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The EPA: an agency of lobbyists

By: John Hayward 9/16/2014

I don’t wish to downplay the hard work of the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, but learning that the Environmental Protection Agency is essentially staffed and run by its own lobbyists is not surprising. It’s good to have it all documented in a concise report, entitled “Improper Collusion Between Environmental Pressure Groups and the Environmental Protect Agency, As Revealed by Freedom of Information Act Requests,” but the ultimate conclusion is something everyone familiar with the EPA knows, the worst-kept open secret in Washington. Outside of the Department of Education, it’s hard to think of a better example of special interests running a pet government agency designed expressly to cater to them.....To Read More.....

My Take - Okay...I know what some of you are thinking - this is a conspiracy between the activists outside of the EPA (who've yet to be hired by the EPA) and those activists who actually are on the EPA's payroll.  And yet......everyone knows....there's no such thing as a conspiracy!  Right?    

Morning Edition

Posted By Rich Kozlovich

I would like to recommend reading Gerard Jacksons commentary under "Economics" entitled, "Tony Abbot finds his inner central planner causing Mises and Hyek to rollover in their graves", and as you read this think of those calling for the creation of a "national energy policy". Central planning and thinking by policy wonks IS NOT better than the planning and thinking of those "disgusting greedy businessmen". You know the kind I'm talking about - those greedy guys who provide all the jobs which generates all the taxes that gives jobs to central planners whose experience has been largely in academia and government and will work diligently passing laws, finding an unending need for new taxes and generating rules and regulations that will mostly interfere with advancement and accomplishment.

But first please view this video tribute:
A tribute to Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, 1943-2014
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It is with deep and profound sadness that we announce that Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan, the founder and president of the American Council on Science and Health since its beginnings in 1978, passed away yesterday.

Beth was a giant in the annals of public health. With postgraduate degrees from Yale and Harvard, she grew increasingly frustrated with the discrepancy between what she knew to be fact-based scientific truth, and the distorted information that the public was hearing and reading from the media. Unlike many of her colleagues, however, she resolved to do something about it. That’s how ACSH was born.

By sheer force of will — despite her youth and inexperience with any sort of activism —she recruited several towering figures in epidemiology, science and public health. These included Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug, father of the Green Revolution—the man who is credited with saving more lives than any other human being— and Dr. Fredrick Stare, the founding chairman of the Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Department. Other scientists and policy experts, now numbering close to 350, flocked to join the nascent nonprofit’s Board of Scientific Advisors and Policy Experts.

At the same time, she assembled and led a coterie of scientific professionals at the ACSH headquarters in New York City. Before long, publication after publication—all strictly devoted to the concepts of sound science and independent peer review—began to flow. These continue to this day. Every effort she inspired promoted the mantra of evidence-based science, while at the same time countering the hysteria and hyperbole spread by the media and agenda-driven activists. Beth firmly believed that the nonsense and destructive myths posing as science were only allowed to exist because of what she termed “mute science”: competent, expert scientists failing to speak up to dispute the junk science advocacy agenda that permeated the media. Beth led the way in urging scientists to speak out against the fallacies that are all too pervasive in our culture.

Beth’s legacy will live on long past her all-too-brief sojourn on Earth. Her commitment to the precepts of sound science have been passed on to all who knew her.

ACSH’s Dr. Gilbert Ross added this: “On a personal note, my life will be immeasurably sadder now without her presence, both personally and professionally. After we first met, it became clear that we were very closely aligned in our philosophies about public health. Our commonality of mission and goals led to a much stronger ACSH, and along with our scientific advisors, trustees, and staff, I believe that ACSH will continue to be committed to furthering those goals with Beth’s inspiration always in our minds and hearts. Nevertheless, I will miss her warmth and compassion, as well as her passionate devotion to the cause, as long as I live.

ACSH’s Cheryl Martin added: “I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Beth for more than 33 years. She was an inspirational, amazing person, who was passionately dedicated to ACSH’s mission. She was truly science-driven on every issue, and uncompromising in her effort to ensure that science always prevailed, despite considerable obstacles. Anyone dedicated to ensuring that sound science lead public health policy decision-making must acknowledge their debt to Dr. Elizabeth Whelan. She dedicated her life so unselfishly to the greater public good. And personally I’ve lost a mentor and friend with whom I’ve shared so many wonderful memories in our crusade here at ACSH — someone I will so dearly miss, but never forget."

