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Tom DiLorenzo: What Socialism Really Is

Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Dr. Tom DiLorenzo has a fantastic new book out entitled The Problem with Socialism, and his talk summarizing it was a great hit recently at Mises University. This is Tom at his best: witty and provocative, but always bravely revisionist when it comes to skewering sacred cows like welfare, minimum wage, and progressive income taxes. His book—and this talk—are a must for anyone who wants a concise and easy refutation of the enduring myths surrounding socialism.....Listen Here.....

‘CREATES Act’ would only create more lawsuits

By: Dan Schneider and Larry Hart

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt., ACU Lifetime Rating: 5%) is leading the effort in the Senate to diminish the property rights of inventors. His legislation would fundamentally weaken the patent protection system for innovators whose ideas and efforts fuel our economy. It should come as no surprise that he is the sponsor of a bill that undermines the patents of drug manufacturers which have produced numerous innovative treatments which have saved countless lives.

Like the flawed PATENT Act, the CREATES Act (S. 3056) sets out to tackle a specific problem and, in the end, makes the situation worse. With the PATENT Act, the problem is so-called “patent trolls” that harass small businesses over alleged patent infringement, but the bill’s “solution” would mainly benefit large tech firms which want to make products using patented technology owned by others without paying for it............Originally posted in The Hill

Why Do Americans Have Such High Incomes and So Little Savings?

Americans have more disposable income than nearly every other country on earth. The few exceptions include a handful of northern Western European states and some small city states like Monaco.  Even when accounting for government benefits and taxes, Americans still have more income available to spend than almost anyone else.

As this measure from the OECD shows, the US has a median disposable income at $29,100, behind Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland. It's well ahead of of large European states like Germany and France, which show a median disposable income levels of $24,200 and $23,300, respectively.......

There are cultural reasons behind working more, of course, but one reason that Americans work more and longer is that Americans really like to spend money. And lots of it.  As a result, Americans don't accumulate as much in terms of measurable wealth. They have high incomes, but that's not the same thing as accumulating wealth.....To Read More...

Discredited Silent Spring is Still Being Taught in College Classrooms

Andrew Follett

Rachel Carson’s discredited “Silent Spring” is being taught in more college classrooms than the “Harry Potter” series or “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Carson is the 27th most commonly assigned female author in college, according to an analysis of  1.1 million college syllabi published by Time magazine Thursday. Her work is widely considered to have inspired the modern environmental movement.

The book led to a nationwide ban on the pesticide DDT for agricultural uses, even though the science behind “Silent Spring” has been thoroughly debunked.

“‘Silent Spring'” had huge cultural and political impacts, so it’s understandable why people read  the book, but students should read it with a critical eye. Not only was Carson rebuked in Science magazine when her book was first published, her anti-pesticide alarmism—particularly related to DDT–continues to have deadly consequences,” Dr. Angela Logomasini, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation........Read more

One year later, Congress still needs to reverse NLRB joint employer standard

Trey Kovacs

With economic recovery and job creation still hurting, Congress should make it a priority this September, when they are back in session, to take action against the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) joint employer standard, which upends long-established business relationships nationwide.

Specifically, Congress should add a provision to the spending bill for federal labor agencies that defunds enforcement of the NLRB ruling. Otherwise, the ruling will go far in deterring new job creation and beneficial business relationships.

Just a year ago, in August 2015, the NLRB decided to expand the instances when one employer is held liable for another employer’s labor violations and responsible for their bargaining responsibilities. In the Browning-Ferris decision, the NLRB overturned 30 years of precedent that determined when two companies are considered joint employers......To Read More...

My Take - Another good reason to eliminate the NLRB.....along with the Labor Department.

CEI Wins Fight Against Worthless Settlement Deal in Walgreen-Boots Merger

Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Class Action Fairness won its challenge to a class action settlement deal related to the merger between Walgreens and Boots pharmacies (Hays v. Walgreen).

"This is a tremendous victory for shareholders and against rent-seeking,” said Ted Frank, Director of CEI’s Center for Class Action Fairness. “Strike suits affect over 97 percent of mergers, costing businesses millions. We hope other courts follow Delaware and the Seventh Circuit in taking steps to shut down this racket."

In merger litigation, a “strike suit” is a challenge to a proposed merger that is brought for the purpose of quickly obtaining fees for plaintiffs’ lawyers, rather than producing any benefit for shareholders.
In the Walgreens case, plaintiffs said Walgreens omitted certain disclosures to shareholders prior to the December 2014 merger vote. As a result of the subsequent settlement, shareholders were on the hook to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees for new merger-related information that was either already disclosed or completely insignificant. CEI and plaintiff John Berlau objected to the settlement, which had slated $370,000 in fees to plaintiffs’ lawyers while the shareholder class members got nothing but insignificant supplemental disclosures.

Today’s ruling by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overturns a November, 2015 lower court decision approving the settlement. The ruling also returns the case to the lower court to either appoint new class counsel or else dismiss the case entirely.

“The only concrete interest suggested by this litigation is an interest in attorneys’ fees, which of course accrue solely to class counsel and not to any class members,” the court explained.
See more information on this case, including today’s ruling here.


Court Cracks Down On Attorneys Lining Their Pockets Under the Guise of Protecting the Little Guy

Ron Arnold: Tracking Green

Center for Biological Diversity, Inc
formerly Southwest Center for Biological Diversity

PO Box 710
Tucson, AZ 85702
TEL: (520) 623-5252
FAX: (520) 623-9797
EIN: 85-0420285
Exempt since August 1994

Self-description: As the country's leading endangered species advocates, the Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction.

Actual: Anti-industry legal attack group uses the Endangered Species Act and media scare tactics as a weapon to destroy America's industrial strength and resource production by bringing lawsuits against a wide spectrum of resource use companies, private property owners and against government to stop resource use. The Center for Biological Diversity lost a 2005 defamation lawsuit to fifth-generation rancher Jim Chilton of Arivaca, Arizona, when a jury awarded him $600,000, including $500,000 in punitive damages for falsely accusing him of damaging the range. The Center appealed the decision to the Arizona State Supreme Court and lost again in 2007.

Revenue and Expenses, 2007 ............To Read More....

