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Press Release: 1851 Center For Constitutional Law

September 18, 2015
Maurice A . Thompson
(614) 340-9817

Proposed Amendment Will Strengthen Ohio's Term Limits on Legislators

Columbus, OH - Today, the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law secured the approval necessary for a coalition of good government advocates to begin the circulation of a proposed constitutional amendment that would limit state legislators to no more than eight years in each House and twelve total years at the Statehouse.

The proposal "To Strengthen Ohio Term Limits" today cleared the Ohio Ballot Board, after obtaining Attorney General certification ten days earlier. Petitions will now be circulated by a coalition of Ohioans backed by U.S. Term Limits, the organization responsible for first introducing term limits to Ohio through a 1992 constitutional amendment.

The proposed amendment will likely appear on the November 2016 ballot, so long as 304,000 valid signatures are submitted by early July of 2016.

The Amendment would provide that, in Ohio:

·         No person shall hold any combination of elected legislative offices for greater than twelve years, total.

·         No person shall hold the same elected legislative office for greater than eight years, total.

·         No person shall hold an elected legislative office if the term limits in this Amendment would forbid that person from completing the full term for that office.

The Amendment would not count years in office accrued prior to its passage.

This effort comes in response to legislators' creation of a commission - - "The Constitutional Modernization Commission" - - to attempt to increase their own terms of office by rolling back or eliminating Ohio's current term limits. Several legislators have indicated this to be the overwhelming purpose behind the Commission, which consists solely of legislators, former politicians, lobbyists, and political donors.

"Ohioans should be disturbed to learn that state legislators appear poised to attempt to shred the very term limits Ohioans overwhelmingly voted to place upon them," said Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Center. "This Amendment will end the abusive 'musical chairs' practice whereby some legislators remain in power for decades, losing touch with their communities and constituents and making better connections with politically-connected interests in Columbus."

"The longer a public official holds office, the more likely he or she is to see government as the solution to every problem, and the less likely he or she is to reform serious problems created by government. The United State Congress perfectly illustrates this."

Members of the coalition include those responsible for passing Ohio's original term limits on legislators in 1992, eliminating Ohio's estate tax in 2011, and passing the Health Care Freedom Amendment in 2011.

Read the Full Text of the Amendment HERE

Read 1851 Center Op-Ed on Improving Ohio Term Limits HERE

Read further media reports on this term limits effort HERE

Press Release: 1851 Center For Constitutional Law

October 1, 2015
Maurice A . Thompson
(614) 340-9817
Federal Court: Cities' Rental Licensing and Inspection Requirements Unconstitutional

Fourth Amendment secures property rights of landlords from unlawful searches and occupational licensing regulations in Ohio and nationwide

Columbus, OH - The Southern District of Ohio today ruled that the City of Portsmouth's occupational licensing requirements imposed upon landlords - - rental property inspections and licensing fees - - violates the Fourth Amendment to the United State Constitution.
The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law's victory on behalf of Portsmouth rental property owners Ron Baker, Nancy Ross, Thomas Howard, and Darren Oliver means that indiscriminate and warrantless government inspections of rental properties are unconstitutional nationwide, and that unlawfully-extracted "rental inspection fees" must be returned to the rental property owners who paid them.

These property owners had long rented their property in Portsmouth without license or inspections, and their properties had never been the subject of complaint by tenants, neighbors, or others. However, the City threatened to criminally prosecute and even imprison these landlords if they continued to rent their homes without first submitting to an unconstitutional warrantless search of the entire interior and exterior of these homes.

Judge Susan Dlott, of the Western Division of the Southern District of Ohio, held as follows:

"[T]he Court finds that the Portsmouth [Rental Dwelling Code] violates the Fourth Amendment insofar as it authorizes warrantless administrative inspections. It is undisputed that the [Rental Dwelling Code] affords no warrant procedure or other mechanism for precompliance review . . . the owners and/or tenants of rental properties in Portsmouth are thus faced with the choice of consenting to the warrantless inspection or facing criminal charges, a result the Supreme Court has expressly disavowed under the Fourth Amendment."

"The inspections are also significantly intrusive. As the Supreme Court has noted, the 'physical entry of the home is the chief evil against which the wording of the Fourth Amendment is directed.'"

"The search inspection sheet details eighty items to be inspected throughout the entirety of the rental property. The Court thus concludes that the intrusion is significant."

"Taking into account the above factors-the significant expectation of privacy, the substantial intrusion into the home, and the inefficacy of the warrantless inspections on the proffered special need-the Court finds the warrantless inspections are unreasonable."

"Having determined that the Code is not saved by special needs or the closely regulated industry exceptions, the Court concludes that the Code's failure to include a warrant provision violates the Fourth Amendment."