The hearts of all of us here at ACSH go out to Beth’s wonderful family—Steve, Christine, Peter, and her precious grandchildren, Eleanor and Beatrice—at this time of immeasurable loss. We wish them strength and comfort.


Tony Abbott finds his inner central planner causing Mises and Hayek to rollover in their graves - It seems that the Tony Abbott administration has discovered its inner central planner by approving a ‘competitiveness agenda’ (code for industry policy) that will use taxpayer’s money to fund those economic activities where Australia has the greatest advantage, leading one to wonder why they would need public funding if they are that strong. Picking winners always leads to even greater political meddling in the economy and, if implemented, Abbott’s proposal will be no different. His policy also envisages ‘cooperation’ between businesses, training colleges, universities and schools. Funny thing, though, is that Mussolini had a similar vision: he called it corporatism …….Several examples will suffice: imagine what the situation would be today for the Japanese consumer electronics industry if the MITI two-year campaign to dissuade Sony from buying the manufacturing rights for transistors from Western Electric had been successful. That’s right, folks: the farseeing technocrats those clever boys with their fancy degrees at the MITI tried to stop Sony from investing in transistors. These technocrats the sort of people that impress Liberal and Labor politicians alike argued that the transistor was too revolutionary and that the future still lay with the valve.


Report – emails reveal ‘collusion’ with green activist groups over EPA climate agenda- FOIA’d Emails show outside ‘green’ lobby groups staffed up, collude with Obama EPA, calling rules’legality into question For Immediate Release:September 15, 2014 | Obama’s EPA in collusion with “green” lobby groups — Report details the conflicts of interest, “unalterably closed minds”, internal activism and influence of outside interest groups on the Obama…

Global Warming

And then they came for The Holocene: New paper suggests “removing the Holocene Epoch from the geologic timescale” - From The Hockey Schtick Is there any limit to the extremes some climate propagandists will go?The Climategate team removed the warm 1940’s “blip”, erased the Medieval Warm Period, Hid the Decline, and tortured temperature & sea level data until it confessed, but a paper published Monday in Earth’s Future could take the cake by suggesting removal of…

Untitled JR at GREENIE WATCH - Plans to Turn‘Politically Binding’ UN Climate Change Accord Into Federal Law* Obama administration officials who say they intend to sign a “politically binding”agreement to drastically reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions at the United Nations’ (UN) climate change conference in Paris next year already have a legal strategy to turn any non-binding accord into federal law, warns Christopher Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). Horner told CNSNews.com that the “name and shame” effort is an alternative to a new climate change treaty already being dra...

Weather, Climate, Arctic Ice And The Franklin Expedition -Guest opinion by Dr. Tim Ball | Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper proudly announced discovery of one of Captain John Franklin’s ships, either the Erebus or Terror. Identification, of which ship will be relatively easy, based on the known dimensions of the vessels (Figure 1). Figure 1: Erebus and Terror; sketch in the London Illustrated…


PUMP to Kick Oil Addiction- A new Hollywood movie empowers the quest to get us off oil. more »

Islam – Terrorism – Middle East

Holder announces program to counter homegrown ISIS threat - Attorney General Eric Holder said the effort would bring together community representatives, public safety officials and religious leaders to try to help prevent more Americans from joining the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria….

Egypt: Don’t Limit Action to ISIS; Islamists Elsewhere Share its Ideology - Egypt wants the new international focus on countering terrorism to go beyond ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and to include fighting it in Libya and elsewhere, according to Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri.

Syria resolution will be part of government funding bill - The House will use a government spending bill as the vehicle to pass a resolution authorizing a U.S. mission to arm and train Syrian rebels against Islamic terrorists.

Meeting Turkey's New Prime Minister - War on the Rocks Contrary to simplistic caricatures of an anti-Western or anti-Semitic Muslim ideologue that some have applied, Davutolu remains an affable statesman with nationalist fervor and who applies the discipline of a scholar to find order in a chaotic region and world.

Republicans Can Win ISIS Debate With Bluster - The Week While terrorism remains, according to Gallup data released this week, a relatively low priority for most Americans as compared to issues like the economy and immigration, its mention has increased to levels unseen since 2010.