Dem Rep: Zika Threat May Help Rid Abortion Stigma

Cortney O'Brien

The Zika virus, which broke out in South America and eventually made its way to Miami, Florida and elsewhere in the United States, is especially dangerous for women who are pregnant, as it can cause children to be born with a disorder called microcephaly. Yet, one Democrat has insensitively suggested that the virus may help erase the stigma of late-term abortion.
“Maybe the Zika epidemic and its implications for pregnant women will help us shine a light on the exactly tragic situation in which you have these abortions,” said Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), co-chairman of the House Pro-Choice Caucus.
When asked if they support abortions after 20 weeks, most Americans say no. Yet, with the threat of Zika, some wonder whether the polls are likely to change.
Some of Degette’s colleagues are to blame for the stonewalling of important anti-Zika funding earlier this summer. Senate Democrats blocked the GOP-led bill that would have provided $1.1 billion to the cause because it prevented access to contraception for women who may have been affected by the virus...........To Read More....

The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Crumbled

 Matt Barber

If your daughter, sister, mother or friend “identified” as a fat person trapped in a perilously emaciated body – if she truly believed she was obese, but, in reality, suffered from anorexia – would you affirm her “fatness” and get her liposuction, or would you go to the ends of the earth to help her bring her subjective (and mistaken) identity into alignment with objective reality? When someone is engaged in demonstrably self-destructive behavior, it is not loving, but hateful, to encourage persistence......To Read More.....

An Anglican ‘Narrative’

Even Chamberlain never spoke in terms of “interfaith relations.”

Hal G.P. Colebatch

Celebrated British columnist Michael Wharton (“Peter Simple”of the Daily Telegraph) once wrote to the effect that the Anglican Church seemed determined to drag itself down to a level so far beneath contempt that there was no expression to adequately describe it.   Readers may contemplate the following story — I mean “narrative” — and decide for themselves whether or not he was exaggerating.

In Sheikhupur, Pakistan in June, 2009, a poor Christian woman, Assiya Noreen, mother of five children, who were the only Christian family in her village, was harvesting berries in a field with a group of Moslem women. She was asked to fetch water for the others. She did so, but stopped to take a drink from an old metal cup she had found lying next to the well. It turned out this was a Muslim cup and her fellow workers attacked her for this. She was said to have declared “I believe in my religion and Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind?”

She and her children were beaten by an enraged mob. The police who attended arrested her for blasphemy. She was held in prison for more than a year before being formally charged. And was sentenced to death. The Lahore High Court rejected an appeal. She is still in prison while further appeals are heard. Consider the ghastliness not only of her situation, but that of her husband and children, peniless, without support, resources or protection, in a fanatically hostile community........To Read More....

Community disorganizers literally destroying our veterans

By Joanna Rosamond

Barack Obama used to introduce himself as a "community organizer." Armed with presidential power, he has undoubtedly and aggressively promoted his favored groups, but his "transformational" endeavors were aimed at his cultural and societal pet hates.

On domestic grounds, veterans become the targeted population from the git-go.

Operation PTSD kicked in, stipulating that combat makes everyone somewhat impaired to justify yanking weapons from the most deserving hands of "potentially deranged" potential dissidents.

We barely had time to say "Whiskey, Tango, Feinstein" before Barack Hood and the Merry Men started "sharing the wealth" of our homeless veterans, overturning the decisions of the court and making sure that the rich and the powerful enjoy property inherited exclusively by our shelterless and wounded heroes......Read more

Hillary Clinton: From Glass Ceiling to Crass Dealing

Ken Blackwell

The world has seen a number of women as top political leaders. Theresa May is the second female prime minister in Great Britain, after Maggie Thatcher. Angela Merkel is the long-serving chancellor of Germany. Years ago, there was Indira Gandhi of India. Now Hillary Clinton is on the cusp of being elected U.S. president, the biggest political prize in the world. Despite America's disquiet with family dynasties in a republic, there is much to celebrate in America's willingness to elect anyone, irrespective of background, as president. Unfortunately, Clinton is a poor choice to be a path-breaker. The image that best fits her time in politics is not breaking the glass ceiling, but engaging in crass dealing. From the emergence of the Clintons in Arkansas politics to now, everything has been about them in the worst way.........  More

Hillary Gets (More Than) a Little Help from Her Media Friends

Clarice Feldman

Ruth Marcus is easily exposed as a partisan spinster in a quick check of  a comparison of her treatment of Hillary Clinton and former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell. More

Pre-Empting the Liberal Media

Steve Feinstein

Liberal mainstream media bias for Hillary Clinton is the single biggest factor so far in this election season contributing to her lead in the polls. The nightly news on NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, the NY Times, Washington Post, the morning and late-night TV shows, CNN, MSNBC, and all the websites associated with these sources are strongly and openly behind Hillary and her “first woman” status. Many so-called journalists have dropped any pretense of objectivity and are quite unashamedly and openly supportive of Clinton, while they derisively dismiss Trump as an unserious nonentity.

Ostensibly, it is Trump’s presence in this year’s race that has caused liberal bias to be so prominent, but no rational observer could possibly think that the media would show any less favoritism towards First-Woman Hillary if her Republican opponent were Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich.

Hillary has many well-known vulnerabilities and character flaws: her role in Benghazi debacle and the subsequent rewriting of history in order to avoid accountability and blame, her nonaccomplishments in every major foreign affairs arena where she played a role as Secretary of State, her private e-mail server and her continual distortions and parsing in an attempt to deflect scrutiny and shift responsibility (“Colin Powell told me to do it!”), and of course, the widening-by-the-day Clinton Foundation corruption controversy.............Read more

4th Incident in the Last Week: Is the Iranian Navy Pushing for War with the USA?

By Jeff Dunetz

On Wednesday for the second day in a row, and fourth time this week, there was an incident between the U.S. Navy and an Iranian Boat.  Wednesday’s incident seemed to be an increase in tensions between the hapless Obama administration and the terrorist Iranian regime our President has been making concessions to for the past four years. This time after an Iranian boat threatened a US Navy patrol craft, our naval heroes fired three warning shots. Any ramp up of aggression would include shooting at and sinking the Iranian boat.

The incident occurred at the northern end of the Persian Gulf when two American patrol crafts and a Kuwaiti Navy ship were also harassed by the Revolutionary Guard boat.

When the Iranian boat came within 200 yards of the USS Squall, the American craft fired flares and had a radio conversation with the Iranian Crew. Then following standard maritime procedures, the Navy fired the three shots into the water to ensure the Iranians understood they needed to leave the immediate area......To Read More...

My Take - If you want to be the big kid on the block - you have to smack someone once in a while. 