Both the United States and Ohio Supreme Court have invalidated warrantless inspections of rental property, and repeatedly held that warrantless administrative inspections of business property are generally invalid, absent exigent circumstances.

Nevertheless, Ohio cities had vigorously sought to collect licensing fees from area landlords, and the warrantless searches served as the lynchpin to each of these goals. Ordinances such as Portsmouth's Rental Dwelling Code established an absolute prohibition on renting out property within a community - - even though the landlord may have long done so and even though his or her property may be in pristine condition - - without a government-approved license that cannot be acquired without first paying a $100 annual fee per rental home and submitting to an open-ended warrantless search of every area of the property, inside and out.

"The Federal Court's ruling yesterday is a victory for all property owners and tenants. Local government agents do not have unlimited authority to force entry into Ohioans' homes or businesses. To the contrary 'houses' are one of the types of property specifically mentioned by the Fourth Amendment; and Ohioans have a moral and constitutional right to exclude others, even government agents, from their property. Entry requires either a warrant or an emergency, and neither is present with respect to these suspicion-less rental inspections," said Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Center.

"Government inspections of one's home frequently results in arbitrary orders to make thousands of dollars worth of untenable improvements to even the most well-maintained properties. These enactments were nothing more than a set of back-door tactics to collect revenue on the backs of Ohio property owners, while attempting to chase 'the wrong type of owners' out of town."

Read the Federal Court's Order HERE

The Third Voice

By Rich Kozlovich

“The public has been misled by an unholy alliance of environmental scaremongers, funds-seeking academics, sensation-seeking media, vote-seeking politicians and profit-seeking vested interests.” - Viv Forbes.

This page is devoted to dealing with green issues only. Especially those green issues involving the pest control industry. The information deliverers of our industry, including the trade journals and association publications, are not - much to my dismay - prepared to be crusaders. Why? Because they weren't designed to be crusaders. From the beginning they felt their job was to educate the industry, and I have to admit they've done a good job of it. The Third Voice will be an advocate, an activist, and a heterodox! Heterodoxy isn't for the faint of heart, but we need a voice that's willing to stand up and say to the world - "You're wrong, and I'm going to tell you why!" - a voice committed to defending our industry, what we do and what we use.

In a court of law if a defendant is caught lying at any point during the trial their entire testimony is called into question. Plus they can be prosecuted for perjury. Unfortunately the greens take no oaths involving "truth"! The greenies lie! Lies of commission and lies of omission! Everything else is speculation and emotional accusations in the form of questions in which they know there is no answer. They win the battle of emotions, they always have. We win the battle of facts, we always have. In order to win the war we must win the battle of emotions and the battle of facts. This page will be devoted to exposing the real truth of all things green.

I will be posting a number of old articles to get this up and running. Please enjoy: 

Just a Note

Dear Readers,

This month my top ten countries for September are United States, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada, Ukraine, Slovenia, Russia, Bulgaria and Portugal, with Ireland now entering the top ten all time list. Ireland has been number two consistently lately. I’m not sure why, but I thank my Irish readers, along with all my other readers for their interest. Please feel free to comment. You don't have to agree with me but you must keep it civil and I will allow the post. And be patient, I still have a job that interferes with my life.

Best wishes,

Rich K.

Featured Article

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S., By Pamela Geller
You know what “extremism” means for Obama: patriots. You can get all the background on Obama’s disregard for American sovereignty in my book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America. Read my expose at Breitbart: “Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.,” by Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, October 2, 2015: On Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe.

This amounts to nothing less than the overriding of American laws, up to and including the United States Constitution, in favor of United Nations laws that would henceforth be implemented in the United States itself – without any consultation of Congress at all.....To Read More....Much More!!!!!

Freedom Force

German City Seizes Private Property To House Refugees - Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law that allows the government to seize empty commercial properties to house refugees. The new law, which takes effect next week and will dissolve in March 2017, is a desperate solution to house the hundreds of refugees that arrive each day. The city has run out of out space for its 30,000 refugees and asylum seekers, and the law states that the government now has the right to take over commercial spaces and convert them into migrant housing temporarily when the refugee centers reach their limit. The left-wing majority in Hamburg’s city council, consisting of the Social Democrats, the Green and Left parties, voted to pass the law with strong opposition from the minority. Katja Suding of the Free Democratic Party called it a “breach of property rights,” according to Deutsche Welle.

My Take – Germany loves leftist leadership and deserves what’s happening to them!

Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan Resigning - Arne Duncan, one of President Barack Obama’s longest-serving and most contentious Cabinet members, will be leaving his post in December, the White House announced Friday. In his wake, he leaves an incomplete legacy of aggressive reform pushes that, while not always successful, shaped the education debate and elicited passions on both the left and the right.