Did Hamas Win? -Mkhaimar Abusada, Project Syndicate Hamas has proved its staying power. After decades of standoffs and stalemate, perhaps it can focus less on its own survival and more on helping to achieve a just and lasting peace.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Inter-Faith Charade - Dr. Mark Christian confronts stealth Jihad in Omaha. more »
Obama’s Coalition of the Uncertain - A coalition as full of hot air as its leader. more »
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Inter-Faith Charade - An interview with the Global Faith Institute’s Dr. Mark Christian. more »
Beheading Raises Islamic State Street Cred - The strategic advantages of our jihadist enemies.
Obama’s Self-Defeating Fight - Why the world thinks America is fighting to lose against Islamic State.


The West Isn't Set for the Long Haul in Ukraine - European Union and NATO are involved in a competition with Russia that they could lose. That competition comprises three main strands, each of which reveals the West’s lack of readiness for a long, drawn-out struggle with Moscow.


Obama’s DOJ Gets Caught Subverting IRS Investigation — on The Glazov Gang - A telephone call to the wrong office exposes lies -- and a cover-up. more »

Jeff Sessions vs. the ‘Masters of the Universe’ - The greed fueling the high-tech push for amnesty. more »

United Kingdom
Never Mind the Scaremongers, Scotland - The Conversation After some scaremongering over the currency, the Three Amigos (Cameron, Clegg and Miliband) made a last minute gallop north of the border, hoping to inspire a temporary love-in ahead of the vote. This looks like panic, smells like panic and almost certainly is panic. Such desperados. One dreads to think what is next.
Flawed Campaign Has Divided Scots - The Guardian Scotland is now a divided society. Families, communities, workplaces, and friends are split, some perhaps irrevocably, and now more than ever political leadership is required to cool a temperature that has risen to dangerous levels.

The EPA is more concerned with what sounds good than what actually works

By Marita Noon

In this hyper-partisan environment, it is good to know that a majority of Senators can still agree on an issue. When such a rare moment happens, the rest of us should pay attention, as it is probably something very important.

On September 11, 53 Senators (43 Republicans and 10 Democrats) signed a letter to Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), begging for a 60-day extension of the comment period for the “Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Generating Units”—also known as the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The original 120-day comment period—which is already longer than the traditional 60-day comment period—is coming to a close within the next 30 days (October 16).

Regarding the EPA’s new plan, the letter calls the coordination needed between multiple state agencies, public utility commissions, regional transmission organizations, and transmission and reliability experts: “Unprecedented, extraordinary, and extremely time consuming.” The Senators ask for more time so that states and stakeholders can “fully analyze and assess the sweeping impacts that the proposal will have on our nation’s energy system.” It also points out: “The EPA proposal provides no mechanism for adjusting the state emission rate targets once they are adopted”—which makes it imperative that the states can fully “digest” the rule, review the 600 supporting documents, and collect the data and justification for the states’ responses.

It is not just the majority of Senators who have concerns about the EPA’s proposed rule, a diverse and growing coalition, including the Exotic Wildlife Association, the Foundry Association of Michigan, California Cotton Growers Association, Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association, The Fertilizer Institute, Georgia Railroad Association, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation, electric utilities and co-ops, and city and state Chambers of Commerce from coast-to-coast, has sprung up in opposition to the plan. Yet most people are unaware of the potential impacts or of the pending deadline for public comment.

I have written on the CPP twice in the past few months—originally when it was first announced on June 2 and then after I gave testimony in Atlanta at one of the EPA’s four scheduled “listening sessions.” Upon release, we didn’t really know much—after all, it is, as the Senators’ letter explains, complex and sweeping. But as more and more information is coming out, we see that the impact to the economy and U.S. energy security will be devastating.

Despite my efforts to spread the word—with my second column on the topic being one of my most popular ever, I find that the CPP isn’t even on the radar of the politically engaged (let alone the average person). Because this is an issue of utmost importance, I am, once again, bringing it to the attention of my readers with the hope that you will share it with everyone you know. At this point, we don’t know if the EPA will extend the comment period, so please take time now to get your comments in. The Hill reports: “Adding 60 days to the comment period could make it harder for the EPA to finalize the rule by June 2015, as President Obama has ordered.”

I’ve written this week’s column with the specific intent of giving you verbiage that you can simply cut and paste into the comment form.

The CPP will radically alter the way electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed and used in America—all with dramatic cost impacts to the consumer. It is based on the discredited theory that climate change is a crisis caused by the use of fossil fuels emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It aims to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. The combination of the CPP and previous regulation will shut down more than 40 percent of coal-fueled generation—representing 10 percent of all electricity-generation capacity—within the next 6 years.