CNN JUST CANCELED Dr. Drew’s Show 8 Days After Commenting on Hillary’s “Backwards” Healthcare

By Bethany Blankley

“Drew Pinsky’s six-year-old HLN show, ‘Dr. Drew On Call,’ has been canceled by CNN, effective Sept. 22,” The Washington Post reports. His 9-year-long show was cancelled only eight days after he publicly expressed grave concern for Hillary’s health, and more specifically the “backwards” healthcare she is receiving, which he said resembles 1950’s medicine.

During an August 17th radio interview (which the station has since removed) Dr. Drew discussed his review of Hillary Clinton’s medical records, and what he and a colleague were shocked to learn was her treatment.

Dr. Drew Pinsky is an American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and believes Hillary’s “bizarre” healthcare treatment could explain the “weird side-effects” she’s exhibited: chronic coughing, seizure-type episodes, trouble climbing stairs, facial ticks, not to mention confusion, not being able to stand on her own, and “freezing gait.”........#HillarysHealth problems are of national importance, and should be made available to the public, along with an explanation from her about her bizarre behavior and why her handlers carry with them a diazepam injection pen.
(Diazepam is a benzodiazepine used primarily as an anti-anxiety agent, and also used as a skeletal muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, anti-tremor agent, anti-panic agent, among other uses.”)......To Read More....

ASTOUNDING: Sweden’s Crushing Debt Pays for Nearly Half of All ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Entering Europe

By Bethany Blankley

Sweden has received nearly half of all “unaccompanied minors” in Europe, which has pummeled its country into massive debt.  writes for the Swedish newspaper, NyaTider, that Sweden has taken in 40 percent of every asylum seeker entering Europe. It has the largest number of “unaccompanied minors” who are young men from Afghanistan between the ages of 15 and 17-years-old.

In 2015, Sweden imported roughly 35,000 “unaccompanied minors” who are young men from Afghanistan and claim who claimed they are orphans........To Read more.....

Why is Germany Building Homes for Migrants & Leaving its 380,000 Homeless Citizens Out in the Cold?

By Bethany Blankley

How is it that the German government continues to ignore its 380,000 homeless citizens while it literally built new apartments in a trendy area for single male migrants?

Migrants moving in this month are living in the heart of the Oberhausen shopping district on the corner of Peace Square. How is this possible when in 2013 the government stated it couldn’t even provide emergency shelters for its homeless?.......the migrants moving in are “mostly single men from other refugee sites.”   The corner of Peace Square is picturesque, with a park surrounded by neoclassical buildings, an ornamental lake with a fountain, trees and flower beds.

As if this wasn’t enough, two other apartment complexes were developed, and Councillor Schmidt asked Oberhausen homeowners to free up their own properties for migrants!........Compare this to what the city has done for its homeless.......To Read More.....

Are Germans Getting Fed Up With Immigrants?

By Michael Ware

The clash of culture can be trying on all involved. Even those who would support the move to accept asylum seekers would have to admit that the transition has been a bumpy one. The reason is that Muslims and Humanists do not see things the same way. So, in Germany, the German people are faced with a situation that can be dangerous.

The people living with and around the migrants are finding that they are facing the brunt of the difficulty. It is their wives and daughters that face the fear of attack. They and not the politicians are the ones that face the daily danger of terror attacks. So, one group is seeking to voice their frustration......To Read More...

Nordic Nations Show How Welfare and Redistribution Weaken the Human Spirit

August 27, 2016 by Dan Mitchell @ International liberty

Statists occasionally get very angry about some of my views.

My support for “tax havens” periodically seems to touch a raw nerve, for instance, though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since some people are so crazy that they have even urged military action against these low-tax jurisdictions.

I also get some angry responses when I praise Ronald Reagan’s achievements. I’ve even had a few leftists get all agitated simply because I occasionally share a hypothetical poll from 2013 showing that Reagan would beat Obama in a landslide.

But what really gets these folks angry is when I argue that recipients of welfare and redistribution should feel shame and embarrassment. As far as they’re concerned, I’m being a heartless jerk who wants to inflict emotional pain on vulnerable people.

Though, to be fair, their anger usually dissipates when I explain that my real goal is to protect people from long-term dependency on government. And it’s also hard for them to stay agitated when I point out that I’m basically making the same argument as Franklin Roosevelt, who famously warned about welfare being “a narcotic” and “a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.”

In other words, I don’t like the welfare state because I care about both the best interests of taxpayers and also about the best interests of poor people. And this is why I repeatedly share data showing how American was making impressive progress against poverty before there was a welfare state. But once the federal government declared a “War on Poverty,” the poverty rate stopped falling.

But that’s only part of my argument. I also think there are very worrisome implications for overall society when people start thinking that they have a “right” to welfare and redistribution. At the risk of sounding like a cranky libertarian, I fear that any nation will face a very grim future once too many people lose the ethic of self-reliance and think it’s morally and ethically acceptable to be moochers.
Indeed, my theory of “Goldfish Government” is based in part on what happens when a sufficient number of voters think it’s okay to steal from their neighbors, using government as a middleman. Short-sighted politicians play a big role in this self-destructive process, of course, along with unfavorable demographic changes.

And when people want examples, I just point to nations such as Greece, Italy, and France. Or states such as California and Illinois.

At this stage, a clever leftist will usually interject and argue I’m being unfair. They’ll say that Nordic nations such as Denmark and Sweden are proof that a big welfare state is compatible with a prosperous and stable society.

Au contraire, as our French friends might say. Yes, the Nordic nations may be relatively successful big-government countries, but there are three very important things to understand.
  1. The Nordic nations became comparatively rich in the 1800s and early 1900s when economic policy was dominated by free markets and small government.
  2. The adoption of high taxes and big welfare states (particularly an explosion in the burden of government spending starting in the 1960s) weakened economic performance.
  3. In recent years, Nordic nations have sought to undo the damage of big government with pro-market reforms and limits on the fiscal burden of government.
But let’s specifically focus today on whether the Nordic nations are somehow an exception to the rule that welfare and redistribution have a pernicious impact on a society. In other words, does welfare in nations such as Denmark and Sweden undermine “social capital”? Is there a negative impact on the work ethic and spirit of self-reliance?

Fortunately, we have some very good data from a new, must-read book by Nima Sanandaji, who grew up in Sweden. Entitled Debunking Utopia: Exposing the Myth of Nordic Socialism, Nima’s book is a comprehensive analysis of public policy in that part of the world, both what’s good and what needs improvement.

One of his 11 chapters is about “The Generous Welfare Trap” and it’s filled with very valuable information about the human and societal cost of the welfare state.

