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The Filibuster in the Era of Trump

Ted Noel, M.D.

The filibuster may seem a weapon of obstruction in the hands of Senator Schumer, but the Minority Leader may find himself in a trap of his own making when he uses it....... after each election Senate Majority Leader McConnell said that that it was almost impossible to get anything done because the Democrats blocked every meaningful action in the Senate.......The trick that allowed these "filibusters" to succeed "behind the curtain" was created by Senators Mike Mansfield and Robert Bird after filibusters of civil rights legislation in the early 1960s.

In essence, when the Minority Leader tells the Majority Leader that a filibuster is intended, the Majority Leader places the "filibustered" action on a second calendar where it never sees the light of day. Under this custom, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has allowed the Senate to be "filibustered," blocking action on bills the Democrats don't like, simply allowing Democrats to have their way.......the proper term for this is "pre-emptive surrender."

Senator Mitch McConnell has declared that he will not fight. But he does not need to fight. All he needs to do is to require the Democrats to fight. Consider this spectacle: Republicans propose an appropriations bill that does not include a tax increase the Democrats want. Senator Schumer declares a filibuster. But instead of going back to the drawing board to come up with something the Democrats will like, Senator McConnell simply hands the microphone to Senator Schumer and says, "Enjoy yourself." Now, instead of the Republicans looking bad, it has become time for the Democrats to put up or shut up........More

William Kay's Book Review of Snyder's Black Earth

Black Earth: as a parade float for extreme statism

By William Kay - Here's the video of his review

Snyder’s Black Earth promotes an extremely statist variant of classical conservatism while denigrating classical liberalism. Unfortunately for the reader, Snyder uses political terms in a confusing manner.

The meanings of “conservativism” and “liberalism” (like “Right” and “Left”) morphed after World War II. In popular parlance “liberalism” before World War II signified a pro-capitalist, pro-market, limited-government orientation similar to what many today call “libertarianism.” Liberals were counter-posed by elite conservatives seeking greater government control over cultural and economic affairs. The fascist parties dominating Europe between 1918 and 1945 were expressions of a militant old-school conservatism, and as such they opposed free market capitalism in word and deed. These parties were referred to by their opponents, and by themselves, as “the Right.”

With this in mind, read the following passage from Snyder (emphasis added):.....To Read More....

My Take - I don't think anyone does in depth analysis of a book as does William Kay.  Please peruse the links at the side for other reviews.  He's an amazing reviewer.  Here is a video of his review.

Fox News exiles George Will and other contributors

The upheaval of the 2016 election is being matched by the turmoil in cable news
By Thomas Lifson January 22, 2017

Television is a brutal business, and so is politics. Both can be great for the winners, but for the losers, humiliation, financial stress, and worst of all, obscurity beckon, like a career version of the Grim Reaper. The upheaval of the 2016 election is being matched by the turmoil in cable news. Among the punditry, one the biggest losers is George Will, the syndicated political commentator who openly hoped for a 50 state sweep by Hillary Clinton, so obnoxious in his eyes was Donald Trump. His post-election appearances as a Special Report panelist have been awkward enough that Fox News made what seems like an inevitable decision. Via Joe Concha of The Hill: Read........ More

My Take - Well, it's about time! O'Reilly isn't much better in many respects.  Both of them are out of control egoists, and while Will is polite O'Reilly is a blowhard.  Krauthammer should be next!  What fascinates me is how Geraldo and Juan Williams remain acceptable.  Both are masters at spewing out lava flows of logical fallacies and inaccuracies.  But then - what can you expect from leftists? 

Delusional Dames

By Tiffany Kendal Koogler January 23, 2017

As an American woman, I wanted to put a bag over my head as I watched the throngs of female morons waddle down the streets of DC, NYC, and San Francisco on January 21, 2017.

Wearing their ridiculous “p*ssy” hats, screeching like a gaggle of hags and so pumped on up putrid propaganda they appeared high on peyote. The tsunami of false equivalencies, hypocrisy, and boogieman placards are too stupid and weak to unpack.

However, the central question that our treacherous and treasonous mainstream media failed to pose to a single old hen or greasy tatted up hipster was this: If Donald J. Trump is the misogynist monster of the ages you portray him to be, how are you allowed to march in the streets?   Why were you not firehosed? Where are the black hooded thugs beating you with slapjacks for your jaw-dropping display of hubris? Nowhere to be seen. Just lactation stations and warming buses, free chicken, bottled water, and hot coffee.

How could President Trump be more tolerant of fools? Let’s stop and consider what would have happened if white men had stormed Lafayette Square wearing goofy white hats when Obama was elected. The tanks would have rolled like Tiananmen Square. It would have been the lead story for three years........But, I have a super idea for these delusional dames.

Pack up your sideshow and head to Riyadh. Unbelievably, these intellectual pygmies were reading the Koran with reverence at a P*ssy March.

Has a disconnect ever been more huge?

And not one journalist has the backbone to highlight this jaw-dropping idiocy? Ladies, I will donate some of my frequent flyer miles for flights to Tehran and Islamabad. Heck, even give Istanbul a shot.

I have been there many times, and most Muslin men treat a skirt raised above the knees as scandalous as a thong. Perhaps Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro will organize a rescue team for you as your backs are flayed open in a filthy desert dungeon by a dead-eyed thug whose wife has to wear a Hefty bag on her head when she goes outside..........Read more

Does the left have a drug problem?