What will this forced, premature elimination of America’s electric capacity do?

The proposed EPA plan will seriously threaten America’s electric reliability

Unless the EPA backs down on its harsh regulations and coal-fueled power plants get a reprieve, blackouts are almost guaranteed—especially in light of the projected cold winter. About the 2014 “polar vortex” that crippled the U.S., Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, at an April Senate hearing on grid reliability, stated: “Eighty-nine percent of the coal electricity capacity that is due to go offline was utilized as that backup to meet the demand this winter.” Murkowski’s comments were referencing coal-fueled power plants that are already due to be shut down based on regulations from five years ago, before the proposed CPP additionally reduces supply. Affirming Murkowski’s comments, Nicholas Akins, president and CEO of Ohio-based American Electric Power Company Inc., sees the 2014 near crisis as a warning sign. At that same hearing he said: “The weather events experienced this winter provided an early warning about serious issues with electric supply and reliability. This country did not just dodge a bullet—we dodged a cannonball.” And, Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Philip Moeller said: “the country is undergoing an unprecedented energy shift in a very short time frame.” And added: “grid operators in the Midwest are struggling to gauge whether they will have sufficient capacity to handle peak weather during the next five years.” While these comments are about the 2014 severe cold, Texas experienced a similar scare in 2011, when a protracted heat wave resulted in razor-thin reserve electric capacity margins. A Reuters report titled: “Heat waves pushes Texas power grid into red zone,” stated: “Texas has the most wind power in the country, but the wind does not blow during the summer.” Just a few months earlier, Texas ice storms forced rolling blackouts for hours because electric supplies dropped below demand.” All of these reports are before the projected closure of an additional 75 megawatts of coal-fueled electricity generation due to the new regulations. If McCarthy was serious when, prior to the release of the proposed regulations, she stated: “Nothing we do can threaten reliability,” she’d withdraw this plan, as it will do just that.

The proposed EPA plan will chase away more American industry

While the CPP appears to be about forcing the power sector into reducing carbon-dioxide emissions, there are spillover impacts of higher electricity rates on overall economic activity—especially energy-intensive industries such as steel, manufacturing, and chemicals. America’s abundance of affordable, reliable energy provides businesses with a critical operating advantage in today’s intensely competitive global economy. The EPA’s proposal will reduce America’s advantage, as it’s acknowledged that the proposed regulations will raise electricity rates in the contiguous U.S. by 5.9% to 6.5% in 2020. Europe, and especially Germany, is threatened by an industry exodus due to its higher energy costs that have been created by its move to increase green energy. Germany’s pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer is already making significant investment in its Chinese manufacturing operations, with expansion also taking place in Brazil and India. If industry continues to leave the U.S., the CPP will have the opposite effect. Emissions will increase as companies move to countries with lower labor costs, cheaper energy, and lax environmental policies. An additional unintended consequence will be more jobs lost in manufacturing.

The proposed EPA plan will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs

In late July, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) International President Edwin D. Hill said: “If these rules are implemented as written, dozens of coal plants will shut down and with no plans to replace them, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost and global carbon emissions will rise anyway.” Investor’s Business Daily reports: “The IBEW has now joined the United Mine Workers of America, the Boilermakers and several other unions opposed to the new anti-carbon rules.” The United Mine Workers of America has estimated that the rule will result in 187,000 direct and indirect job losses in the utility, rail, and coal industries in 2020 and cumulative wage and benefit losses from these sectors of $208 billion between 2015 and 2035. The EPA rules hitting industry in rapid succession create uncertainty—and, as we’ve seen with Obamacare—uncertainty thwarts investment and hiring. The same industries that will be taking the regulatory hit from the CPP, are expecting additional impacts from the follow-on rules that are yet to be promulgated. No wonder the economy is sluggish and the jobs picture is bleak.