Tennessee Lt. Governor’s Call to Arms Twisted for Political Points - People misunderstand what we say all the time. It is a condition that has worsened over time. The problem is sometimes chalked up to a lack of listening and/or really reading what is written. We have lost the art of reading comprehension in our age. Most kids are taught not to read but to skim to get the idea of what is being related in the thing written. And this is fine if you are reading a work of fiction for a college course, but outside of that, it deteriorates our comprehension. And one would hope that this is the case of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey’s Facebook post.

“Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey responded to the mass shooting at an Oregon community college in a Facebook post Friday saying that “fellow Christians” should consider getting a handgun carry permit to protect themselves.”

This sounds like good advice, especially in the wake of recent events. Christians are being targeted. And the Lt. Governor is pointing out the need for Christians to defend themselves. It is a no brainer when we recognize that you are less likely to be a victim if you are able to shot back…..

Arkansas Reveals the Problem with Human Judges and Man’s Law - For years, we have allowed our false understandings to rule our decisions. We have had men and women stand in our pulpits and tell us that we are to be separate from the world. These preachers said that we should not sully ourselves with politics and such earthly concerns. And we as good Christian left this to select people, the politician, and the judge. And here we are on the verge of political persecution like we have never seen in this country. But, what is worse, we have abandoned ourselves and our families to human judges and man’s law.  I have written about the dangers of following man’s arbitrary law. It leaves us confined to obey the wind and the changing tide. Whatever is in now will change. What is lawful today will not be lawful tomorrow. Whoever talks the most and loudest will most sway the populous. And this is the reason that every democracy has

Conservative Activist Targeted by Violent and Hypocritical Liberals - A couple of weeks ago popular conservative activist Dana Loesch produced a new commercial for the NRA called “Moms Like Me.” In the commercial, Loesch explained why it is that millions of moms, just like her, are fighting for the right to protect themselves and the right to bear arms. The ad went viral pretty quickly, with conservative activists around the world praising the production as a logical argument for self-defense. While conservatives loved the commercial, there was apparently at least one liberal out there who didn’t like it. A Twitter user named Tom Adelsback posted an edited version of the commercial showing Leosch accidentally shooting herself with her own gun. Twitter eventually removed the video, but the message was clear.

Intellectual Conservative

Is Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Being Targeted for Contempt of Court or for Simply Doing His Job?   By Rachel Alexander, on September 30th, 2015
Many think the court proceedings are unfair. (Full disclosure: I was briefly one of Sheriff Arpaio's attorneys in 2009-2010.) Arizona is home to a large Hispanic population, many who are in the country illegally. They are less likely to know the laws of the road since they cannot obtain driver's licenses, and because they are less affluent are more likely to have a tail light out -- increasing the chances that law enforcement will pull them over while driving. Another problem with the case is Judge Snow's fairness and impartialness are questionable. Full Story>>

Editor's Note:  It would appear a few more than Representative Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.) has been drinking out of the Pope's water glass, but I've posted four articles featuring both sides of this for your perusal.

Papal Visit: Rape and Sexual Slavery Condemned as ‘Tactic of War’ - In what many describe as a triumphant visit this week to the United States, Pope Francis at one point delivered a dramatic address before world leaders gathered in New York City at the United Nations. His Holiness urged world leaders to take decisive action to protect “the […]

Pope Francis’Inspiration to Conservatives - Pope Francis came to America as the head of the Catholic Church, the vicar of Christ, and a committed advocate for the poor. And he delivered to Congress a message reaffirming conservative principles and policies. The Pope’s visit prompted a debate over whether his speeches and positions would […]

Papal Fallibility On Display - While sojourning in Cuba, Pope Francis had only nuanced criticisms of the Castro regime even though that government seized and nationalized Catholic churches and schools, and has locked up Catholic clergy. Contrast this Pope’s careful words expressed in Cuba with the speeches of Pope […]

Pope Francis and the New Feudalism - I am, as Lady Catherine DeBourgh would say, “most seriously displeased” with Pope Francis. I’m not going to suggest that his behavior was not unexpected, however, one would ordinarily like to think that the college of Cardinals would have more sense than to elect a man who is so obviously historically ignorant to a post […]

Why I Trust God OVER any Scientist when it comes to Man-Made Climate Change - This past week we had a historic event take place because saw the Roman Catholic Pope visit the United States. He visited the President at the White House and he gave a speech. He visited a historical joint meeting of Congress and he gave a moving speech. […]

DC's Latest Self-Inflicted ‘Crisis’ – We Run Out of Budget on October 1 - Washington, D.C. is a dysfunctional mess. Just about nothing gets done unless it absolutely has to get done. And when things do get done – they are just about always horrible. Bigger and bigger government, over and over again, as far as the eye can see.  For instance, […]

The Democrats’ Next Debate Controversy, Over Larry Lessig, Could Be A Doozy - The Republicans have finished up their first two rounds of presidential debate.  Next up, the Democrats’ first presidential debate on October 13th. The fireworks have started. The Democrats’ debate process is proving controversial. Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schulz recently, according to and given national......

