding the controversial videos "disturbing" to tweeting support for Planned Parenthood.

Clinton's team is not happy with a recent error-riddled New York Times report.

The revelations came in a new batch of Clinton's emails released on Friday by the State Department.
(My Take - I can remember when she was promoting Hillarycare and the Dems were stumbling all over themselves to tell the world how "smart" she was.  Well, I guess that's what you get when dumb evaluates dumb, dumber and dumbest."  And now they're seeing the light of reality and party leaders are afraid she will not only lose the election but will take the party down with her.  It's called the inevitability factor! When ideology meets reality.)

"They are the single most destructive force in public education in America." (My Take - In spite of the shots he takes at the sacred cows of the Democrats he would be a great candidate for the Democrats.)

Editor's Note: There were no Cruz articles in this cycle at the Washington Exanimer that I found.

"It's a real sad state of affairs when we put money ahead of national security," Huckbee said.


Kasich appeared to blame the media for his position in early polls.  (My Take - I'd be willing to bet he could beat out Biden, Hillary, O'Malley, Webb and Sanders and as the Democratic nominee.)
Editor's Note: There were no O'Malley articles in this cycle at the Washington Exanimer that I found.


Perry insists he will not repeat his poor debate performance from the 2012 presidential primaries.  (My Take - He looks good, he sounds good, but he's short on that "rock in the current" quality that real leaders need, and I don't think he's very bright because I think he believes in whatever it takes to get elected.)


Economically, Rubio has no ground on which to stand. (My Take - He look good, sounds good, and he really is bright and hard working.  But is he really against illegal immigration and nationalizing the illegals here?  As for this sugar subsidy issue- let's ask just how many families really benefit from the sugar subsidies and how much to they contribute to both political parties?  All at the cost of the American consumer.  Is that base conservativism?)


Bernie Sanders raises the expectations of many on the Left.  (My Take - Sanders is a loon, and as he continues to rise in the polls the Democratic party will start releasing information on just how loony he is.  However, he will last longer as a Democratic contender than Trump will last as a Republican contender because he really reflects the thinking and emotions of the Democratic base.  However, he will do 'to' the Democrats what Trump will do 'for' the Republicans.)


Trump's legal team has used the threat of a lawsuit as a tactic to punish his perceived opponents.

"I think that it's a shame for the African-American people," said Trump.

This is key for the GOP's would-be nominees to understand: The debate has to be fun.
(My Take - As I said before, Trump will do 'for' the Republicans what Sanders will do 'to' the Democrats - force the candidates to face the base of each party.  This will clearly demonstrate what each party stands for - which none of them like on either side of the aisle.  Sanders will last longer than Trump because he truly reflects the values of the Democratic party, whereas Trump is a one trick pony with conservative credentials that are as leaky as  water through a flour seive.)


Minutes before Charles Koch took the stage to rail against corporate welfare... (My Take - I'm largely impressed with Walker, but he was one of those who thought catastrophic global warming was legitimate. He later converted but his timing for his conversion always left me wondered if that was a political move or a real understanding of the issue. I lean toward a political epiphany, versus an intellectual one.  Calling Trump a dummy makes me wonder what he's afraid of, although I agree Trump's not the brightest pebble in the brook.  But I'm not running for POTUS.)
Editor's Note: There were no Webb articles in this cycle at the Washington Exanimer that I found.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Quote of the Day!

“Well first of all, tell me: Is there some society you know that doesn’t run on greed? You think Russia doesn’t run on greed? You think China doesn’t run on greed? What is greed? Of course, none of us are greedy, it’s only the other fellow who’s greedy. The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests. The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn’t construct his theory under order from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn’t revolutionize the automobile industry that way. In the only cases in which the masses have escaped from the kind of grinding poverty you’re talking about, the only cases in recorded history, are where they have had capitalism and largely free trade. If you want to know where the masses are worse off, worst off, it’s exactly in the kinds of societies that depart from that. So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear, that there is no alternative way so far discovered of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by the free-enterprise system.” ― Milton Friedman

A Tour of Our Decadent Civilization

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ Sultan Knish Blog

Civilizations normally go through three stages; Barbaric, Vigorous and Decadent.

It's easy to find examples of barbaric and decadent civilizations. We can find all the barbaric civilizations to suit an entire faculty's worth of anthropologists in the Middle East. And then back home we can see the decadent civilization that employs their kind to bemoan the West.

Vigorous is what America used to be when it was moving west, producing at record rates and becoming a world power. Decadent is what it is becoming.