Drugs could be playing a significant role in the post-inaugural hysteria among the left.

By Xavier Schafer

I remain dumbfounded at the left’s continual episodes of tantrums and meltdowns; and since last week, things have only gotten worse, a lot worse. Last week, Marc Lamont Hill, professor at Morehouse College, characterized Jim Brown, Steve Harvey, Martin Luther King III and others as “mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump.”

Over the weekend, actor Shia Laboeuf put a uniquely bizarre shouting tantrum on full display, actress Ashley Judd said that President Trump has wet dreams about his daughter, Ivanka, and to cap it off, Madonna proclaimed that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

In the background of all this were anti-Trump protesters throwing rocks and fireworks at police outside a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of Washington, the beating of a high school Trump supporter at the same event, the assault on pollster Frank Luntz at the Marriott Marquis in Washington DC, and a woman threatening to throw up on a Trump supporter’s lap on an commercial airplane.

What a week!........Read More

My Take - The left on parade! We should thank them for being who they are - publicly.  The masquerade is over, the masks have been taken off and now the world can see just how insane these people really are, and normal people are struck by this one incontrovertible fact - there a no adults in this crowd - just spoiled brats - but fortunately they've in the streets - no longer in the White House.

All the moral pontifications about accepting the results of the election are now exposed as public relations clabber with no real meaning to them at all, along with all the other "moral" issues in which they continually express outrage. All fraudulent - and now it's apparent to the rest of the world.  They only care about power....period!

The People’s Mujahedin of Iran: A Most Undesirable Partner

By PaweĊ‚ Piotr Styrna | January 18, 2017

Quite a few Iranian exiles are worried about the pro-MEK stance of some influential people in the Trump camp. The Crown Prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, has reached out to Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory and to commence a dialogue on policy towards Iran that could benefit both countries. There are plenty of solid and patriotic Iranian oppositionists to work with. The Islamist-Marxist Mujahedin are part of the problem, not the solution....... The MEK was originally founded by a group of radical, anti-Shah university students in Iran in 1965. It was a clandestine organization dedicated to revolution and a violent, terroristic overthrow of the Pahlavi regime. Ideologically, the Mujahedin sought to combine certain elements of Marxism — especially anti-capitalism, anti-“imperialism,” and anti-“colonialism” — with political, militant Islam. They were anti-American and anti-Western, supporting a plethora of revolutionary communist movements throughout the Third World — from Vietnam to Cuba. ......To Read More.....

Kill the Two State Solution

By Daniel Greenfield l January 17, 2017

Like the old Monty Python bit, the two-state solution is a dead parrot. The shopkeepers of the press who keep trying to sell us its stiff unmoving body insist that the peace process is just pining for the Norwegian fjords of the Oslo peace accords. Feed it some more of Israel and it’ll fly back to life. The two-state solution, however, never existed. There will only be one state of Israel. The question is whether it will be a Jewish State or an Islamic terror state....... “Is the two-state solution dead?”

The two-state solution, a perverse euphemism for carving an Islamic terror state out of the land of Israel and the living flesh of her people, is the trouble. The solution, which has solved nothing except the shortage of graves in Israel and Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, is the object of grave concern by the professionally concerned from Foggy Bottom to Fifth Avenue.  Obama set up his betrayal of Israel at the UN to “save” the two-state solution from Trump. The media warns that David Friedman, Trump’s pick for ambassador, is so pro-Israel that he’ll kill the “solution.”

But you can’t kill something that was never alive......What problem was the two-state solution solving?.......To Read More....

Union Watch

Friedrichs 2.0? Supremes May Get a Second Chance to Free Teachers from Forced Unionism

By On January 19, 2017 · Leave a Comment
In a case that will cheer education reformers, four Pennsylvania teachers today sued their unions, school districts and district officials for making union membership a condition of their employment.
“Teaching is my calling, but I fundamentally disagree with many teachers’ union stances on personnel and political issues,” said lead plaintiff Gregory J. Hartnett, an art […]
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Trump names ex-climate scientist to NASA advisory role

Grey Ellis Date of Publication: 01.20.17 
President Trump hasn’t appointed anyone to lead NASA or even articulated his space policy, but he isn’t ignoring it. This morning, Robert Lightfoot, the agency’s acting administrator, announced the appointment of Greg Autry and Erik Noble as presidential liaisons. Both have backgrounds in the field, and Noble has even done some climate science......To Read More....

My Take - It seems clear to me there's a real serious problem with cognitive dissonance among the Trump transition people.  I couldn't be more disappointed in what I'm seeing, and what's worse - this is just the beginning.  What other leftist idiocies will they adopt before this year ends, and their political capital runs out - and they've abandoned those who got them there.  Perhaps nothing has changed at all. 

I always worry when everyone starts praising a politician because that puts blinders on those issueing the praise and those listening to it, and by the time everyone realizes they're unworthy of that praise - there's no telling the damage they may do - and G.W. Bush is one example. 

I never liked Bush, and I think a lot of people felt the same way - but he was chosen because he was the better of two really bad choices.  When he stood before Bully Pulpit and said Islam was a religion of peace - I knew the leftists were right - he was a blithering idiot.