Muslim Tsunami: German Woman Evicted to Make Way for Refugees - A 51-year-old German healthcare worker is being evicted from her apartment in which she lived for 16 years in order to make room for the Muslim refugees from Syria and other war-torn Islamic nations, with refugee camps and facilities already full throughout German, according to the European news […]

Minimum Wages – False Path to Utopia - Today’s presidential hopefuls from Bernie Sanders (avowed socialist) to Hillary Clinton (avowed modern progressive) to George Pataki (avowed conservative) as well as many others, support a federally mandated increase in the minimum wage. The only question to them is how much the next increase(s) should be.

What To Do After Umpqua? - Yesterday was a day that will not soon be forgotten. Umpqua Community College was the scene of unimaginable carnage and death. Innocent people just trying to improve the lives they led we gunned down by someone who can best be described as a monster. It has since been revealed that he asked the students what […]

Alice’s Washington Wonderland - Government bureaucracies overwhelm our society today like locusts swarming over amber fields. Oppressive taxes stultify our waking hours from teen to twilight years. And the odorous rot of corruption eats away at even the honorable pillars of Washington as drab Machiavellians extend the tentacles of government everywhere. Yet despite such unbearable intrusiveness, our establishment pundits […]

A Critical Threat - There are Muslim communities in the United States that are operating in defiance of the United States Constitution and invoking sharia law on the communities such Dearborn Michigan . Although many states have passed legislation banning sharia law in those states, it is by no means comprehensive. The public by and large have been unaware..

Duly Noted - Do Not Shoot Me For Bearing Bad News. - Europe’s collapses are reoccurring, such as in World War One, during the rise of the totalitarian dictators, and the “follow up world war”. Avoidable stumbles one could say. Americans are inclined to see Europeans as knowledgeable about the world. In truth, the Continent is often inept to […]

Refugees, Immigrants, and Invaders: Drawing the Boundaries - Every good person wants to show compassion for victims of brutality… and manipulative people know that about good people.

High School Coach Bullied Into Dropping Prayer at Football Games - Political correctness has invaded my alma mater. I was disappointed to receive an email from our hometown pastor last week, informing me that the assistant football coach at my high school alma mater in Washington state was being investigated for praying with his team. My late brother played […]

More on Climate Change - “If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance […]

The Hillary Factor – Trust is Irrelevant to Some - Last week I had occasion to speak with a colleague about the current political campaign circus. The colleague in question is a lawyer and a seemingly intelligent person. But for some reason she is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton. This support seems insupportable in light of the […]

The Climate of Climate Change - Climate change has been a subject that has bounced back and forth with both sides bringing out facts and figures to substantiate the claims they make. One side puts forth apocalyptic scenarios, and the other side claims there is no merit to those claims. Politics and money play a large part in the battle. Grants […]

Is Obama a Muslim? - Donald Trump is taking a lot of flak from the media for not “correcting” someone who said Obama was a Muslim. Even Megyn Kelly on Fox reprimanded an audience member who said it, and assured her audience that he was indeed a Christian. It seems to me the president, however much I despise him, has […]

Moral Tradeoffs and the Muslim refugees - In response to the migrants fleeing the Middle East, our government has just announced that it is raising the refugee quota to 100,000 per year, and that is apart from regular immigrants (in just one year (2013) we admitted 300,000 Muslim immigrants.) In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that Britain will act with its […]

Duly Noted – When Killing is Fun and Virtuous - Islamists deserve praise for their tireless effort to serve their Allah. As a result, we get murder to save mankind from God and other bad habits. The killings are said to serve the salvation of those who survive the cleansing imposed upon their society. This amounts to […]

Introduction to a Video Presentation of the Science in Genesis Day Two – Expansion: A Legal Proof for the Existence of God (Part III)  - There is a curious but crucial omission in Day Two of Genesis that appears in each of the other Days; only in Day Two are the words “And God saw …” missing.  But as this video explains, that is not a clumsy oversight, it is very deliberate; and it reveals a profound understanding of the […]

Why We Need A Conservative Revolution - There is a maxim that has been attributed to Albert Einstein; “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Whether or not Einstein was the first to say this does not matter. What does matter is that the way we choose our elected officials is a form of insanity! We […]

American Thinker

Surprise! Vatican distances Pope from Kim Davis - The Vatican is now downplaying the "brief meeting" Pope Francis had with Kim Davis during his trip to the U.S.From the National Catholic Register: "Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, this morning issued the following statement regarding the meeting of Pope Francis and Kim Davis at the Nunciature in Washington, DC:"…..The pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects.’……Liberty Counsel, the law firm representing Davis, subsequently released a statement of its own, asserting, (in part): ‘Despite a statement this morning by a Vatican official, the pope’s own words about conscientious objection being a human right and his private meeting with Kim Davis indicate support for the universal right of conscientious objection, even for government officials. ‘The meeting with Kim Davis was initiated by the Vatican"…. God forbid the Vatican should be seen as politicizing anything. Well, anything not favored by the left, that is!....

