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USFWS, Woodpeckers, Wolves & A Continuing Culture of Corruption

Jim Beers 27 August 2015

In 1995, US Fish and Wildlife Service managers stole $45 to 60M from the Excise Taxes on Arms and Ammunition. Although the funds could only be used by state fish and wildlife agencies for legally defined state wildlife programs, USFWS managers stole the $45 to 60M from the increase in the funds due to the big increase in gun sales and ammunition sales resulting from President Clinton’s campaign to defy the 2nd Amendment and confiscate guns just like President Obama has proceeded to do and just how Hillary Clinton is vowing to do. USFWS managers clandestinely used the stolen funds to capture wolves in Canada, transport said wolves to Yellowstone without required import documents, and to release and protect the wolves once they were released in Yellowstone to spread all over the Northwest. This action had previously been requested of Congress that refused to either authorize or fund it .This was all verified in 1999 by a General Accounting Office Audit submitted to the Natural Resources Committee of the US House of Representatives. Like Lois Lerner and the “Honorable” Mr. Koskinen of IRS fame, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of Benghazi fame; no one was even reprimanded, or had a bonus check reduced, much less was indicted or prosecuted and punished as “the law” required for the theft and unauthorized use of the $45 to 60M.

On 4 May 2005 I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for documents, correspondence, etc. with the USFWS. This Request concerned the “secret” Appropriation of $14M(?) to USFWS to find and save the extinct (that was then and still is) Ivory-billed Woodpecker in Southern mature woodlands. I had discovered that USFWS and Cornell University worthies were blanketing the South taking options to purchase and easements on Southern woodlands for murky reasons. It turned out that they were buying and extending their land controls based on a phoney-baloney bunch of “science” claiming there were still Ivory-billed woodpeckers in Southern woodlands although no one had seen or heard one for 60+ years (except for USFWS “scientists” and some academic Dons claiming to have done so only recently). Long story short, they never found anything but they extended federal land controls and almost had a case to restrict Southern duck hunting (Ivory-billed Woodpeckers look like “pintails in flight”). When I filed the Freedom of Information Act Request, all I ever got was two things. One was blown off by USFWS like a mosquito on a pant leg, that is to say I got nothing and without money and a lawyer nothing means nothing. The other thing I got was a very nasty e-mail from a USFWS/Cornell “Team Leader” that began with “You and your pig farmer buddies” and went downhill from there.

On 27 August 2015 I (and about 400 others) received a copy of the e-mail below. It is the latest chapter in the continuing saga of Southern landowners v. USFWS in the matter of unwelcome “red” wolves (actually coyote/dog crosses) that by law are only to be on federal property and like other States where federally and forcibly imposed wolves have spread (NW/SW/Pacific Coast/Great Lakes/Midwest/+?) local opposition and local requests are ignored, denied and scoffed at. Requests for transparency and information to USFWS by American citizens are treated like Neville Chamberlain by Adolph Hitler, that is to say with humorous disdain and joking after they blew him off yet again.

Read the following travesty of justice from North Carolina. It is easy to see the egregious violations of law and the contempt with which USFWS holds the law and American citizens. Why not? The USFWS Director addressed below was the guy in charge of the Excise Taxes stolen in 1995! But not to just castigate the poor Progressives of the Clinton and Obama ruling classes, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker debacle was “hatched” and perpetrated under the Bush bunch that claimed to be opposed to the Progressives.

What America needs is not a “good 5-cent cigar”: what America needs is a firm and effective opposition to this terror of a bureaucrat/academic priesthood and the radicals funding them and the government (both sides of the aisle) currently ruling Washington.

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

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Forest Fires for Dummies - A Short Course written in a short time.

Jim Beers 27 August 2015

First of all, forget all that romantic mythology about those noble inhabitants of North America that greeted the Europeans. The natives engaged in both intermittent and long warfare. Therefore they moved and were even massacred with some frequency. Ergo (therefore for you that didn’t take Latin) the idea that somehow the woodlands, grasslands and other habitats of that undeveloped wilderness (the correct two words) were “burned” regularly, or that the harvest or “take” of fish and wildlife was somehow “in tune” with other than opportunity and the effort required, or that trees were cut or grass grazed in tune with some sort of system or understanding is a “Myth, a Myth!” (Miss Piggy enters stage right at this point saying “Yeth, Yeth?”)