De Omnibus Dubitandum - Question Everything -  remembering that we can never really trust people entirely, because people will always be people, and people with power are to be trusted even less.

President-elect Trump, science, and healthcare

By Michael D. Shaw November 14, 2016  @ Health News Digest

With any big election, there is plenty of the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” (Apologies to ABC television writer Stanley Ralph Ross.) In the recent contest, some on the “agony of defeat” side have been weighing in on how Mr. Trump might impact science and healthcare. It’s no secret that British journal Nature has become politicized, and it offers up a few tweets under the title “How scientists reacted to the US election results—Trump victory generates shock, disbelief and fear of funding cuts.”

This is terrifying for science, research, education, and the future of our planet. I guess it’s time for me to go back to Europe.”

Good luck with funding. Ps my heart is *breaking* for all the young scientists I helped to teach and raise.”

I do breast cancer research for my PhD.…Scared not only my future but for the future of research and next years @NIH budget.”

Other sources quoted numerous academic scientists who are concerned that cuts in immigration might stop the flow of foreign slave labor (aka grad students). And, there were many references to Trump’s climate change skepticism; his sympathy to those who link autism to vaccinations; and his unhappiness with the NIH.

Let’s unpack this. There is little doubt that the number of foreign graduate students in the sciences has increased dramatically over the last 30 years. For a variety of reasons, American youth have lost some interest in research science—and it goes beyond the lack of job opportunities. As we have noted in an earlier column, Science has over-promised and under-delivered, and it’s getting more difficult to fool the public.

More than that, greed in the halls of academic science knows no bounds. Its profligate ways are shamelessly aided and abetted by deep-pocketed granting agencies such as NIH. Last year, in an article examining research using fetal tissue, we highlighted colossal NIH grants for projects that quite likely would never have any practical value—beyond a welfare scheme for the universities involved.

As to climate change skepticism, Trump has plenty of company. Many people dispute the science involved; the untold billions spent “studying” the problem; and the highly suspicious concomitant massive UN and government power grab. And, let’s not forget the suffocating elitism inherent in trying to prevent poorer countries from improving their lot with abundant electrical energy and infrastructure development.

One is reminded of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, commenting on the grand opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830: “[Railroads will] only encourage the common people to move about needlessly.”

Regarding vaccines/autism, an outright simple connection has been ruled out—at least on an epidemiological basis. And yet, too many correlation/possible causation anecdotes persist. But, where is Science in all this? After all, the ridiculous research of Andrew Wakefield—which attempted to link the MMR vaccine to autism—was published in 1998 in the prestigious journal The Lancet. Notwithstanding its bogus methodology, and a chorus of voices criticizing both the work and Wakefield himself, the article was not retracted until 2010.

More disturbing, perhaps, is that the work of Michael Goldberg MD and others—whereby a neuro-immune origin for autism is proffered—has been painstakingly ignored by most of the medical establishment.

Sadly, since our healthcare system is more aptly described as “disease care,” there is clearly far more money in disease than health. As such, the prospect of lifelong medical intervention for autistic kids makes more business sense to the mandarins of healthcare, than astonishing improvements and even cures, documented by Goldberg. Here and here.

Finally, it must be said that many—if not most—people in science reside on the political left. One explanation is that so many of them derive their livelihoods from government grants. I suggest that they now use their long-idled powers of rational thought to reevaluate their current situation.

Reagan-Thatcher in the Age of Trump: The Origins of the Anglo-American Alliance

By Monica Morrill l January 18, 2017

So, the Trump-May relationship begins on the cusp of greatness, and while many are not quite convinced that Theresa May is a true Conservative, this is a fresh start between both countries with a promising past. But much of the future depends on Prime Minister May delivering on her Brexit promise to ensure the UK leaves the EU, and a rekindling of what the British do so well – global trade. In 2017, both new leaders, Trump-May, still have a real chance to make the Anglo-American Alliance stronger than ever....... In a recent Times of London article, the current British Ambassador, Kim Darroch, to the United States gathered correctly that from Brexit to President-elect Trump, “People on both sides of the Atlantic are asking for direction and leadership,” then added rather optimistically, “There is much that the United States and Britain should, and will, tackle together, as they have for 200 years.” Without dampening his Excellency’s enthusiasm, Ambassador Darroch didn’t quite get it right on the 200-year-old relationship......To Read More...

Viva la Trump: Washington is liberated

Its been a long eight years since the first inauguration of now former President Barack Hussein Obama, a man who fooled the masses into being elected as a visionary black man for all people. Instead, over his reign, marked by his racial hatred toward whites and his favoritism toward his Muslim half over Christians and Jews in particular, the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C, felt to me as if it were under “occupation” by hostile “foreign” forces. Indeed, on my many trips here over Obama’s two terms as president I would often remark to my colleagues on the way to court proceedings that it seemed to me the government buildings were taken over by hostile “space aliens.” I simply no longer felt a part of our country’s body politic. While I could not fully put my finger on it, there was something terribly evil lurking under the surface of this, one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

And, today, with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as president, a dark cloud has been lifted that had hung over Washington during the Obama years. There is a renewed happiness and vision – and while it is rainy, in my heart the sun is shining. My sentiments remind me of that that day on Aug. 25, 1944, when another beautiful great city, Paris, was liberated from the Nazis. Newsreels at the time depicted the glee and pride of the French capital and nation, which too had had a fascist cloud removed by the Allied Forces and the French Resistance (link and embed You Tube video I will send). This irony is more than palpable!.........Read more

The dirty secret about Dem senators' staffs

Rank hypocrisy among diversity-spouting lawmakers

Armstrong Williams About | Email | Archive

It is a melancholy truth that Democrats are not purveyors of truth as much as they claim. They portray themselves as the righteous warriors of truth and conviction, and they truly believe this truth to be self-evident.