Why does Obama Exploit Tragedy? - It's been an awful 72 hours for President Obama. First, there is that fellow Putin's new role in the Middle East. Putin is filling the vacuum that we created. The old KGB gangster is giving the community organizer some rather uncomfortable lessons about the consequences of projecting weakness. Second, today's new lackluster jobs report. The summer of 2015 will be remembered as a payroll disaster: Only 142K jobs added In September With zero wage growth! We are in year 7 of the Obama presidency and no one can say that it will be remembered for creating jobs. Of course, there is the shooting in Oregon, another one of those mind-crushing moments about something evil happening in our culture. President Obama chose to address the shooting and I have issues with what he said:……Does he really think that we are waiting for his words out here?

Obama's Politicized Indignation - America is still waiting for President Obama to share his insights on Kate Steinle. Kate is the woman murdered by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal felon who, after being deported seven times, managed to find his way back to San Francisco where he shot the 32-year-old in the back with a stolen gun. To date: "No comment." Conversely, much as he does whenever there is a mass shooting, Obama nearly tripped over his wingtips sprinting to the podium to blame Second Amendment advocates and the Republican-controlled Congress for the mass shooting on a community college campus in Roseburg, Oregon. Yet every day, 4,000 babies expire in abortion clinics and dozens of people die at the hands of inner city thugs and illegal immigrant criminals, none of which the president responds to with grief or concern. Unlike his indifference to the deaths of Americans killed by illegal aliens or the dismissive attitude he has toward the 60 million human beings who have been ferried from the abortion clinic to the incinerator……..Obama nearly tripped over his wingtips sprinting to the podium to blame Second Amendment advocates and the Republican-controlled Congress for the mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon.

The Tender Trap: Palestinians and the Truth - We have the truth on the highest authority. Fawzi Barhoum, spokesperson for Hamas, in denying in May 2015 that his organization was engaged in "secret talks" with Israel, called Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, a liar and a slanderer. One must admit that Barhoum is not always trustworthy with the truth since in August 2012 he proclaimed, "the Holocaust is a big lie."

No Coherent Identityitis - In the way that the media frames mass shootings as a sort of ghoulish entertainment and ignores far more serious events, you might have missed the connection between the shootings in Oregon and Obama’s conduct this week.

Hatred of the Great Faith - The murder of Christians in Oregon and the grim silence of Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations are connected in a serious way.

New Climate Regulations Will Save Lots of Imaginary People - The EPA computers have spoken, and theoretical "premature deaths" will be averted.

Abbas's UN bombshell proved to be a dud- One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Abbas spoke not a word of truth.

Hillary personally identifies with transvestitism - Does this woman really believe anything she is saying?

The NRA makes Hillary sick, but we've got the cure! - A little education might help.

What if the Oregon shooter had been a Christian? - Then maybe we would be hearing anything at all about "hate crimes" from the left.

The Pope, the Councilwoman, and the Unrepentant Terrorist - A shameful saga now adds Pope Francis to list of dignitaries that includes Hillary and Bill Clinton, Eric Holder, and the speaker of the New York City Council who refused say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Warming of relations with Cuba has done nothing to help an artist imprisoned for disrespecting the Castros - Why has Obama not lifted a finger? Where is the arts community? Hollywood?

Remarkable recovery of memory by Secret Service chief in Chaffetz affair - Caught in a lie by the Post, Clancy does a 180 and admits his prior knowledge of the smear.

'Massive planned invasion' storms channel tunnel as 'migrants' seek to enter Britain - Not content with Germany, the invaders move on Britain and block the Channel Tunnel for hours in a highly organized invasion.

Common Core booster named new education secretary - Arne Duncan's replacement sees education as a "civil rights" issue.

Obama admin reverting to its pathetic Twitter strategy to counter Russia - A response to Russia's power play as ineffective and pathetic as #BringBackOurGirls.

Obama's wink and nod on gun confiscation - Obama avoiding specifics with vague language like “commonsense gun control legislation,” but he is clearly alluding to massive confiscation with his praise of Australia's gun control effort.

Atlas Shrugs

Argentine President: Obama Administration tried to convince us to give Iran nuclear fuel - Obama’s White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction tried to persuade Argentina to provide Iran with nuclear fuel, which is a key component of nuclear weapons.  This is not naiveté or cluelessness — this is deliberate and evil.