Set aside, if you will, the fact that some few tribes in a minority of time were able to find some rare stability, inhabit an area for a period of peace and develop primitive land and animal use schemes that did provide these people with some measure of use that hopefully kept their surroundings productive of their needs. Never the less, lightning fires ignited grasslands and mature woodlands, fires ignited by natives often got away with wind shifts and surprise fuel ignitions that burned longer than imagined. Life was tough for these tough people. Between warlike neighbors, marauders, weather, disease, food scarcities and weapon advancements (just like Europe longbows replaced crossbows; bow and arrow material changes, arrow/spear point material, chipping techniques, use of horses, and battle/sneak attack procedures made early North American life too often “nasty, brutish and short.”

That said, Europeans moved westward cutting timber, making farms and towns etc. etc. Buffalo were whittled down (how else to grow crops and graze livestock?) Fertile farm land was homesteaded and the better grazing lands were similarly claimed and “developed”. The marginal places were cut for timber and grazed by rovers. This was done hard because they were not the property of those cutting and grazing them: therefore fires like the Hinckley (MN) Fire were not uncommon in the late 19th century in all the slash (deadwood not used) lying about. Also, Americans were beginning to realize that it was not good to just cut everything and graze it so hard so unowned lands wound up under a new system wherein the federal government would own and manage it for all – the loggers, the ranchers, the hunters, the fishermen, the camper, the local communities, the hikers, the Scout Troops, the elderly, the schools, the local government, the animals, the trees, the children the puppies, the scientists… – ( I apologize here, I always get carried away at this point like some federal political staffer or bureaucrat writing a new law for my boss to get votes out of.)

In the first two thirds of the 20th century this worked reasonably well. Gifford Pinchot, Aldo Leopold, Teddy Roosevelt et al saw their names etched in books, and on all manner of federal landholdings. While the National Park Service always kept their original mandate for the Washington Gods to forever oppose tree-cutting and hunting; the US Forest Service managed their vast woodlands well as did the Bureau of Land Management manage their vast grasslands for one and all. Cattle grazed year after year, trees were cut in rotations and access roads were numerous and frequent making timber hauling AND Fire Fighting possible. Elk and Deer harvests plus fishing managed streams filled state conservation coffers, local businesses thrived, and local government revenues were stable and important. Also, predators like wolves, grizzly bears, black bears, and cougars were either exterminated or kept at tolerable (to those living with them) levels to sustain the ranches, timber industry, and livestock. Forest (or Grass) Fires were infrequent because fire fuel was managed along with timber cutting for rotating habitats, desired wild animals and local community need and desires. When fires did occur, fighting them was possible and the nearby persons, towns and private property were in nowhere near the danger they are today in the frequent, massive, “catastrophic” fires that fill our newspapers and Congressional Requests for more and more Billions of dollars and even appeals to far away countries like New Zealand to send us men to fight these seemingly impervious to everything but bombers with red chemicals fires.

What happened? The 1960’s happened. Free love (i.e. sex), drugs, anti-war, animal rights, and extreme environmentalism happened.

So the US Fish and Wildlife Service showed the way with new laws, especially the Endangered Species Act that the federal bureaucrats owned everything and could do what they want with impunity. Spotted owls killed the logging industry in SW Oregon. The snail darter almost stopped a needed dam. Wolves were released, protected and spread like, well, wildfire. Grizzly bears were protected everywhere under pain of being “Gulagged” and your family deported. Everywhere animals were suddenly “endangered” or “threatened”. Suddenly, trees shouldn’t be cut but loved and “saved.” Likewise grass became some sort of Monet-like subject of only beauty and to use it was verboten. Add in that the Universities saw what was happening and ground out government-paid-for “science foe every cockamamie claim being made by the 1960’s-leftover radical organizations like Defenders of Wildlife, NRDC, CBD, “Friends” of this and that”, and all the ill-educated urban worthies that sent their lunch money to these outfits to influence the bureaucrats and fund and promise votes to the devolving politicians that were once game fish-like and were rapidly becoming bottom feeders like some 20# Asian carp in the Illinois River.