However, we must all ask ourselves, particularly as they take the moral high ground while launching a thousand ships of claims of racism against Sen. Jeff Sessions, if they are truly demigods of morality or puppeteers attempting to pull all of our strings. I personally think it’s the latter of two, and I draw this conclusion based on the lack of any diversity on these Democrats’ United State Senate staffs........Read more

Jehmu Greene: Portrait Of Black Bigotry

By on May 8, 2012 in Daily Rant

Jehmu Greene, a Fox News contributor, political commentator, and liberal Negress social-justice organizer – showed her true self when she called Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson a “bow-tying white boy” on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Show.

No doubt there will be those who say she just lost her temper because Carlson wouldn’t let her make the point she wanted to make. Or that she was frustrated because she was losing their debate – though I can assure you that the truth is far more revealing and deeply troubling. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

What Greene, with the greatest of ease, called Carlson, wasn’t an accident – it was exactly what she thought of Carlson. In truth, she showcased the contempt the majority of blacks privately harbor for whites. The single most difficult thing for whites is understanding and/or believing how most blacks truly view them.

Think of the level of betrayal Greene exhibited. She has been a Fox News contributor for a long time and during all of that time, as she smugly sat arguing her leftist point of view, she secretly looked upon Carlson and every other white person with prejudice.

What compounded her bigoted insult was when Carlson said no name-calling. Greene said that she hadn’t called him a name. That gave further testimony to the contempt she and those like her have for whites. It also bore witness to the racial double standard that exists, and is condoned, when it comes to belligerent and bigoted behavior by blacks.

Had Carlson or any other white person called Greene a burr-headed colored girl on the air, Al Sharpton would have been outside the studio door before they left the air. Megyn Kelly would have immediately and harshly rebuked the offender – all the while silently thanking her ratings gods that a white person had said something so offensive on her show – especially if it had been a white male. She would have thought that she had died and gone to ratings heaven. Instead, typical of those like her, Kelly, because Greene was black, waited until the end of the interview and then offered a tepid apology.

I have argued for many years that blacks in general, and specifically Greene and her ilk, harbor a nihilist opinion pursuant to their race-conscience, socialist societal views. Greene’s unambiguously racist public outburst allows only the most jaundiced-minded to deny this.

We cannot allow this double standard to exist. Last week I wrote a blog piece titled “It’s Time To End Double Standard and so we must. But it cannot be done if those like Megyn Kelly give comfort to the Jehmu Greenes of the world, in the simple-minded belief that Greene thinks more highly of her than Greene thinks of Carlson. (Editor's Note:  It appears she still show up on Fox)

It is time for America to understand, and blacks of good moral conscience to admit, this dirty secret. The majority of blacks are angry for the sake of being angry. It is not because they have been wronged or because white people are holding them back – it is because the very essence of Socialism demands two things: victims and victimizers. Blacks are encouraged to believe they are victims and that all white people are the victimizers.

If Fox News has any integrity they should immediately and without apology fire Jehmu Greene. But, whether they fire her or not, I guarantee you there will be those, probably including Megyn Kelly, who will make excuses for Greene and speak of how nice she is. When in fact, what they should be seeing is how easily and calmly she called Tucker a “bow-tying white boy.”

Unfortunately, whites like Kelly, in their attempt to show themselves politically correct, will make excuses and turn a blind eye toward the truth. The truth is that at the beginning of the 20th century Lenin realized that the former slaves and the first generation of freeborn blacks were “ripe for revolution.” And they have been manipulated to be angry and petulant ever since.

The detractors will attack what I say as untrue and/or unfair, but our future (or what there is of it left), is being threatened because the so-called enlightened are complicit in our racial divisiveness and unwilling to admit the danger it poses.

America would do well to remember the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln: “At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us? Never! …I answer, if it ever reaches us, it must spring up amongst us, and it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we must live through all time or die by suicide.” (Taken from a speech given by Lincoln in 1838 in a church in Springfield, IL)

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P&D For January, 22, 2016

Climate Change - Once Known as Global Warming
Endangered Species Act
Govenment Incompetence
Public Education

What Sort of Compromise Do the Arabs Want with Israel?

Kenneth Eliasberg

Arab-Israeli "peace talks" have been going on for the better part of a century, without even a hint of serious progress. The reason is quite simple: the Arabs don't want peace with Israel. They just don't want Israel, and they will come up with any excuse for frustrating the possibility, let alone the prospect, of a peaceful resolution.

At the outset, it might be helpful to focus in on our terms. When we speak of Arabs, we are usually focused on "Palestinians" (although the entire Arab world seems to be united behind the concept of driving Israel out of the Middle East; their larger goal – which some of them have openly admitted – is the extermination of Jewry in general – i.e. to complete the job undertaken by Hitler, with whom they were joined at the hip during WWII).