Horror, bloodshed at Jerusalem, Muslim kills 2 – tourists targeted in wild burst of gunfire - This is daily now — thanks to Obama’s sanction of the savagery and racism commanded in the Quran. Yesterday, a Jewish couple was executed by Muslims in front of their four children. Obama has said nothing … but he invites time-bomb hoaxers to the White House. He is a hater — he is one of them. Obama’s ‘peace partners’ Fatah claims responsibility for murder of young Jewish couple in front of their children Obama’s ‘peace partners’ launch fireworks, wave flags to celebrate brutal jihad murder of Israeli couple….
Muslims post NAME, ADDRESS of Navy Seal Hero who killed BIN LADEN with Death Threat #GoForth - Devout Muslims are calling on their mujaheddin brothers in America to murder the Navy Seal who got Osama Bin Laden (may hell be upon him).

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Ban Ki-moon, Obama Humiliate Israel - Fresh on the heels of Putin’s rout of Obama, Obama punishes …. the Jews.  There has been such a mass (or maybe mess is more fitting) of bad news this week that it is not surprising that a number of shocking news items fell through the cracks — which is always the case with the running dogs in the media when the news reflects so very dreadfully on the community organizer in the White House.  Barack Obama was upstaged, upended and usurped by Russia’s Vladimir Putin this week, when, in one fell swoop, by his actions in Syria and speech at the United Nations, Putin took over the leadership role in the...

VIDEO: Final moments of Jihadi DANCING “JOYOUSLY,” shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he EXECUTES Aussie police worker - Muslim Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammed was dancing joyously and shouting “allahu akbar” as he murdered police employee Curtis Cheng, who was leaving police headquarters. Cheng was executed at point blank range in Sydney West Australia. Dancing and singing during cold-blooded murder. Islamic exaltation. For close to 48 hours the media insisted, from the very first, that this was not “linked to terrorism.” This is what a culture of death and savagery looks like. Right before his murderous rampage, Mohammed had been to the Parramatta mosque. Is that mosque being investigated? Are its teachings being expunged of quranic text that inspires murderous jihad? No. No, the kneejerk reaction is the tagline to jihad...

Tennessee School Districts REFUSE to Comply with Open Records Requests and Reveal Contents of Lessons About Islam - A local activist informs me that an open records request is related to a grassroots reaction among parents against an inappropriate focus on Islam in history and social studies courses in Tennessee middle schools. Earlier this month, for example, parents in the Nashville suburb of in Spring Hill expressed alarm because their public middle school children are learning about Islam in a world history class but, the parents say, the course material pointedly ignores Christianity.” But Tennessee school officials are stonewalling. Clearly they have something to hide. And this islamization is going on in school districts all over the country. Read about it, and about what you can do to resist it, in my book Stop the Islamization of...

Pigman, the Jihadists’ Worst Nightmare, Returns - AFDI Muhammad Cartoon Contest winner Bosch Fawstin is a hero, a real champion of freedom. While the media cowers and accepts sharia blasphemy laws, Fawstin stands tall and strong for freedom. Don’t miss the latest in his Pigman series. American superheroes have gone from kicking evil’s ass to kissing evil’s ass. Not only won’t Marvel & DC Comics allow their superheroes to take on Jihadists, but they promote the “Islam means peace” myth through their “Muslim superheroes”, as if jihad doesn’t exist.  And then there’s Pigman, my anti-jihad superhero, who, like me, is a...



Saturday, October 3, 2015

Planned Parenthood's Campus Empire

Posted by Mary Grabar @ Dissident Prof

As reported last week, Planned Parenthood’s lobbying efforts against the vote to deny them federal funds was assisted by Hamilton College, which hosted “performance artist” Rhodessa Jones, along with about a dozen representatives from the local Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, to give students a Planned Parenthood-positive message.

The college continued the push by participating in the nationwide “Pink Out” day on September 29. In a campus-wide email Hamilton students were asked to “show appreciation for Planned Parenthood by wearing pink.” They were invited to stop by a booth to have their pictures taken holding messages of support. These are posted on Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson’s Facebook page here. The event was organized by the Womyn’s Center at the Days-Massolo Center, whose official advisor is women’s studies professor Vivyan Adair.

Hamilton College was one of many campuses participating in the event, which was also sponsored by, the ACLU, CREDO Action, People for the American Way, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, National Council of Jewish Women, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Alliance for Justice. Planned Parenthood offered free screening for sexually transmitted diseases in 28 cities to take attention off abortion.

The email sent to Hamilton students claimed “Planned Parenthood provides necessary health care for millions of people across this country.” At the two presentations by Rhodessa Jones, no mention was made about the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives haggling over prices for fetal body parts (body parts were also shown being handled callously by technicians).