Though I can’t resist pointing out that he starts his analysis by citing President Roosevelt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt…was concerned that the institution he was fostering…might destroy the spirit of self-reliance. Two years into his presidency, he held a speech to Congress…the president warned that…”continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fibre. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.” …In today’s political climate, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s view on public benefits would seem quite harsh.
Nima then looks at whether the Nordic nations somehow might be proof that FDR was wrong.
Yet there has been a persistent conviction among the modern proponents of welfare states that it is indeed-somehow-possible to create stable systems with generous benefits and high taxes. The main line of reasoning is based on the Nordics. The welfare states in this part of the world seem to, at least at first glance, succeed in providing extensive services and generous cash benefits without eroding personal responsibility. If generous welfare works in Sweden and Denmark, why not also in the rest of the world?
The problem, as Nima points out, is that these policies don’t work in his part of the world.
And not just because of the fiscal burden. His main point is that the welfare state is weakening people’s integrity.
…the World Values Survey shows that erosion of norms is very much a thing in the Nordics. In the beginning of the 1980s, 82 percent of Swedes and 80 percent of Norwegians agreed with the statement “Claiming government benefits to which you are not entitled is never justifiable.” …However, as the population adjusted their behavior to new economic policies, benefit morale dropped steadily. In the survey conducted between 2005 and 2008, only 56 percent of Norwegians and 61 percent of Swedes believed  that it was never right to claim benefits to which they were not entitled. The survey conducted between 2010 and 2015 only included Sweden out of the Nordic countries. It found that benefit morale had continued to fall, as merely 55 percent of Swedes answered that it was never right to overuse benefits. …Over time even the Nordic people have changed their attitudes as social democratic policies have made it less rewarding to work hard and more rewarding to live off the government.
By the way, at the risk of nit-picking, I would have advised Nima to use the term “benefit morality” rather than “benefit morale.” Though I assume almost all readers will understand the point he’s making.

Returning to our topic, Nima also cites some scholarly research that basically echoes my “Theorem of Societal Collapse.”
Martin Halla, Mario Lackner, and Friedrich G. Schneider performed an empirical analysis of the dynamics of the welfare state. They explained that…”the disincentive effects may materialize only with considerable time lags.” ..However, after some time the expansion of welfare programs leads to a deterioration of benefit morale. The three researchers concluded that “the welfare state destroys its own (economic) foundation and we have to approve the hypothesis of the self-destructive welfare state.”
The bottom line, he explains, is that the Nordic nations have been the best possible example of how a welfare state can operate.

But even in these nations, the narcotic of government dependency has slowly but surely done its damage.
Although Nordic welfare states seemed initially able to avoid this moral hazard, today we know beyond doubt that this was not the case. Even the northern European welfare states-founded in societies with exceptionally strong working ethics and emphasis on individual responsibility-have with time caught up to Roosevelt’s harsh predictions.
The good news is that Nordic nations are trying to undo the damage of the welfare state. Many governments in the region are scaling back the generosity of handouts and trying to restore the work ethic.

I don’t want to give away too much information. You need to buy his book to learn more. And the other 10 chapters are just as enlightening.

I’ll close by simply observing that Calvin Coolidge (as quoted by Ronald Reagan) understood today’s topic way back in the 1920s.

P.S. I’ve also cited Nima’s great work on how people of Nordic descent in America are much more productive than their cousins who remained in Scandinavia, as well as his work showing that Nordic nations originally became rich because of Hong Kong-style economic policy. And I’ve also shared some of his fascinating research on the policies that generate super-entrepreneurs.

Police Officer Prays with Flood Victims, Red Cross tells Him to Stop!

By Onan Coca

Apparently, that whole First Amendment, Freedom of Religion thing is kind of passé for some people at the Red Cross down in Lafayette, Louisiana. I mean, how else could you explain their decision to condemn a police officer for having the audacity to pray with flood victims in need of help?

This past week police officer Clay Higgins stopped by the local Red Cross shelter after work to see how he could be of service to the hurting people of his community. Higgins was still in uniform and carrying a Bible as he spoke and prayed with local residents. After a few minutes on scene he was approached by a Red Cross volunteer who told him that the Red Cross had taken issue with what he was doing and wanted him to leave.

“He said the Red Cross had an issue with me being there. So I asked him what the problem was. He looked down at my Bible and he gestured and said, ‘They have a problem with that.’”.....To Read More.....

My Take - Okay, it's their property and can decide what's done or not done, but I wonder if they would have been willing to stop a Muslim?  What's interesting is the red cross symbol is based on the Swiss flag.  Placing a cross on their flag was granted to them by the German Emporer pleased with their service, and it clearly was intended as a Christian symbol.   Things do change.

Not Worried about Voter Fraud? Watch as a Clinton Campaign Manager Teaches Democrats How to Cheat…

By Tim Brown August 27, 2016

2015, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas revealed undercover footage of a Democrat attorney and Hillary For President’s campaign manager talking about voter registration laws and told volunteers in Nevada, “Whatever you can get away with, just do it. Until you get kicked out, like totally.”
Christina Gupana, a Las Vegas attorney and Clinton campaign manager spoke to volunteers and uttered those words implying that they were to do whatever they could get away with, not what was necessarily lawful.

Here’s the video:

Don’t bee-lieve the latest bee-pocalypse scare

Now wild bee junk science and scare stories drive demands for anti-pesticide regulations

By Paul Driessen

As stubborn facts ruin their narrative that neonicotinoid pesticides are causing a honeybee-pocalypse, environmental pressure groups are shifting to new scares to justify their demands for “neonic” bans.

Honeybee populations and colony numbers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and elsewhere are growing. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the actual cause of bee die-offs and “colony collapse disorders” is not neonics, but a toxic mix of predatory mites, stomach fungi, other microscopic pests, and assorted chemicals employed by beekeepers trying to control the beehive infestations.

Naturally, anti-pesticide activists have seized on a recent study purporting to show that wild bee deaths in Britain have been correlated with neonic use in oil seed rape fields (canola is a type of OSR). In a saga that has become all too common in the environmental arena, their claims were amplified by news media outlets that share many activist beliefs and biases – and want to sell more subscriptions and advertising.

(Honeybees represent a small number of species that humans have domesticated and keep in hives, to produce honey and pollinate crops. Many are repeatedly trucked long distances, to pollinate almond and other crops as they flower. By contrast, thousands of species of native or wild bees also flourish across the continents, pollinating plants with no human assistance.)