Also, it is important to note (and emphasize) that there has never been a Palestinian "nation" – only a land mass designated as Palestine at the close of WWI with the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, under whose rule that mass had been presided over.......  More
By Clarice Feldman January 22, 2017

As rioters trashed streets, smashed and burned property and attacked police just blocks from the securely cordoned off National Mall, the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump took place.  He gave a bold speech, reiterating his campaign promises. He would secure our borders, promote and protect U.S. interests, and revive an economy made moribund by the regulatory overreaching and policies of Obama and his Administration.

How refreshing it was to hear a crisp, muscular defense of our native land by a man who used “we,” not the incessant “I” and “me” of his predecessor. No more loopy faculty lounge locutions whose nice-sounding phrases papered over unconstitutional  personal power grabs.

In the words of Ben Stein he’s a “shtarker,” a Yiddish word meaning a sturdy, strong man:.....Read more

George Will dumps on Trump’s inaugural speech

By James Longstreet

I know that you will brand me as a sub-intellect for disagreeing with you. It is your way. I held you in high regard. Was I an intellect then? You began your usually brilliant articles with snippets of history or historical quotes that immediately grounded your coming thoughts. Insightful and delightful. I enjoyed your affinity for baseball and relished your book Men at Work, one of the great baseball books ever written. But something went off the rails with you, George. Your flare-up with Bill O’Reily was really, for me, neither here nor there. Two egotists crossing swords is light comedy, really. But it was a watershed of sorts. You haven’t been the same. The flare-up was either coincidence or causal, but certainly a milestone. Why would you find fault with Trump’s inaugural speech? You reach for distant branches that substantiate your points, but as you do, you fall from the tree of logic...... Read more

My TakeA number of years ago I began to realize George Will had gotten strange because it was clear to me at least - he had become infected with the Washington ego know....big ego, small mind, stupid thoughts, and always stupid leftist thoughts.  The only difference now is - everyone else is thinking that also.  And it's about time!  If anyone ever believed Fox News was a conservative news site all they have to do is see that Geraldo, Will, and Krauthammer are still on there.  At least Will and Krauthammer don't talk over everyone else and spew out a lava flow of logical fallacies as does Geraldo.  Which makes them even more dangerous.  Geraldo always looks like a fool.  The other two are asps in the fruit bowl. 

Another email shows more political bias by anti-Trump Michigan teacher

By   /   January 20, 2017  /   News  /   6 Comments @

Another politically charged email has surfaced from the Michigan teacher who refused to show President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech during class. This note, sent to parents Nov. 9 — the day after the election — sheds more light on Brett Meteyer’s personal agenda, and raises questions about complicity by the school administration.

The latest revelation comes amid ongoing backlash in the small community of Williamston, Mich., and a media firestorm that followed‘s first reporting on an email from Meteyer to parents that was shared with Michigan radio talk show host Steve Gruber.
That email, which Gruber read on-air and posted to Facebook, said that because the Trump team had not provided the Explorer Elementary School teacher with a preview of the inaugural address, Meteyer worried about what Trump might say and therefore would not let his fourth-grade class watch the speech.

A parent subsequently shared the Nov. 9 email with Gruber, and Watchdog obtained it. In the email, time-stamped 2:59 p.m. with a subject line of “Election Discussion in Class,” Meteyer criticized the community’s lack of diversity, and discusses how he drew from Jamaican music icon Bob Marley to comfort students who were “deeply disturbed” about the election results:
Dear Parents, 
No matter your opinion of our president-elect, I would like to share some thoughts that I expressed to the class this morning during a discussion of these current events.  My goal was to comfort those who were worried about where this election leaves us.  Several times I emphasized the point that our country has strong institutions that prevent a single person, no matter how mean or disrespectful his words are, from making sweeping changes that affect the way we live. Making your own choice about treating others with love and compassion, and doing and saying things that you know are kind and respectful is still the way we expect students to behave, despite this perhaps being a greater challenge with some of the role models children see in sports, entertainment, and yes, politics.
Working in a traditionally politically conservative community, I find that it is challenging to see diversity on the surface, necessitating a closer examination of and relationship with students to notice those particular characteristics that make them unique.  While it’s easy to stay right in town and conduct all one’s business without leaving Williamston, I have come to know children who have friends of a more racially and ethnically diverse background, perhaps through church groups, sports teams, and scouts.  Maybe your child knows someone whose skin is not the same color as his/her own, whose ancestors did not originally hail from Europe, or whose way of worshiping seems so very different.  Such may be the case for your child, growing up in the shadow of the state capital and a major university with thousands of international students. 
It was clear to me from the start of the day that a few of the children were deeply disturbed by yesterday’s election, so I finished our morning talk by quoting Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”  “Don’t worry about a thing ’cause every little thing gonna be alright.” 
Most Sincerely,
Brett Meteyer
Gruber, who has kids in the district, called the email a clear effort by Meteyer to use his students as a way to talk about his own political agenda outside the classroom.

“The letter praising Bob Marley as a role model while denigrating the newly and duly elected president is very telling,” he said. “Kids are smart and they pick up on what [Meteyer] is saying. It’s not his place.”

Cliff Hart is a local businessman and parent whose child is a former student of Meteyer. He told that while Williamston is a small town, the diversity card is not only out of line, but incorrect.