The claim of “necessary health care” is false. According to the just-released Capital Research Center report, “Planned Parenthood Under Fire,” by Jeanne Mancini, Planned Parenthood “isn’t a benevolent healthcare provider.” Even the Washington Post “called its bluff” on the claim that abortions represent only 3 percent of the services provided. “In reality, it is estimated that Planned Parenthood makes $150 million a year performing abortions,” writes Mancini. Abortions make up 94 percent of services provided to pregnant women. Data from the nonprofit group, Democrats for Life, showed that Community Health Centers are more accessible and provide more services for women's health needs.

This is not the kind of information that Hamilton students received. The professors who sponsored the visit by Planned Parenthood and Rhodessa Jones avoided any mention of alternative views.

Abortion Advocacy 101: Abortion advocacy is one of many leftist causes that Hamilton College presents as settled academic opinion, thanks to efforts of professors like Nancy Rabinowitz who teaches Comparative Literature and began inviting Planned Parenthood-promoter Rhodessa Jones for recurring gigs as far back as 2004.

Rabinowitz’s collaboration with Planned Parenthood goes back even farther, to her tenure as president of the college’s former Kirkland Project, when Rabinowitz coordinated student internships at Planned Parenthood. The Kirkland Project was initially funded by the Kirkland Endowment, which consisted of contributions from sympathetic individuals and leftover funds from Kirkland College, the former women’s college that merged with Hamilton men’s college in 1978. The Spring 2000 newsletter announced that student Service Associateships were available for students “proposing summer work at an institution dedicated to working toward social justice”; it listed Planned Parenthood and the Hetrick Martin Institute, an LGBT youth organization, as places where students had recently interned. Students received $3,000 stipends from the Kirkland Project for their “volunteer” work at Planned Parenthood.

Rabinowitz and the Kirkland Project: Rabinowitz was forced to resign as president of the Kirkland Project in 2005 after she had invited as speaker Ethnic Studies professor Ward Churchill, who had called victims of 9/11 “little Eichmanns,” after Adolph Eichmann, one of the major organizers of the Nazi Holocaust. She had invited Susan Rosenberg, convicted felon in the 1981 Brinks Armored Car Robbery, to teach as an “artist/activist-in-residence,” beginning with a course in 2004 called “Resistance Memoirs.” Rabinowitz was quoted as saying, “We are trying to train [students] to be critical thinkers and to respond intelligently to what they hear. I think the students should hear [Ward Churchill’s] whole argument before they boil it down to a few sound bites.” She then claimed that she was resigning because the media reaction had been “destructive.” Ward Churchill was fired from the University of Colorado Boulder for plagiarism in 2007. Susan Rosenberg’s 58-year prison term on weapons and explosives charges was commuted after 16 years by President Bill Clinton. Since her release she has worked as a prisoners’ rights activist and college lecturer.

The Medea Project: In Service to Planned Parenthood and Abortion: After Rabinowitz’s resignation, the Kirkland Project was renamed the Diversity and Social Justice Project. Rabinowitz, however, chaired the Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee from 2007 to 2010. She currently serves on the Committee on Academic Policy.

Although Rabinowitz said she had learned about Jones’s work, the Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women, while teaching Medea, there was no discussion about the tragedy by Euripides or about literary, historical, or dramatic topics. For the last several years, the Medea Project, a program of Jones's and her partner’s performance company, Idris Ackamoor and Cultural Odyssey, has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. Jones’s work is evidence that the NEA is still being used to advance political causes, as a recent NEA post, “The Medea Project: Where Art and Social Activism Meet,” shows. The theater company also receives funds from the San Francisco Arts Commission and the California Arts Council, as well as several foundations.

prison lookoutThe film shown on September 17, Birthright, was produced by Cultural Odyssey, in collaboration with Planned Parenthood Northern California. The film clips showed amateurish writing and acting. For example, it was not clear why women seated on fold-out chairs were pulling their hair or jerking their heads, in depictions of madness. We learned later during the discussion that the scene was supposed to represent a Planned Parenthood waiting room. Presumably, women were relieved of their distress after they had received services. One woman did a monologue about women’s oppression, and others discussed their abortions and getting HIV diagnoses. All were testimonials to Planned Parenthood.

Jones’s agenda already became clear at the beginning of her first presentation on September 15. Rabinowitz introduced her as “no stranger to Hamilton” and cited her awards from various organizations, including one from the mayor of San Francisco, where she is based. Although she jaunts from campus to campus, Jones does not appear to have any academic credentials. She has been invited to work in prisons here and in Russia and South Africa.

The first day Jones spent more than an hour performing, reciting, questioning, yelling, and rambling on about diversity, abortion, the Hamilton College campus police, the upcoming Black Lives Matter event, and slavery, as well giving dramatic recitations of “spoken word” poetry and showing clips from her earlier film, Open the Gate.