The recent Center for Ecology and Hydrology study examined wild bee population trends over an 18-year period that ended in 2011. It concluded that there was a strong correlation between population and distribution numbers for multiple species of British wild bees and what study authors called their “measure of neonic dose” resulting from the pesticide, which is used as a seed coating for canola crops.

The study is deeply flawed, at every stage – making its analysis and conclusions meaningless. For example, bee data were collected by amateur volunteers, few of whom were likely able to distinguish among some 250 species of UK wild bees. But if even one bee of any species was identified in a 1-by-1 kilometer area during at least two of the study period’s 18 years, the area was included in the CEH study.

This patchy, inconsistent approach means the database that formed the very foundation for the entire study was neither systematic nor reliable, nor scientific. Some species may have dwindled or disappeared in certain areas due to natural causes, or volunteers may simply have missed them. We can never know.

There is no evidence that the CEH authors ever actually measured neonic levels on bees or in pollen collected from OSR fields that the British wild bees could theoretically have visited. Equally relevant, by the time neonics on seeds are absorbed into growing plant tissue, and finally expressed on flecks of pollen, the levels are extremely low: 1.3–3.0 parts per billion, the equivalent of 1–3 seconds in 33 years.

(Coating seeds ensures that pesticides are incorporated directly into plant tissue – and target only harmful pests that feed on the crops. It reduces or eliminates the need to spray crops, which can kill birds, bats and beneficial insects that are in the fields or impacted by accidental “over-sprays.” Indeed, numerous field studies on two continents have found no adverse effects from neonics on honeybees at the hive level.)

A preliminary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency risk assessment for one common neonic sets the safe level for residues on pollen at 25 ppb. Any observable effects on honeybee colonies are unlikely below that. Perhaps wild bees are more susceptible. However, at least two wild bee species (alfalfa leaf cutters and miner bees) are thriving in areas where OSR/canola fields are widespread, and the CEH study found reduced numbers of certain wild bees that do not collect pollen from oil seed rape.

Perhaps most important, the CEH authors appear to have assumed that any declines in wild bee numbers were due to neonicotinoid pesticides in OSR fields, even at very low doses. They discounted or ignored other factors, such as bee diseases, weather and land use changes.

For instance, scientists now know that parasitic Varroa destructor mites and phorid flies severely affect honeybees; so do the Nosema ceranae gut fungus, tobacco ringspot virus and deformed wing virus. Under certain circumstances, those diseases are known to spread to bumblebees and other wild bees.

Significant land development and habitat losses occurred in many parts of Britain from 1930 to 1990, causing wild bee populations to decline dramatically. Thankfully, they have since rebounded – during the same period that neonic use was rising rapidly, replacing older insecticides that clearly are toxic to bees! The CEH team also failed to address those facts.

To compensate for these shortcomings (or perhaps to mask them), the CEH researchers created a sophisticated computer model that supposedly describes and explains the 18 years of wild bee data.

However, as any statistician or modeler knows, models and output are only as good as the assumptions behind them and data fed into them. Garbage in/Garbage out (GIGO) remains the fundamental rule. Greater sophistication simply means more refined refuse, and faster computers simply generate faulty, misleading results more rapidly. They also enable emotional fear-mongering to trump real science.

The CEH models are essentially “black boxes.” Key components of their analytical methodologies and algorithms have not been made public and thus cannot be verified by independent reviewers.

However, the flawed data gathering, unjustified assumptions about neonic impacts, and failure to consider the likely effects of multiple bee diseases and parasites make it clear that the CEH model and conclusions are essentially worthless – and should not be used to drive or justify pesticide policies and regulations.

As Prime Minister Jim Hacker quipped in the theatrical version of the British comedy series Yes, Prime Minister: “Computer models are no different from fashion models. They’re seductive, unreliable, easily corrupted, and they lead sensible people to make fools of themselves.”

And yet studies like this constantly make headlines. That’s hardly surprising. Anti-pesticide campaigners have enormous funding and marvelous PR instincts. Researchers know their influence and next grant can depend on issuing studies that garner alarmist headlines and reflect prevailing news themes and imminent government actions. The news media want to sell ads and papers, and help drive public policy-making.

The bottom line is fundamental: correlation does not equal causation. Traffic lights are present at many intersections where accidents occur; but that does not mean the lights caused most or all of the accidents. The CEH authors simply do not demonstrate that a neonic-wild bee cause-effect relationship exists.

The price to society includes not just the countless dollars invested in useless research, but tens of billions in costs inflicted by laws and regulations based on or justified by that research. Above all, it can lead to “cures” that are worse than the alleged diseases: in this case, neonic bans would cause major crop losses and force growers to resort to older pesticides that clearly are harmful to bees.

There is yet another reason why anti-pesticide forces are focusing now on wild bees. In sharp contrast to the situation with honeybees, where we have extensive data and centuries of beekeeper experience, we know very little about the thousands of wild bee species: where they live and forage, what risks they face, even how many there really are. That makes them a perfect poster child for anti-neonic activists.

They can present all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios, knowing even far-fetched claims cannot be disproven easily, certainly not in time to address new public unease amid discussions about a regulatory proposal.

The Center for Ecology and Hydrology study involved seriously defective data gathering and analytical methodologies. More troubling, it appears to have been released in a time and manner calculated to influence a European Union decision on whether to continue or rescind a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides.

Sloppy or junk science is bad enough in and of itself. To use it deliberately, to pressure lawmakers or regulators to issue cures that may be worse than alleged diseases, is an intolerable travesty.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death and other books on the environment.

What happens when we ignore red flags?

Patrice Lewis urges readers to be 'at least as wise as a barnyard chicken'

One morning last summer, I went outside to release the chickens from their coop. Normally they rushed to the compost pile or the barn or some other usual haunt; but this time they all stood stock-still under the awning by their coop, utterly silent. Their heads were cocked upward. I scanned the skies for a predator but didn’t see anything.

But I was wrong, and the chickens were right. Perched way atop a dead tree was a great blue heron. A heron is a carnivore, but its usual prey is fish, frogs, etc. It would certainly never attack a chicken – not so much because it wouldn’t mind a nice juicy little chick, but because its body is not suitable to a swoop-and-catch like a hawk or eagle. But the hens, responding to a deep-seated instinct, knew it paid to be wary........Nikita Khrushchev famously said, “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”....