“In our community, we are diverse no matter what Meteyer says in his email. Just because we’re all white or mostly white doesn’t mean we’re not diverse. And that’s the most ridiculous part of all this,” said Hart. “I see the diversification of income, race and religion. It doesn’t always show it in skin color.”

“When I see stuff like this it infuriates me because I’m spending my tax dollars,” he said.

‘Educated and open’

School principal Kelly Campbell, acknowledging increasing pressure from the community and media, sent a one-page letter to parents insisting student safety and respect for differences are her top priorities. The only reference to Meteyer himself was in a veiled admonition:

“The concerns expressed this week offer a reminder that there is much power in the words that we speak and write. In the school setting we want to share messages that inform and support families, but that do not carry any connotation of partisanship or judgement.”

The district is not saying if it considers either of Meteyer’s emails as connoting partisanship, insisting district policy does not allow administrators to comment on specific employee-employer issues.

Meteyer has not responded to Watchdog’s requests for comment.

But for parents like Hart, if the teacher faces no consequences, the principal’s  letter is nothing more than lip service for the purpose of damage control.

“Unfortunately, when you want to change something that’s not quite perfect, well, that’s negative. Nobody wants to talk about it, just bury it,” he said. “But we should be proud that we have a community that’s educated and open enough to have this debate. Because it is happening in other communities and it’s not being addressed. For fear of reprisal, for ignorance, for who knows what reasons are.”

“I’m not trying to be hurtful or negative, but I think it’s more hurtful and negative to not talk about it,’’ Hart added.

 is the regulatory policy reporter for Before joining Watchdog, she was a senior communications manager and Michigan state director for Job Creators Network, an advocacy organization that focuses on employee education. She has also been a TV news reporter and anchor, a contributor to the Detroit News and occasional guest-host for Frank Beckmann on WJR Radio in Detroit, and was an investigative reporter for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. She lives in Michigan. ​Connect on Twitter @khoekstra or by email at​.

GAO: Many federal financial books are so sloppy they can’t be audited

By   /   January 18, 2017  /   News  /   2 Comments  @

The Government Accountability Office says many federal agencies’ financial books are in such bad shape that they cannot be audited.

In a report released last week, the GAO said material weaknesses in accounting procedures “hamper the federal government’s ability to reliably report a significant portion of its assets, liabilities, costs and other related information.”

The GAO said those weaknesses also:
  • Affect the federal government’s ability to reliably measure the full costs and financial performance of certain programs and activities.
  • Impair the federal government’s ability to adequately safeguard significant assets and properly record various transactions.
  • Hinder the federal government from having reliable financial information to operate in an efficient and effective manner.
The GAO said its report on the U.S. government’s consolidated financial statements for fiscal years 2015 and 2016 “underscores that much work remains to improve federal financial management.” The agency couldn’t even express an opinion on the balance sheets because of the weak financial reporting.

“It’s another way of saying ‘we wash our hands of this,’” Bill Bergman, director of research for Truth in Accounting, said of the internal government watchdog.

Bergman said the sorry situation is nothing new. The GAO has highlighted such sloppy record-keeping for two decades. And he said such dismal reports wouldn’t fly in the private sector.

“A private corporation wouldn’t have a record like this for so many years,” Bergman told

GAO noted that 34 percent of the federal government’s reported assets and 18 percent of its reported net cost relate to federal entities that were unable to issue audited financial statements, were unable to receive audit opinions on the complete set of financial statements or received a disclaimer of opinion on their statements.

The GAO called out the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense, in particular, for weak internal controls.

The agency also took a shot at the Department of the Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget, noting that some of the “numerous recommendations” GAO made to those agencies in previous years to address internal control deficiencies remain unaddressed. The secretary of the Treasury and director of OMB are required to annually submit financial statements for the U.S. government, audited by the GAO, to the president and Congress.

“It’s a sad state of affairs,” Bergman said. “It comes with the territory when you’ve got a government this big and this complex.”

 is National Watchdog Reporter for Johnny previously worked in the newspaper industry and as a freelance writer, and has been published in The New York Times,, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A former semi-professional poker player, Kampis is writing a book documenting the poker scene at the 2016 World Series of Poker, a decade after the peak of the poker boom. You can follow him on Twitter @TuscaloosaJohn or reach him via email at

How I Saw the Light (Part I)

American Renaissance, January 19, 2017

Stories about how AmRen readers came to learn the truth about race.
In 2003, American Renaissance published its first collection of first-person accounts of how readers “saw the light.” Since then, we have published dozens, and they are always popular. I confess, though, that they have served a different purpose from the one I first expected......... egalitarian orthodoxy is the default state of mind, and it’s fascinating to read about what jolted people out of it. Someday, our way of thinking will be the default state of mind, and these stores won’t be interesting, but we’re not there yet.

The second reason is that dissidents need comrades. It’s important to know there are real people and organizations behind subversive ideas. Flesh-and-blood comrades are best, and we are always thinking of ways—in addition to conferences—for like-minded people to meet each other.  But AmRen is also an on-line community of real people, and these are the stories of real people.......To read the personal accounts......and Part II, the accounts continue.

John Lewis: Neither Icon Nor Hero

ohn lewisss
By on January 17, 2017 in Daily Rant, Economy & Finances, Faith & Family, Foreign Policy, Politics, Pro Life & Family, Race & Politics, Sharpton 73


Calling Rep. John Lewis, (D-GA), a “civil rights icon” is the nonsensical appellation of the mainstream media, who it should be noted accord Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton the same appellation.