The barbaric civilization is the simplest of all. It runs on kinship. Pre-rational, it operates on explosions of emotion. It has no concept of enduring facts or objective reasoning. It holds life cheaply and kills casually. It loathes outsiders and has no universal laws. It is ruled by hierarchies which gain their position through brutality and trickery.

The decadent civilization has a million laws which it applies selectively. Its universal laws, inherited from a vigorous civilization, are so mired in legalisms as to be meaningless. The laws do not mean what they say. Instead they must be interpreted by a specialized caste. Everyone is always in violation of some obscure laws. Life depends on a lawless dispensation from the law.

The crucial task of the law is interpretation that keeps everyone from constantly being punished. This task is accomplished by lawyers, lobbyists and the politicians who are constantly adding more laws to fix the interpretations in the old laws creating a complex mass of contradictory information.

This holds true in every other area of life.

Interpretation is what the decadent civilization does best. While vigorous civilizations discover new things, decadent civilizations endlessly categorize and re-categorize them to accommodate intellectual fads.

The decadents are great categorizers. They know where everything should belong. They employ armies of bureaucrats to operate vast filing systems which never quite work as planned. They don't cure diseases. That's what vigorous civilizations do. But they do spend billions on medical record systems that never seem to be compatible with each other.

Decadents have a great deal of information and no idea what to do with it. The great task of decadent civilizations is a futile effort to organize all the information they have so that they can make use of it. The internet is the ultimate such mechanism and it is largely a failure as such. It has many entertaining and useful aspects, but it is actually becoming more disorganized with time, rather than less so. ObamaCare is another information organizational failure. So is the VA.

The decadent civilization is convinced that if it can amass enough information, its interpretations will be superior, but its information gathering techniques and its interpretative techniques are both fatally flawed by an inability to focus, by ideologically obsessions and societal corruption. Scientists may have more rapid access to more information, but the scientific community is more contaminated leading to worse results. Similarly, corruption undermines information gathering efforts from the start as projects are diverted to crony contractors by corrupt politicians.

Vigorous civilizations understand that a process must be kept clean by open debate. Decadent civilizations operate corrupt closed processes while convinced of their own innate superiority.

Decadent civilizations are less interested in discovering new things than in disproving old things. The corruption of the decadent civilizations handicaps its advancement. The middling talents at the helm rewrite history while justifying their misrule by denouncing the achievements of their vigorous ancestors.

Where the vigorous civilization disproves the old through its achievements, the decadent civilization considers the disproving of the old civilization to be an achievement in and of itself. Where the vigorous civilization outside its parent, the decadent civilization is still stuck fighting "Daddy".

If you examine our achievements today, they increasingly have much to do with the supposed social and intellectual progress we have made since the fifties. This progress is relative. It depends on how we view the fifties rather than what we actually have. Worse still, much of this progress is in outlook, rather than in reality. We are better because we are morally superior.

Despite the disdain for the past, decadent civilizations struggle to do more than deconstruct and then helplessly imitate the past. Chaotic deconstruction of past creative arts is followed by retro copying of them, first ironically and then earnestly. Nostalgia becomes the central industry of a civilization increasingly incapable of making its own culture.

The central cultural critique becomes updating older works to more politically correct forms. A classic character is made black or gay. Problems with diversity or sexism are tackled. The critic becomes a commissar whose job is to sanctify the transformation of an old politically incorrect work as politically correct. That is the role of the social justice warrior.

All this energy makes it appear as if there is cultural ferment when nothing is actually being produced. Instead older works are being "cleaned up" in keeping with new social values by a civilization that frantically chews up the past in a desire to forget the problems of the present.

People living in decadent civilization have a greater need for entertainment due to leisure time, extended adolescence and the breakup of the family. But their lack of meaningful work, family engagement and adult responsibilities leaves them increasingly less able to produce it. Instead they become children putting together pieces of stories that "Daddy" once told them while taking the credit.

Decadents confuse criticism and curation with creativity. They develop great sensitivity to everything from literary styles to foods. In a decadent society, everyone is a cultivated critic, but these critics value style over substance. Their criticism is a cultural signal rather than a mastery of technique. The decadent civilization is obsessed with taste as brand. It is sensitive to subtleties, but fails to see the large flaws in a work. Its creativity is microscopically innovative and macroscopically a failure. Its subtle refinements cannot compensate for the lack of vision.

In a decadent civilization, everyone can be a critic or a collector of something, even as no one actually produces anything new until there are more critics and collectors than creators.