The proposed EPA plan will cause harsh economic consequences while having virtually no impact on the reported goal of stopping global climate change

From increased energy costs to job losses, the CPP will damage the economy. A statement from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on the EPA proposal, points out: “estimates regarding the damage to jobs and the economy created by poorly planned climate regulations have consistently been shown to be true in comparison to the overly optimistic predictions made by the EPA.” Perhaps these economic consequences would be worth it, if they actually did anything to really reduce carbon-dioxide emissions—assuming what humans breathe out and plants breathe in is actually the cause of global warming. But even the EPA acknowledges that the CPP is less about reductions and more about being a global leader to “prompt and leverage international decisions and action.” In Hillary Clinton’s September 4 speech at Senator Harry Reid’s National Clean Energy Summit, she stated that the U.S. needs to lead other countries in green energy and that we need to show the world we are committed. Yet, the U.S., which did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, is the first country to actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions and meet the Kyoto requirements. We are already a leader, but the other countries aren’t following—instead they are abandoning the sinking green ship and Germany, which claims to still be committed to the green ideology, is actually increasing its number of coal-fueled power plants and CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions from non-Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries—such as China and India—are projected to grow by nine billion tons per year. The Partnership for a Better Energy Future reports: “for every ton of CO2 reduced in 2030 as a result of EPA’s rule, the rest of the world will have increased emissions by more than 16 tons.” Our reduction in 2030 would offset the equivalent of just 13.5 days of carbon-dioxide emissions from China. The CPP will become the definition of “all pain and no gain.” Or, as economist Thomas Sowell calls it: “replacing what worked with what sounded good.”

The EPA’s October 16 deadline will be upon us before you know it. Take a few minutes now to send them your comments. Pick any of the above suggestions, customize them as you please, and send them on to the EPA. For America to grow, we need energy that is effective, efficient, and economical, rather than that which is threatened by the EPA’s flood of excessive and burdensome regulations.

The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). Together they work to educate the public and influence policy makers regarding energy, its role in freedom, and the American way of life. Combining energy, news, politics, and, the environment through public events, speaking engagements, and media, the organizations’ combined efforts serve as America’s voice for energy.

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Evening Edition

Posted by Rich Kozlovich


Obama’s Untruth, Inc. - Let us count the ways: bald lies, lies of omission, mythography, amnesia, redaction . . . We can usefully view the Obama administration’s chronic untruthfulness as a sort of multifaceted corporation of untruth, with all sorts of subsidiaries…..The result is that almost any time the president makes reference to the past, ours or his, we can assume two things: His facts are wrong, and they are wrong in a way that is meant to highlight his own godhead…….On any given day the president of the United States can step up to the teleprompter amid the latest disaster and swear that he did not do what he just did, or insist that someone else, not he, did the dastardly deed, or simply skip over recent history and make things up. The press at first quibbles, then nods in agreement, and Obama is empowered to do it again and again. We have not seen such a disingenuous president since Richard Nixon — but he, at least, was countered rather than enabled by the media…..


Cover Story: Corporate America heads for the exits - Corporate "inversions" are a problem that President Obama might find intractable, given a corporate tax system that most people agree is outdated and in urgent need of drastic reform at a time when Congress is too divided to fix it.


The time may be right to salvage states rights - With Washington immobilized by partisan gridlock, states find themselves in a better position than for decades to redress the balance of power and remind the feds that there is a 10th Amendment.  States enraged by an Obamacare provision denying them subsidies unless they created insurance exchanges shouldn’t have been surprised. Congress routinely uses the power of the purse to twist states’ arms until they submit.  It’s worked for decades. When states wanted federal highway funds in the 1970s, they first had to lower their speed limits to 55 mph. A decade later, states were prodded into raising the drinking age to 21. In the 2000s, federal education grants were made contingent on states adopting standards included in such programs as No Child Left Behind and Common Core. Now, however, states increasingly are complaining and pushing back or ignoring federal laws and mandates they say are out of touch, excessively burdensome, or unconstitutional.
First Amendment wins in Ohio; still vulnerable in D.C. - The best part about the truth is that it usually wins, contrary to what many people think. “[We are not] arguing for a right to lie. We’re arguing that we have a right not to have the truth of our political statements be judged by the Government.”  With this simple argument, the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List PAC and its attorneys successfully convinced a federal judge last week to throw out Ohio's Orwellian political false-statements law. The Ohio law, which threatened up to six months in jail for those running political ads deemed to be false by a state panel, will not be missed by those who love the First Amendment.  There is no question that politicians frequently lie or at least bend the facts on the campaign trail. As frustrating as this may seem, the Supreme Court has correctly pointed out on several occasions that there is no more effective remedy for falsehood than the truth. Writing in favor of Susan B. Anthony, Federal District Judge Judge Timothy S. Black even quoted from the Netflix series House of Cards: “There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth.”