The fact is, very little happens that doesn’t give some sort of advanced warning. All it takes is vigilance and a determination not to depend wholly on the mainstream media, which tend to filter world and national events to support their own agenda...........Folks, it’s time to recapture that internal instinct and pay attention to red flags. And then prepare yourself physically, financially and spiritually. Learn how to safeguard your home and family; learn how to safeguard your money; and learn how to safeguard your soul. Above all, keep your eyes peeled for predators. Surely we can all be at least as wise as a barnyard chicken.......... Read more


China targets another U.S. industry for extinction

Curtis Ellis on how Beijing harmed rural America's aluminum smelters

Curtis Ellis

For another American industry, it’s a wrap.   American aluminum producers are the latest casualties in our trade war with China – a war the United States is losing.  The tactics China is using to foil the aluminum industry are familiar.   Beijing’s communist government provides its domestic aluminum producers with subsidies, including low-cost electricity and tax breaks.   For example, raw aluminum ingots are called “manufactured goods” so they can benefit from a 15 percent export tax rebate and undersell American producers.............With China grabbing more market share, only one U.S. foil producer is left standing.

We’ve seen this movie before.

Whether it’s automotive parts, electronics, textiles, appliances, paper, agricultural products or processed foods, China targets a sector for global domination and then subsidizes its domestic champions to drive foreign competitors into bankruptcy.   Underneath the aluminum foil, the turkeys you see are U.S. policymakers who fail to recognize that what China is practicing is neither free trade nor free market capitalism.

The Washington establishment is paid not to see that......... Read more

Mugabe orders arrest of entire Zimbabwean Olympic team

No medals – 'We have wasted the country’s money on these rats we call athletes'
Nigerian Bulletin

President Robert Mugabe has ordered the arrest of the entire Zimbabwean Olympic team for failing to win a medal at the just concluded Rio 2016 Olympics, a report from NTA says. .....He added that, the money invested in the team to represent the country could have been used to provide amenities and build schools........Read more

My Take - Mugabe complaining about money being wasted is the pot calling the kettle black. He and his corrupt coterie have raped the nation, impoverished and brutalized the population and destroyed the economy. 

As one Zimbabwean citizen stated:

“When the country changed from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, we were very excited,” one man, Kizita, told me in a village of mud-walled huts near this town in western Zimbabwe. “But we didn’t realize the ones we chased away were better and the ones we put in power would oppress us.”
“It would have been better if whites had continued to rule because the money would have continued to come,” added a neighbor, a 58-year-old farmer named Isaac. “It was better under Rhodesia. Then we could get jobs. Things were cheaper in stores. Now we have no money, no food.”

And these Olympians are arrested.  The world is insane!

Postcard From Zimbabwe

Here’s a measure of how President Robert Mugabe is destroying this once lush nation of Zimbabwe:
In a week of surreptitious reporting here (committing journalism can be a criminal offense in Zimbabwe), ordinary people said time and again that life had been better under the old, racist, white regime of what was then called Rhodesia.  “When the country changed from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, we were very excited,” one man, Kizita, told me in a village of mud-walled huts near this town in western Zimbabwe. “But we didn’t realize the ones we chased away were better and the ones we put in power would oppress us.”........The tragedy that has unfolded here can be reversed if Mr. Mugabe is obliged by international pressure, particularly from South Africa, to hold free elections. Worldwide pressure forced the oppressive Rhodesian regime to give up power three decades ago. Now we need similar pressure, from African countries as well as Western powers, to pry Mr. Mugabe’s fingers from his chokehold on a lovely country.......To Read More....
My Take - As usual these leftist writers are clueless.  There will be no international pressure to force Mugabe to do anything.  He's black, and he's a leftist.  What makes him a leftist? He's the center of the universe in his nation.  All is central planning - in this case central theft.  He's tyrannical, he cares not for his people, he's murderous, he's corrupt and he's president for life.  He's a leftist.   

Her Health Plan Was $257 a Month. Now Her Obamacare Plan Could Be $650 a Month.

Melissa Quinn

Ask 68-year-old Gavin Braithwaite how he feels about the amount he and his wife, Louellen, are expecting to pay for health insurance next year, and he’ll tell you he’s horrified, but not exactly surprised.  Since 1992, Gavin said, he’s watched the cost of their coverage increase over the years.
In the past few years, the Braithwaites say they’ve seen the cost of their premiums go from $257 per month in 2014 to $285 for the first nine months of 2015—their policy changed the last three months of the year—to $494 per month in 2016.

So Gavin wasn’t surprised to learn that his wife’s insurer, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, asked for a rate increase of 32.5 percent for next year, which would bring the cost of her premiums to more than $650 per month.......To Read More....

Facing High Labor Costs From Minimum Wage Hikes, Chicago Restaurant Closes

Leah Jessen

A Chicago restaurant abruptly closed this week, with ownership blaming the “rapidly changing labor market” and a 27 percent increase in base minimum wage costs over the last two years as culprits for the collapse.  Cantina 1910, a farm-to-table Mexican restaurant located in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, opened in September 2015.

Former Cantina 1910 employees said they were shocked to find out late Sunday evening of the closing, DNAinfo reported.  “We are unable to further raise prices in this competitive restaurant market in order to sustain the labor costs necessary to operate Cantina 1910,” Mark Robertson and Mike Sullivan, Cantina 1910’s owners, said in an emailed statement to The Daily Signal......To Read More.....

Did Welfare Reform Really Throw 3.5 Million Children Into Third World Poverty? The Facts May Surprise You

Robert Rector

Today is the 20th anniversary of welfare reform. Two decades ago, President Bill Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, known as welfare reform, into law.  The highly popular reform cut welfare caseloads by over 50 percent, sharply boosted the employment of the least-skilled single mothers, and pushed the poverty rates of black children and single-parent families to historic lows.  But the left always hated welfare reform. It now claims that reform has thrown 3.5 million children into “extreme poverty,” the kind seen in the developing world, living in destitution on less than $2 per day.......To Read More.....

After 50 years of Democrat race baiting is GOP finally wising up?

'If they stay on defense they're going to have their heads handed to them'

.....“It’s part of the Democrat playbook and quite frankly there are basically two issues that Democrats have used as long as I can remember to win elections,” Viguerie said. “They invariably bring these out particularly if they feel threatened, and that is they play the race card and they play the senior card, saying ‘oh the Republicans are going to throw grandpa out in the snow,’ so they’ve made a pretty good living over the decades by doing this.”.......“I don’t fault the Democrats so much on that as I do the Republicans because you know they’re gonna do that, they have done it for my 55 years in politics, but it’s the weak Republican response that allows them to do that,” he said. “Trump is speaking about race relations but in a way that is not always resonating. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan are of course silent........“They get almost into a fetal position.....and they get their head handed to them”.........