The decadent civilization spends much of its time and effort in a battle against apathy. It is forever "raising awareness" about something or other. Its sophisticated messaging however creates apathy as quickly as it erases it. Its messaging becomes more short term and more hysterical. Everything is a crisis and every message is pitched at the highest possible level.

The outrage of today is quickly forgotten by the outrage of tomorrow. The organizers dream of sustaining awareness for real change only to dive into the next round of short-term messaging.

In a decadent civilization, everyone is always fighting a political battle, while the real changes are orchestrated by power groups behind the scenes and presented as fait accomplis to a bewildered public.And most of what is debated is a distraction from what truly matters.

Barbaric and decadent civilizations are both so dishonest that they are incapable of seeing their own lies.

The barbaric civilization simply does not understand the concept of a fixed truth. The minds of its people are capable of understanding it as an abstract notion, but not of holding it in their minds on a specific subjective matter of interest to them. A barbarian can understand that stealing is wrong, but not that robbing you is wrong.

A decadent however can understand that stealing from you is wrong, but not that stealing itself is wrong. The decadent civilization does not have fixed truths. Its people are trained to apply mores to subjective situations, much as barbarians do naturally. While barbarians can evolve from the fixed truth to the fixed value, the decadents have devolved by rejecting the fixed truth.

Fixed truths have been deconstructed and routed through a complex array of relativistic values. A decadent understands that murdering this baby right here is wrong, but can be taught that it is acceptable to trade parts of dead fetuses. For decadents in an information society, definitions are very important. Decadents and barbarians have an empathy that is triggered by cultural signals.

For barbarians, these signals are honor-shame kin-based. For decadents, the cultural signals are more complex group-based signals that are routed through complex intellectual justifications. These justifications naturally create their own unrecognized hypocrisies. Enemy civilians killed in a Republican's war are a horrific atrocity. Those killed in a Democrat's war don't exist.

Groups are politicized and every moral code is routed through an identity politics based on insecurity. There are no morals, only sides. Responses are emotional to shortcut rational reasoning. Decadents function like barbarians, not because they are barbarians, but because their minds have been wired in complex ways by brilliantly dishonest men in academia to reduce them to barbarians.

A major difference between vigorous and decadent civilizations is objectivity and long term thinking. Decadents are incapable of either while vigorous civilizations thrive on both. If decadent civilizations could engage in long term thinking, they wouldn't be doomed. If they could engage in objective reasoning, they wouldn't be slaves to the media machines under a lawless tyranny.

The barbaric and vigorous civilizations speak little of sex and yet have high birth rates. Decadent civilizations are obsessed with sex and have few children. Perversions multiply in decadent civilizations, especially among the elites, who have the fewest morals, the most wealth and the greatest need for new taboos to violate. This is not a cause. It is only the symptom.

Gay marriage, like so much else, is the symptom of a decadent elite that confuses its own power and privilege with civil rights, that wants to legalize its illicit behaviors even though it only embarked on them because of their illicitness. In its perversity, it must find new taboos to violate each time an old one becomes socially accepted, before then embarking on a civil rights struggle to make its latest taboo socially acceptable so that one day it's gay marriage and the next it's men in dresses.

Barbarians have large families and a tolerance for limited personal space. They speak loudly, are more casual about the deaths of their children, and view success in terms of power. Decadents speak softly, have a high need for personal space, have small families while playing helicopter parents and view success in terms of their own unattainable happiness. Vigorous civilizations have medium sized families, speak loudly, view success in terms of personal accomplishment, are not too concerned about personal space and value their children while allowing them to take risks.

Decadents want emotional rewards without commitments. As a result they are constantly unhappy. They pursue happiness as if it were a quality that could be permanently obtained through the right techniques, rather than a shifting response to the rigors of daily life. The more decadents do this, the more unstable they become, obsessively self-medicating and attempting to otherwise set the conditions of their happiness by controlling its application, and blaming others for their failure.

The more deranged decadents search for those who deny them their right to happiness by failing to accept them, reward them or otherwise please them until they find meaning only in attacking others. Behind their venom is narcissistic self-pity, they are searching for revenge against a cruel world when they are the authors of their own unhappiness.

The decadent civilization senses inwardly that it has no future. It becomes obsessed with apocalypses. Its people are always fixated on the next great threat to their health individually and the next great disaster that will bring their civilization to its knees. While vigorous civilizations boldly stride forward into the unknown, decadents are nervous and unsure. They veer between comfort zones and ritualized displays of destructive behavior that accomplish nothing except the illusion of freedom.