That film showed women in orange prison garb reenacting their horrific experiences. One felt that these were amateur therapy sessions, about “getting real,” as Jones put it, and best left to professionals. There was a lot of screaming and crying, with Jones yelling at the prisoners, “Things are happening to you!” There were some horror stories to be sure: one woman tearfully described how she was raped, while other female prisoners reenacted the gruesome scene on the floor. In the film, Jones enlightens the women, telling them that men run the world and that women need to take back their power. This is where Planned Parenthood fits in, presumably.

Rhodessa Jones's Credentials? But Jones does not seem to have any counseling credentials either. “I come into jails as an artist . . . as a sister,” she explained. She was inspired to begin working in jails by one of her eight brothers who was imprisoned in Attica during the 1971 riots when, as she said, “it was taken over by the Rockefeller goons.” She gave few details about her brother’s crimes other than to say that he was good-looking and “incorrigible,” but had robbed an “important” person. He was sent to a chain gang in the South at the age of 16, and afterward had difficulty staying out of prison. He died at the age of 50 after he was beaten up by 16- and 17 year-olds over a pot deal.

"Aerobic exercise - public demonstration01" by myself - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons Jones’s work began in 1989 when she was asked to teach aerobics. But she did not get a good response from inmates, who skeptically asked, “Who is this bitch?”

“I said, ‘spell “bitch,”’” Jones said to laughter. Seeing that they had no interest in aerobics, she told the inmates her own story, about becoming a mother at the age of 16. The women suspected she might be a police officer because she was telling them her “business.”

Her presentation jumped from topic to topic, interspersed with Planned Parenthood promotions. To all those who presumably have a problem with the latest videos showing Planned Parenthood employees bartering body parts, she said, “I say just trust women. We need to know we’re trusted.”

Spoken Word about Slavery: Jones recited a poem about a “girl-child” kidnapped by “white slavers,” then raped by sailors, and thrown into the bottom of a slave ship. Very dramatically she said, “I see the white islanders chasing the birds.” Sailors were “destroying the African girl-child with fists and semen.” She screamed, “We are thrown down into the dark hole covered with semen.” Shouting “freedom,” she described a dream about flying back to Africa. (The events are historically inaccurate because overwhelmingly it was Africans who captured and enslaved other Africans and then sold them to the white slave traders.) Perhaps attuned to the fact that many in her audience were blonde, she added a vision of multicultural redemption, “blonde-haired children singing songs of a new world.” She interspersed her performance with references to “the Irish, the Jewish, the Mexicans,” etc.

"100 Pigeons" by Augustus Binu/ facebook - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via CommonsStudents Cooing Like Pigeons: Jones also recited a poem about the homeless, drug addicts, and “we who have been in a maximum security prison.” It was a litany of misery (“f.....g in an HIV sweat”). The recitations about street life were interspersed with the refrain, “We will eat you.” I was surprised to hear the students readily follow her instructions to coo on cue like pigeons as she recited certain lines. It was a depressingly surreal experience.

Jones also described her encounter with campus police that day when she was standing outside a building waiting for someone to pick her up. One of the officers slowed down the car and looked at her. She made a face to show how she stared back at him tauntingly, inviting knowing laughter from the students. Jones encouraged students to attend the lecture later in the week by one of the Black Lives Matter founders and gave a plug for the (historically inaccurate) movie Selma. She told them that there are children ages 12 and 13 who are in lock-down.

Encouraging Courageous Activism: The session was clearly intended to give students a glimpse into the underbelly of life, arouse their pity, and get them to be activists. In fact, she asked how many of them wanted to be activists. A good number raised their hands. She bragged about student activists she has worked with: a girl who disappeared in Syria 18 months ago and one who adopted an African baby orphaned by HIV.

She then asked students the questions she said she uses in her prison workshops. Questions ranged from name and age, to “hidden talents” and whether “you write,” “who did you leave home with?” and “what were you told by your parents?” The last was the one she asked students. Some responded with typical bits of parental advice about avoiding drugs and studying hard. She discussed the added burdens of “black, brown, red, and yellow parents.” More questions came, such as “did you escape death?” and “what would you do if you could turn back time?” One student said she would have “come out” in high school. One young woman holding her two-month-old baby said she would have finished school before getting pregnant. Jones repeated that she would not have had a child at 16. Her father had advised her that the Lord would provide, but she thought of how much better her life would have been had she aborted her now 50-year-old daughter. It was clear that students should learn from her mistake and exercise that choice.

Before she ended, Jones stated, “These are things that make up the mythology of our existence.”

The entire exercise was an emotionally manipulative promotion of abortion by the mother of a 50-year-old woman as a two-month-old baby was cradled in his mother’s arms. It had nothing to do with higher education.