That Lewis was beaten by police during the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery in March 1965, does not, in my opinion make him a hero today. Nor do I view his experiences during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s as kryptonite to be used against those like President-Elect Donald Trump who rightly reminded Lewis that he should show a modicum of true leadership pursuant to the voters of Georgia.

As a sitting Congressman, Lewis was inexcusably wrong, when during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” he opined: “I believe in forgiveness. I believe in trying to work with people. It will be hard. It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this President-Elect [Donald Trump] as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

The President-Elect responded back on Twitter that: “Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart.” I agree with Mr. Trump. In fact as indicated with what follows, I think President-Elect Trump was spot on factual but far to polite.
I don’t find it magnanimous of Lewis to say he “believes in forgiveness.” He must. How else could he cozied up to the likes of the late Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Rep. Robert Byrd, (D-WV) who filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in an attempt to deny civil rights specifically for blacks. Lewis supported Al Gore, whose father was a rabid racist and segregationist, as Democrat candidate for president in 2000. Lewis bows before Hillary Clinton who it is fair to say has seldom met a black person she wouldn’t call a nigger.

 (See: Proof In Her Own Words: Hillary Is Racist;; See also: Hillary Clinton, Racist: Her Top 5 Worst Comments [In Public]; Joel B. Pollack;; 6/9/2016)

Lewis must believe in forgiveness. How else could he be a member of the Party responsible for creating the KKK, that was also responsible for Jim Crow, that produced Nathan Bedford Forest, and supported Bull Conner? That he supports the political party that had a 124-year history of opposing rights for blacks beginning with the inception of the Party. Democrats even opposed a black pastor giving an invocation in Congress.

It is not ipse dixit to say Lewis is either forgiving or a traitor. How else could he support Planned Parenthood? To date more than 17.3 million unborn black babies have been murdered by abortion and yet Lewis supports abortion and has voted against every legislative attempt to protect unborn babies.

Lewis’ record on illegal immigration is condemnable on every quantifiable level. He voted against the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (HR 6061), the Immigration Law Enforcement Act of 2006 (HR 6095), and the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, to mention but a very few pieces of legislation that helped illegals at the expense of the millions of black men and women, Lewis readily acknowledges as being disenfranchised.

We the People of the United States of America elected Donald Trump president despite the pernicious machinations of evil marplots who remain committed to destroying Mr. Trump. The Russians had nothing to do with our votes. Which of the voting machines and/or ballots cast did the Russians change to Donald Trump?

Clinton was her own worst enemy. She carried decades of political baggage, nearly 100 percent of which was negative. Lewis, blaming the Russians, does nothing to acknowledge the criminal dishonesty of Clinton nor does it change the fact that the emails WikiLeaks released were from Clinton’s own staff.

That Lewis was beaten by police during the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery in March 1965, does not, in my opinion make him a hero today.
Lewis’ statement that he “believes in forgiveness” is tantamount with his saying he forgives We the People for taking our Constitutional responsibility seriously and ensuring that Obama wouldn’t receive a third term vicariously through a Clinton presidency.

Lewis insulted We the People and he should apologize to us. Lewis insulted the Constitution of The United States for providing a vehicle that allowed the will of We the People to be exercised.
His petulant arrogance is worthy of scorn. We didn’t need his approval to vote for the person of our choice. Russia might have hacked the Democrat Party, a fact that has not been categorically proven – but Russia didn’t cast any ballots for Trump. As has been said by others: Russia if anything simply did what the mainstream media refused to do.

If Lewis were an honorable man properly serving the people, he would acknowledge his disappointment that Mr. Trump won but that the people have spoken. It would also behoove the spineless genteelly milquetoast paper dolls masquerading as Republican members of Congress to remember the same thing. We the People are not going to sit quietly and allow drive by attacks on the person we elected.

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Conservation – not more control