Islam and the Middle East

Muslims Are Already Slaughtering Christians In America (Get Ready For More Persecution Of Christians In Your Own Country) - Because her passport expired in 1998, it appears that it must be verified that she is still a Romanian citizen and that she has not given up her citizenship to another country without their knowledge, even though I provided them with her resident alien U.S. re-entry permit (a form of passport for legal immigrants), which also expired in the late 1990s, and her resident alien card.  The Romanians must check that she is a legal entity and that she exists as a Romanian citizen still, for the fee of $81 in cash, according to the condescending clerk in the consular office. How do they know that she has not sworn allegiance to another country in the interim?....

Terrorizing the Enemy is Part of Islam & Islamic State is "Pro-Life"  - London Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary, a long-time controversial Islamist in the UK, finally came out and admitted what all of us who don't have our heads in the sand have been saying. The same imam that encouraged Islamists to get on welfare in order to engage in jihad told Russia Today, "Terrorizing the enemy is, in fact, part of Islam."

According to Choudary, who lectures in Sharia, "I would say to the people in Russia, the Muslims and the non-Muslims, that every action for a Muslim must be based upon the Koran, the word of Allah, and the teachings of the messenger Mohammed...who is the final messenger for mankind. I mean I would first invite the people to think about and embrace Islam, but those who are already Muslim must know that Allah mentions in the Koran, in fact, if you look in chapter 8 verse 60, he said prepare as much as you can 'steeds of war' to terrorize the enemy. So terrorizing the enemy is in fact part of Islam. I mean this is something that we must embrace and understand as far as the jurisprudence of Islam is concerned."

It’s Not a Misnomer - The Islamic State has everything to do with Islam. When you are dealing with an administration whose officials look you in the eye and tell you the Muslim Brotherhood is a “largely secular” organization, it’s tempting to laugh off the idiocy spouted by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry about how the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. We should resist the temptation, though, because there is a dangerous purpose behind the laughable assertion.  Obviously, Bing West and Daniel Pipes are correct that the terrorist group is entirely Islamic. As I’ve been arguing here more times and for more years than I care to remember, what we presume to call “radical Islam” (a/k/a Islamic supremacism, Islamic extremism, political Islam, Islamism, and whatever other “Islam [fill in the caveat]” terms we devise to avoid considering whether Islam itself inevitably breeds terrorism) is not very radical among the world’s Muslims. There are pacific constructions of Islam, too, but it is silly not to acknowledge that Islamic supremacism is a mainstream interpretation of Islam. It is firmly rooted in Islamic scripture and endorsed by many of Islam’s most influential scholars. Indeed, when you read what the scriptures say, there is a good argument that the pacific constructions are the ones that are radical revisionism……

A Mismanage-able Problem - Obama’s belief that he can “manage” the Islamic State may collide with reality.  President Obama says he intends to shrink the al-Qaeda-spawned Islamic State into a “manageable problem.” Perhaps we’ll learn more about how when he speaks to the nation on Wednesday evening. Still, the question presses: Is he the manager for the job? In answering that question, past performance is more a guarantee of future results than is any statement of newfound purpose from a president whose innate dishonesty has turned his signature phrase “Let me be clear” into notorious self-parody. In late September 2012, Mr. Obama’s administration quietly approved the transfer of 55 jihadist prisoners out of the Guantanamo Bay detention center. As Tom Joscelyn explained at the time, most of the detainees had previously been categorized as “high risk” because they were deemed “likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests, and allies” if released. Almost all of the rest had been assessed “medium risk” — still posing a threat, albeit one less certain than the “high risk” jihadists…..

The Middle East’s Maze of Alliances - It’s increasingly difficult to navigate the web of transitory enemies and allies in the region. Try figuring out the maze of enemies, allies, and neutrals in the Middle East. In 2012, the Obama administration was on the verge of bombing the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad. For a few weeks, he was public enemy No. 1 because he had used chemical weapons on his own people and because he was responsible for many of the deaths in the Syrian civil war, with a casualty count that is now close to 200,000. After Obama’s red lines turned pink, we forgot about Syria. Then the Islamic State showed up with beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, and mass murders through a huge swath of Iraq and Syria.  Now the United States is bombing the Islamic State. Sometimes Obama says that he is still seeking a strategy against the jihadist group. Sometimes he wants to reduce it to a manageable problem. And sometimes he says that he wants to degrade or even destroy it. The Islamic State is still trying to overthrow Assad. If the Obama administration is now bombing the Islamic State, is it then helping Assad? Or when America did not bomb Assad, did it help the Islamic State? Which of the two should Obama bomb — or both, or neither?....