Peterson said the city of Gary, Indiana, “was once a beautiful place to live, full of all sorts of businesses, people were working, crime was low, and as soon as the first black mayor took office all hell broke loose, blacks started attacking whites, and now even descent black people are afraid to walk the streets. Look at Detroit, Milwaukee, wherever black liberal Democrats have taken control they’ve gone to hell.”...........

Another prominent black American, Alveda King, said she has not endorsed Trump but does not believe he is a racist. She said he is speaking the hard truth about America’s inner cities.

Dr. Alveda King“For the last several decades many of our urban centers have been ruled and controlled by the Democratic Party and yet the crime rate is very high in those cities, the school dropout rate is terrible, the abortion rates are very high, so if they are under the leadership of the Democratic Party why are blacks suffering under their regime?” King said. “When they asked [Trump] about race he said if everyone is working and has good healthcare, safe streets, then people do better. Everything he said about our community is true. Hillary said Trump’s message is ‘Let America hate again,’ but I think it’s about ‘let America work again.’ And it’s truthful to say people of America’s urban centers need to be able to work, to be healthy, to go to church, and do community service and not live in fear."..........Read more

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Most Scientific Findings Are Wrong or Useless

“Science isn’t self-correcting, it’s self-destructing.”

Reconsidering the Female Franchise

Has female suffrage strengthened or weakened Western nations?

David Solway

Almost precisely a century after women were granted the right to vote, it is perhaps time to assess the wisdom of this epoch-making decision. Has female suffrage strengthened or weakened Western nations? A disinterested survey of the matter not only suggests a preponderance of negative effects stemming from the female franchise, but reveals that a number of women themselves have spoken out bluntly and critically on the issue.

It is impossible to deny that the so-called patriarchal class has built the armature of the greatest civilization known to history. Science, technology, the crafts and trades, the professions, medicine, law, and the arts (literature, music, painting, sculpture, architecture) are almost exclusively – though not wholly, be it said – the product of male initiative, inventiveness, energy, and brilliance. 

 Naturally, feminists will disagree strenuously, along with their beta male accomplices and cultural defectors such as the ineffable Leonard Shlain, who, writing in the New York Times, proposes that the discovery of fire and the invention of the alphabet worked against women's values and power. In the present anti-male climate, such asininity might be expected, but it is hard to imagine a civilization worthy of the name without fire and the alphabet – that is, minus technology and literacy, the latter the very basis of advanced and elaborate cultures. .......More

My Take - There's a question I've been asking for years.  Men gave women half their power.  What did they get in return?

The Hegelian Roots of BlackLivesMatter

The philosopher the rioters never heard of nonetheless shapes their actions

David Byrne

Can one man -- a man who died in 1831 -- be blamed for Nazism, Communism and even the uprisings in places like Milwaukee and Ferguson? Karl Popper, Leo Strauss and Ayn Rand all suggested G.W.F Hegel, the greatest philosopher of the nineteenth century, contributed to the most malignant totalitarian systems in history. But his ideas shaped how many interpret recent events in Milwaukee and Ferguson, too. By describing the world as a conflict between two competing concepts, Hegel created a paradigm used by Marx, Hitler and even African-American protesters.........More

Democrats Have Nothing to Fear but Losing Black Votes

Why are Democrats brought to such vitriol by Donald Trump's outreach to black Americans?
Eugene Slaven

Donald Trump's outreach to black voters was predictably met with unbridled, laughably over-the-top scorn and derision from Democrats and their media allies – media allies who at this point are so blatantly unfair that one might think they would no longer even have the audacity to object to being mocked as Clinton shills.

Gripped by fear that Donald Trump's efforts might peel black votes from Democrats in key battleground states, the Clinton campaign has embraced the lowest brand of gutter politics: tying Donald Trump to the KKK and other white supremacist groups.  While slandering Republicans as racists has been a favorite tactic of the left for decades, the offensive against Trump is abhorrent even by the left's low standards. .....To Read More....

Judge Cancels Elections in Ferguson-Florissant School District

If a federal judge can suspend elections for a school board, can other elections be suspended by the feds based on the Civil Rights Act?

Timothy Birdnow

Recently a federal judge ruled that the way the Ferguson-Florissant School District elects board members was biased against black people, and he ordered a suspension of elections until the district satisfied his demands for reform.

Here is the entire 119-page opinion.

Judge Rodney Sippel (who, by the way, was an aid to Dick Gephardt and was appointed by Bill Clinton) wrote a rambling opinion in which he ultimately concludes that, well, blacks are underrepresented on the board because of institutional racism and are victims of such unfair practices as not allowing felons to vote or making people register at an address.

He states:....... More

My Take - More evidence the federal judiciary is filled with political hacks who couldn't hold down a real job and it's time for a 28th amendment. 

Hillary's Nightmare: FOIA Meets the Internet

William F. Marshall

The beauty of FOIA in enabling ordinary American citizens to obtain records from the government while being able to share those records with countless other individuals seamlessly via the internet has opened up a new dimension in representative democracy. More

Swedish cops overwhelmed by attacks from Afghanis

'It used to be a super peaceful country where nothing of this sort used to happen'
Children are being sexually exploited. Hordes of men are sexually assaulting women. Cars are being set on fire while hand grenades are lobbed at the police.
No, this is not a Third World country, nor is it an American inner-city neighborhood. This is Sweden, the formerly peaceful Nordic land of hardworking Lutherans.
But the country is not as peaceful as it once was. Last New Year’s Eve, gangs of young men, described as “unaccompanied from Afghanistan,” surrounded and molested women in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city. The police and media managed to keep the story under wraps for 11 days afterward.

The reality is sexual assaults have become common in Sweden. At the music festival We Are Sthlm last week, there were seven reports of sexual harassment on the first day alone........Read more

American Council on Science and Health

The Age Of Stupid - When, exactly, was the Age of Stupid? Was it when people practiced human sacrifice to placate the brutal gods they worshiped? Was it when people believed the Earth was flat and everything else in the universe revolved around them? But one thing's for certain: If we behave like sheep we're going to get fleeced.