Collusive lawsuits helped control more US lands. Congress must repeal and replace the ESA.
Paul Driessen
President Obama’s parting edicts betrayed Israel and commuted prison sentences for terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera and traitor Bradley/Chelsea Manning. Another abused the Antiquities Act yet again, by banning economic use on an additional 1.7 million acres in Utah, where the federal government controls 61% of the state’s land. (This one new lock-up is nearly equal to Delaware and Rhode Island combined.)
The withdrawal was on top of 320 million acres in national park, preserve, wildlife refuge, wilderness and other restrictive land use categories – plus “buffer zones” around many of those areas – nearly all of it in the eleven westernmost states and Alaska. That’s equivalent to virtually all the land in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.
Folks in Eastern and Midwestern states have no idea what it is like to have federal bureaucrats controlling 30-87% of lands within their borders, and affecting vast additional acreage – questioning, studying, delaying, blocking and escalating costs for every proposal and project. They’re about to get an inkling.
With yet another last-minute regulation, the Obama Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) designated the rusty patched bumblebee (RPB) an endangered species, because its populations have declined significantly in recent years. It did so in response to a petition and a sue-and-settle lawsuit by the activist Xerces Society, which originally claimed the decline was due to “low population dynamics,” habitat loss, and a nasty parasitic fungal infection that spread to RPBs from commercially raised bees imported from Europe.
Then, out of the blue, Xerces and the FWS suddenly and inexplicably revised their rationales, to argue that most of the blame should be attributed to pesticides, specifically neonicotinoids – the advanced technology, reduced-risk pesticides that farmers love and radical environmentalists have been trying to ban for years. In another nod to green extremists, the agency also blamed herbicides like RoundUp, saying the weeds they kill in farmers’ fields and along highways are important food sources for RPBs.
(Friendly sue-and-settle lawsuits between pressure groups and regulators have been a hallmark of the Obama Administration, and there is good reason to suspect carefully plotted collusion in this case.)
These always rare bumblebees make their nests in the ground. That means any activities that disturb the soil could impact them: road, pipeline, transmission line (for wind, solar or conventional power), housing and other construction projects, and even plowing fields for crops. Ironically, RoundUp-ready crops largely eliminate plowing, which would seemingly increase RPB habitats and populations.
In its rush to beat the January 20 noon deadline, the FWS failed to publish any “survey protocols” for finding RPB nests and avoiding damage to them. All of this means farmers, developers and even homeowners are in murky legal waters and could face fines if they inadvertently harm any nests or bees.
Vast areas are affected. Rusty patched bumblebees were once found from the Dakotas through the Midwest, down to Kentucky and the Carolinas and northward to Maine. Xerces claims the bees have been “sighted” since 2000 in 13 states – including many major corn and soybean producing states, as well as the Upper- and Mid-Atlantic seaboard states.
Having that huge swath of the USA in legal jeopardy – and subject to review, control, delay and penalty by the FWS – is bad enough. But the agency is also pondering endangered status for two more bee species.
The yellow-banded bumblebee has been found all the way from Montana east to New England, and down the Atlantic coast to Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. The western bumblebee’s range includes the entire block of eleven western states plus Alaska: more than a billion acres – nearly half of the entire United States! Just to protect a bumblebee species and its potential habitat.
Put them together, and the Fish & Wildlife Service would regulate nearly three-fourths of the USA. The bumblebee listings would be the highest impact designations in Endangered Species Act (ESA) history – and would rival the EPA’s CO2 endangerment rule, Clean Power Plan and Waters of the US power grab.
Most Americans associate the ESA with prominent conservation achievements, such as reversing the near-extinction of iconic national emblems like the bald eagle, alligator and bison. However, the ESA has increasingly been invoked to “protect” small, obscure creatures like beetles, other bugs and the snail darter of Tellico Dam fame – and often to block energy and economic development.
Three invented spotted owl subspecies ended timber cutting in many states – often resulting in super-hot conflagrations that incinerate forests, soil organisms and endangered species alike. The delta smelt’s 2010 endangered species designation is being used to deny water to farmers and communities in California’s Central Valley, costing thousands of jobs, millions in agricultural damage and numerous bankruptcies – while regulators flushed billions of gallons of water into the sea in unsuccessful efforts to help the fish.
Indeed, it seems only wind turbines are exempted from the ESA’s draconian rules and penalties. Worse, threatened or endangered designation has only rarely been used as a foundation for proactive efforts to restore species populations. In some cases, environmentalists have opposed human intervention: hatching California condors and releasing the grown adults into the wild, or employing fish hatcheries for smelts.
The real activist and regulator goal of ESA designations – and actual result – seems to be land use control.
With regard to neonicotinoid seed treatments, which account for over 90% of neonic usage, even EPA recently concluded that these insecticides pose no threat to honeybees, and careful practices can easily mitigate potential risks from spraying them. In fact, growing scientific evidence is so overwhelming that neonics are safe for domesticated bees and wild bees (native bees) alike that anti-pesticide groups are now focusing on bumblebees, which have declined in numbers and about which much less is known.
The real threats to all bee species continue to be natural and imported mites, fungi and other diseases. There is little evidence that government-mandated efforts to “restore” lost habitat for bumblebees (or other “endangered” species) will actually bring them back.
Many suspect that these last-ditch DC diktats have little to do with conservation – and are primarily designed to expand government control over land use and development. That’s why a 2016 FWS decision to expand its definition of “critical habitat” caused 18 state attorneys general to sue the agency over its asserted authority to “protect” areas where endangered species do not currently live, calling it an unconstitutional “taking” of private property without compensation.
This and countless other Obama Administration actions also help explain why 98% of all US counties voted for Donald Trump, and why Republicans now control the House and Senate, 33 governorships  and 68 state legislative chambers. Hillary Clinton won only in coastal cities, academic enclaves and very poor areas; in fact, without her margins in just five New York City and LA counties, she would have lost both the popular and Electoral College votes, notes John Steele Gordon.
All of this suggests that most of America is tired of being governed by unelected, unaccountable, elitist, illegitimate Washington bureaucrats who don’t understand or care about citizens’ concerns and needs.
The endangered species actions raise vital questions for the new Congress and Trump Administration:
Amid all the other high-priority items, how can we block and defund this last-ditch RPB overreach?
How can we repeal, replace, repair and improve the Endangered Species Act, to prevent future abuses, balance human and wildlife needs, and find ways to recover populations of threatened and endangered species without controlling or shutting down thousands of human activities on hundreds of millions of acres? It’s an essential component of restoring power from Washington to the people.
Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death and other books on environmental issues.