Lindsey Graham says 'no one believes' president; Islamic State plan 'delusional' - Sen. Lindsey Graham said President Obama's plan in Syria "won't even come close to defeating" the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Arab allies willing to launch airstrikes against Islamic State - A number of Arab nations are offering to launch airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, American officials say.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough repeatedly said Americans would hear the news from Secretary of State John Kerry later this week.

But the British prime minister said he does not intend to put troops on the ground in either Iraq or Syria.  (My Take- Maybe he should start in London!)

Muslims Are Already Slaughtering Christians In America (Get Ready For More Persecution Of Christians In Your Own Country)- Muslims are already slaughtering Christians in America. Get ready for more persecution of Christians in your own country. In one of the recent murders almost totally ignored by mainstream media, a 19 year old Roman Catholic named Brendan Tevlin was shot to death by an African American Muslim named Ali Muhammad Brown in New Jersey. Brendan was a Eucharistic minister in the Catholic Church and also who volunteered playing the bagpipe in funerals. The slaughter of this innocent Catholic was considered by Brown, a "just kill," and that he was seeking vengeance for what is happening to Muslims in "Iraq, Syria, (and) Afghanistan." Brown was driving his jeep, and he just had texted his mother that he was coming home, when he stopped at a red light, Ali shot Brendan 8 times in his jeep. Ali then drove the jeep to an apartment complex where he stole undisclosed items……

The inner workings of ISIS revealed  - The Sunni jihadist group known as the Islamic State (IS) is the most organized, well-funded and militant terrorist group the world has ever seen. It proclaims itself as a caliphate, claiming religious authority over all Muslims. ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) are currently both being used to refer to Iraq's Islamic extremist terrorist organization, but recently there has been confusion over what to call the jihadist group. The President and the U.S. Department of State both refer to them as ISIL while the majority of the American media refer to them as ISIS.  There were documents seized from the house of a member of the Islamic State in a raid by the Iraqi military. Now for the first time and in acute detail, the leadership structure of this secretive organization is revealed. Hisham al-Hashimi, a Baghdad-based expert on Islamist groups, outlined and described the ISIS leadership structure to The Wall Street Journal. His information has been corroborated by other experts and U.S. intelligence sources.


115,000 people set to lose Obamacare - They are scheduled to lose their Obamacare coverage at the end of the month because officials could not verify their citizenship or immigration status, the Obama administration announced Monday.

Global Warming

Climate truthers invade Gotham - Far-out global warming campaigners will gather by the thousands in a desperate group grievance to convince the United Nations and the world that climate change is a looming, existential threat to life on planet earth. On September 21st, warmists will target the U.N. in New York City with protests, media demonstrations and tactical local disruptions to resuscitate their moribund “war on carbon.” The “People's Climate March” is timed to push the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) meeting in Paris for a years-delayed replacement to “The Kyoto Protocol” carbon controls that expired in 2012.  Given today’s partisan liberal-progressive climate constituencies, this “People’s Climate March” will parade all of the devout radical environmentalists followers of such corrupt green apostles as Al Gore, IPCC Chairman Pachauri, EPA’s McCarthy, Tom Steyer, and the elite eco-propagandists of the thousands of nonprofit and global NGO environmental groups…..


Illegal Aliens in the US Get Passport & Social Security Numbers in One Day - Legals must Wait- Because her passport expired in 1998, it appears that it must be verified that she is still a Romanian citizen and that she has not given up her citizenship to another country without their knowledge, even though I provided them with her resident alien U.S. re-entry permit (a form of passport for legal immigrants), which also expired in the late 1990s, and her resident alien card. The Romanians must check that she is a legal entity and that she exists as a Romanian citizen still, for the fee of $81 in cash, according to the condescending clerk in the consular office. How do they know that she has not sworn allegiance to another country in the interim?

Amnesty With Open Borders Equals National Suicide - Our President has made no secret of what his end game is. Remember him with Joe the plumber? He just wants to spread the wealth around. He is perhaps not an avowed socialist but he is certainly an announced one. Yet, he has won two elections one way or another and he is coordinating the end game of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. This is not a conspiracy...it's a strategy....and it breaks my heart that as America dozed on the couch watching the game these Progressives have turned the American dream into a nightmare.