Vigorous civilizations pursue meaningful risks. Decadent civilizations pursue meaningless ones. For a vigorous civilization, adventure ends with an accomplishment. For a decadent civilization, risk is the accomplishment.

The decadent civilization obsessively manages risk. Its layers of government are mainly dedicated to that task. Accomplishment in a decadent civilization becomes a difficult task because of the many lawyers of corporate and government risk management standing in the way of getting anything done.

Fear is the true currency of the decadent civilization. A corrupted fear that is used to expand a vast bureaucracy that claims to manage risk, but in reality manages who is allowed to circumvent it. Groups are stampeded into accepting new tiers of fear government and fear authority based on the risk that something might happen. And yet the source of the fear is never dealt with.

A vigorous civilization rushes out to deal with threats. A decadent civilization imprisons itself out of fear.

Decadence in a civilization can be reversed. While the barbarian civilization must evolve upward, the decadent civilization must undo the damage that is devolving it. This is easier than it seems. Unlike the barbarian civilization, the decadent civilization has most of the same infrastructure, physical and mental, of the vigorous civilization. Only its ideas have become corrupted.

And even this deeper corruption is largely limited to the elites and the professional classes, while the rest of the civilization has experienced only a surface corruption that is easily wiped away.

The difficulty is however structural. A decadent civilization becomes more top-down with each year. And the source of the corruption is at the top. Removing the source of the corruption requires either removing all or almost all of the elites, and sizable sections of the professional classes as well. Or a campaign of ideas that transforms them as fundamentally as they were transformed.

Either is a daunting proposition. Both require a fundamental transformation, but the former transformation is structural, a revolution that changes how a civilization is run, displacing elites across all the tiers of society, while the latter is a revolution of ideas.

Jim Beers And A Lion Named Cecil

By Jim Beers 1 August 2015

(Editor's Note: This appeared as a letter by Jim Beers to a Minnesota Newspaper. RK)
Forty-two years ago I was the only US Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Officer in the greater New York City urban area. I investigated and helped the US Attorney prosecute two complex international wildlife smuggling cases that resulted in very large fines. They involved New York, South America, Africa, Europe and Japan. After 30 more years with the USFWS I know wildlife laws.

 Zimbabwe is a corrupt African nation ruled by courts that are simple extensions of the ruler's will. They are extremely race-conscious and when they overthrew the white colonial government they happily imposed land seizures and money confiscation on white residents. Why someone named this sacred lion "Cecil", the first name of the white "founder" of the country (Cecil Rhodes as in "Rhodesia"), is either a mystery or a wry joke.

 Though poor, Zimbabweans are anxious to charge exorbitant fees to international hunters that can afford them. The Permits and allotments to landowners are not like US licenses in that they are meant to comply with UN transport regulations to keep the cash flowing in. Beyond that there is both uncertainty and the wishes of the rulers (Mugabe routinely ignores the laws and even eats "baby" elephant as a tasty morsel) and the eagerness of native people to eat and the eagerness of native people to eat and otherwise utilize all animals so taken.

Your front-page article lauds the lady "environment, water and climate minister" calling for the extradition of a Minnesota dentist before there are any charges of wrongdoing as she, much like the current lady Prosecutor in Baltimore, spouts tales of "luring" a lion and shooting the lion with an arrow as "hurting Zimbabwe's image". Baiting (i.e. "luring") lions is the standard way of shooting one. If archers cannot shoot a lion with an arrow, why was the bow allowed to be imported or available to an American with a "license" (such as they are) to kill a lion? If "Cecil" was so precious, why was any lion hunting permitted anywhere that "Cecil" might roam? Large animals often do not drop dead and are tracked and killed just as was "Cecil".

Note to Americans, our Constitution does not authorize government, even so supposedly powerful an entity as the USFWS, to extradite citizens merely because some foreign nation, much less a legal pit like Zimbabwe, wants to "arrest" or "extradite" a US citizen simply so some lady flak for a dictator can make him "accountable".

You only add to the theatrical circus with the mention of severing the head of the lion (how else to mount it?) Despite how all this is grist for the anti-hunting/gun, animal worship crowd; Americans should wait until charges are "specified" and the full story from the paid guides (if they dare tell the truth in a dictatorship) is made known.