At 3AM, SIDS Guidelines Are Tough To Follow - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is when an infant under 1 year dies, for the most part, when sleeping. There are a handful of recommendations given to new parents to prevent it, mostly regarding the baby's sleeping environment. A new study shows that, although these recommendations are (mostly) adhered to at bedtime, it's a different story as the night wears on.

Political Correctness Protests Over Preventing Zika, and More Media Links to Us - Some of the top health stories making news over the last 48 hours.

Bungee Jumping and the Art of Risk Assessment - Why would someone want to expose themself to serious injury or death just for a few thrill-inducing minutes jumping off a bridge and bouncing around uncontrollably? Here's a closer look at the health consequences of this edge-of the-envelope activity. On its face it seems quite risky, but how risky is it? Maybe not as much as you think. But that depends on how you define risk.

Zebrafish Research On The Rise, But Infections Call Data Into Question -  Zebrafish have become important for behavioral studies, but infections could be skewing results.

Why Use The ICU If It Doesn’t Improve Mortality? - A recent study led to an obvious question: Why have greater utilization of a hospital's Intensive Care Unit and invasive procedures if it doesn't improve mortality?

Musseling In’ in Salt Marshes Good for Ecosystem - Severe droughts can wreak havoc on coastal marshes, which typically provide habitats for many species, like amphibians and birds. But Univ. of Florida researchers suggest one factor that can help these areas recover more quickly is the presence of mussels clumped on the roots of marsh grasses.

UNICEF Breastfeeding Recommendations Paint With Too Broad A Brush - The recent UNICEF report "From The First Hour of Life" looks at the present state of infant feeding, with particular focus on the benefits of breastfeeding. It highlights the barriers that exist and provides recommendations to overcome them. However, much of the data used to support these recommendations appear unrepresentative of a global population. (Part 1 of 2 articles.)

How to Make the World’s Best Key Lime Pie - Think you've had good Key Lime Pie? Think again. Here's Dr. Josh Bloom's secret recipe, revealed for the first time ever. (My Take - Sorry Josh....there's no such thing as a good Key Lime Pie.  But I do agree about the home made crust.   RK)

How Safe Are Tattoos? - Two generations ago, tattoos were relatively scarce, but their presence has increased from 5% in 2003 to 12% in 2016, and half of those with tattoos have more than one, all without really knowing the safety and regulation of the inks used for tattoos and permanent makeup.

Five Myths About Lower Back Pain - Lower back pain is the greatest source of global disability, ahead of nearly 300 other conditions, leading to huge levels of healthcare costs and suffering. And the effects go far beyond pain, weakness and stiffness – they also have a huge impact the social and family lives of sufferers.

Standing With Giants: In Memoriam to Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan - Standing with Giants is a collection of essays written to honor Dr.  Elizabeth M. Whelan, who co-founded the American Council on Science  and Health (ACSH) in 1978, and acknowledge both the broad spectrum  of issues she tackled and her important imprint on public health. 

Soon You'll Be Able to Eat Food AND Its Packaging - We’re all familiar with those shiny plastic films that keep our meats fresh, or at least fresher, and also enclose breads, cheeses and even fresh vegetables. But researchers say they can make them better; and edible, too!

Do Men With More Muscle Need More Protein? - Muscle requires more energy, there is no secret about it. For that reason, the same calorie intake combined with more muscle will reduce fat. But do more of those calories need to be in protein? Bodybuilders swear by it, but is it real or a myth? Or are their requirements exceptional?

Exercise Could Save Your Liver - Obesity and excess body fat — especially the type around the middle — can lead to excess fat within the liver. When this occurs, it can diminish the liver's ability to function, and if continued long enough can lead to liver failure. But exercise (and it doesn't have to be extreme) can turn this problem around, at least in Chinese adults.

RIP Dr. D.A. Henderson, ACSH Trustee Who Helped End Smallpox - In 1966, Dr. Donald Henderson, M.D., M.P.H spearheaded the World  Health Organization’s war on smallpox virus and by 1977 science had won. Thanks to him and fellow ACSH scientific advisor Dr. William H. Foege, the smallpox vaccine was added to the measles program in West Africa during the 1970s and the disease was eradicated.

ACSH in WSJ: Patent Judges Should Be Scientists, Too - In the Wall Street Journal, ACSH Senior Fellow Alex Berezow has a    piece discussing how biotech innovation has been stifled (and will  continue to be) unless we modernize the patent enforcement  system.

Post-Menopausal Women & Alzheimer’s: Is Estrogen Replacement the Answer? - Since women have a higher incidence of dementia than men, the  effects of estrogen replacement on cognitive function is a topic of  ongoing research. A recent study tried to find out if taking hormone  therapy at different stages of menopause would improve metabolic  risk factors of Alzheimer’s Dementia and prevent cognitive  decline.

Breastfeeding Versus Breast Milk - In Part 2 of our analysis of UNICEF's "From The First Hour Of Life"  report, we look at the scientific data presented that offers support for,  and against, the proposed benefits of breastfeeding and breast  milk.

Organic Farms Yield 20% Fewer Crops than Conventional Farms - Organic farming produces 20% fewer crops. An inefficient food production system is, by definition, not sustainable. Let's also underscore this point by noting that “if all US wheat production were grown organically, an additional 12.4 million hectares (30.6 million acres) would be needed to match 2014 production levels.” Extrapolate that out to the rest of the globe, and one can easily see how organic farming cannot feed the world.

Animal Protein Vs Plant Protein: Do We Have to Choose? - The importance of protein for muscle-building and cell functions was discovered in the 1830's, but there is still some controversy regarding what's considered an ideal source of protein for overall health. A recent study in the Journal of American Medical Association directly compared animal protein with plant protein, and it produced some interesting results.

I’ve Had More Exposure To Agent Orange Than Anyone: Here’s What I Know - In 1972, the National Academy of Sciences asked me to investigate the persistence of Agent Orange and other defoliants used during the Vietnam War. For seven months, I walked in the chemical in my bare feet. Now at age 83, the bottom line is that I am a very healthy guinea pig after huge and nearly continuous exposure to herbicides.

Falsification: Was Karl Popper Wrong About Science? - An analysis of 70 papers shows that most scientific research does not advance by "falsification," as philosopher Karl Popper made famous. Ironically, falsification has itself been falsified. 

EPA Doublethink On Particulate Matter And Mortality - It's often the case that we don’t have time to carefully evaluate everything in life. We often take shortcuts. If a reputable authority takes a position, it is convenient and usually safe to just accept their reasoning. It's not so simple in the case of air pollution, more regulations, and saving lives.