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks
Jim Beers is a retired US Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish and Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades. 
Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:

Rasmussen Report

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week's Key Polls - With less than a week to go before the first Republican debate, Rasmussen Reports' first national presidential survey of Likely GOP Voters this year shows Donald Trump with his biggest lead yet. Now it's up to the billionaire developer to show voters that he deserves it. Read More

Trump Is Well Ahead As First Debate Looms - Going into the first Republican debate of the primary season next week, it looks like Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush are guaranteed seats. They’re the three leaders in Rasmussen Reports' first national survey of Likely Republican Voters.  After that, it gets a lot murkier.  Trump, the GOP presidential hopeful who has dominated the headlines in recent weeks, is well ahead with 26% support among Republicans. Walker, the Wisconsin governor best known for standing up to labor unions in his state, runs second with 14% support. Bush, a former Florida governor and the third member of his family to seek the presidency, is the first choice of 10%. Among the 13 remaining major Republican candidates, their levels of support are: Texas Senator Ted Cruz (7%); former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (7%); Florida Senator Marco Rubio (5%); retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (5%); Ohio Governor John Kasich (5%) and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (3%)……Read More

 Is the GOP on the Brink of Civil War? - A Commentary by Fran Coombs
Senator Ted Cruz voiced the unhappiness of many Republican conservatives when he took to the floor of the Senate last Friday and in a rare intraparty broadside accused GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell of lying. Veteran Republican senators quickly rallied to McConnell’s defense.  Was it the shot fired at Fort Sumter that signals the real start of a GOP civil war?  Cruz said McConnell had told Republican conservatives in the Senate that there was no behind-the-scenes deal to revive the controversial Export-Import Bank…… Conservative senators hit the ceiling. “The American people elected a Republican majority believing that a Republican majority would be somehow different from a Democratic majority in the United States Senate,” Cruz said, comparing McConnell to his predecessor as Senate majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid. “Unfortunately, the way the current Senate operates, there is one party, the Washington party.”  Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republican voters agreed with Cruz recently when he responded to Jeb Bush’s comment about the need for Americans to work harder by saying: “The problem is not that Americans aren't working hard enough. It is that the Washington cartel of career politicians, special interests and lobbyists have rigged the game against them.” [Just 38% of Republicans agreed with Bush.]……

Saturday, August 1, 2015

WHO’s IARC’s new target: Red meat, which may be classified ‘likely carcinogen’

Deena Shanker | July 31, 2015 | Quartz

In March, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) made headlines when it declared that glyphosate, one of the world’s most commonly used herbicides, “probably” causes cancer in humans.  But in October, the organization is expected to issue a report on a much bigger target: meat. And the industry is bracing for the worst.  “It’s our 12-alarm fire, because if they determine that red and processed meat causes cancer—and I think that they will—that moniker will stick around for years,” Betsy Booren, vice president for scientific affairs at the North American Meat Institute, said at a recent conference, trade publication Meatingplace reported. “It could take decades and billions of dollars to change that,” she added.......To Read More…..

My Take - I don’t agree with her assessment. It's my view those who eschew red meat for one reason or the other will continue to do so, and those who don't will largely ignore this clabber. The thing I really think will happen is the world will see more clearly just how partisan and unscientific this organization is and how much flakey science is involved in all these determinations.  Here's what is the real problem.  This is just one more example of how the world's organizations - filled with looney activists and NGOs - are working to eventually legislate "sustainable consumption" where bureaucrats will tell us what we will consume, how much we will consume and whether or not we will be allowed to consume.   

Why former organic farmer, food inspector turned against Big Organic to embrace GMOs

Mischa Popoff | July 30, 2015 | Genetic Literacy Project

There was a time, not so long ago, when the American organic movement actually stood for something.  I grew up on an organic grain farm and worked from 1998 to 2003 as a USDA organic inspector. Organic farmers were still in control during this time, and were nearly unanimous in supporting the development of no-till (or min-till) methods that don’t rely on synthetic herbicides, which are banned in organic production. Sadly, the effort failed, thanks entirely to the rise of a new, rabidly anti-GMO, urban organic leadership.

Natural substances were experimented with to replace Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, but all proved ineffective, leaving the roots of weeds to regenerate, or proving more toxic than Roundup, turning an organic field into a moonscape devoid of beneficial insects and microorganisms.  Not a single peer-reviewed article was written admitting to the failure. …… The organic industry is now bigger than Major League Baseball, based in part on cheap imports from countries like China, where standards and enforcement are even lower than in the US, and paranoia…… urban activists who had never worked a day on a farm simply redoubled their attack against…….GMOs……Meanwhile, since organic crops are not tested under the Clinton-Bush USDA NOP, a whopping 43 percent of certified-organic food now contains synthetic pesticide residue……To Read More….