Rising out of this effluvium were all the “New Age” foresters, biologists, and associated experts replacing the old white guys. The new goals were all credited to “shareholders”. “input”, “science” and “coordination”. The USFWS continues to declare and prohibit tree cutting over growing areas. The USFS Forests close roads, eliminate logging, prohibit even timber cleanup after disease outbreaks or storms and generally do all they can to grow fire fuel in unmanaged woodlands. USFS and BLM close every grazing allotment they can. All three (USFS, BLM, USFWS) work with the radical 1960’s leftover organizations like nurses working with doctors, not to save lives but to destroy rural America. What they can’t do the pandering political slogs in both parties declare “Wilderness” and “Sanctuary” lands where no one goes legally and the unmanaged and unused RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES simply create fire fuel and the catastrophic fires we blame on global warming (like the moose disappearance to wolves in Minnesota) and “European lifestyles” and “too many people” that have destroyed that pristine and idyllic world that formerly occupied the United States.

It’s not global warming; it’s not even the fire fuel: the fires are caused by a faulty political philosophy fueled by radical groups buying politicians and ignorant bureaucrats posing as natural resource “experts” that are no more than Charlie Mc Carthies for whoever is in charge. Blame them and the next time you, hear, “Did you see where President named a new “Wilderness” and a new “Marine Sanctuary”? Oh, I don’t care about that Iran nuclear deal or the National Debt; I’m going to vote for whoever makes more Wildernesses and send some money to the Sierra Club too.” Blame yourself for not changing what has been going on now for 50 years.

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


Dear Corporate America

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog 16 Comments

Dear Corporate America,

I haven't written to you in a while. At least not since my television broke down, my toaster developed a taste for human flesh and my phone company ran away with my phone number to Mexico.

Rachel Maddow says we're both on the right and are really close together. But then again Rachel Maddow also says the Republican Party drinks the blood of small children. So she can be a little factually challenged on occasion.

Still I'm on the right and you're occasionally sort of, but not really, on the right. I support lower taxes. So do you. At least for yourself. I support deregulation. You only support deregulation when it suits your narrow interests, but not when it lets smaller businesses and freelancers compete against you.

What you seem to want is a country with low taxes, your preferred forms of deregulation and the population of Mexico.

These things are not compatible. Mexico is currently governed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party; a member of the Socialist International. It has a multi-generational teachers' union whose members pass on their jobs to their children and whose riots have to be put down by armed force.

When it comes to ease of doing business, the United States is ranked 4th, Mexico is ranked 48th, coming in ahead of Kazakhstan. A Comparmex report showed that companies spend 10% of their revenue on bribes.

Is this what you really want for America?

Your lobbies and associations keep pushing for amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens even while your companies keep fleeing California.

If you don't like doing business in California, which is turning into the American version of Mexico, why do you want to turn the rest of America into California?

You keep talking about how we need "immigration reform" to be more globally competitive. Are there superpower rivals desperately trying to import 12 million people whose great dream is to put their entire families on social welfare? Are there Chinese recruiting agents showing up at the border to urge the DREAMERS clambering over the fence to try Shanghai instead?

I understand why you would rather pay a Pakistani or Chinese programmer on an H-1B visa half of what you would pay a talented American programmer. And that's your choice. And paying fifty bucks for the full version of that programmer's work, instead of ten times as much on your licensed edition based on a program once created by American programmers but reassembled into an update by H-1B employees until it has more bugs than features, is mine.

That's how the free market works.

But while those H1-B employees will forward all your confidential information back to Chinese intelligence and occasionally set off bombs while shouting Allah Akbar, they don't threaten your ability to do business.

Sure one of your execs might be flying on the plane that goes down in a burst of exploding underwear and next month a bunch of programs that look suspiciously like yours will come flying out of Zhong Guan Cun undercutting your international market share. And the next time you're negotiating with a Chinese company, they'll just happen to have access to all of your corporation's emails.

But you can live with that. Can you really live with full amnesty and the consequences of destroying the Republican Party as little more than a protest vote in a Socialist International America?

You spent the last election whining about how hard it is to do business in America under the Democratic Party. You hate ObamaCare, despite promoting it, and then you do everything in your power to make Democratic Party rule permanent through amnesty.

I'm not a psychiatrist and it would be hard for me to get all of Corporate America onto a couch for a session, but it seems to me that you're suffering from a severe bout of schizophrenia.

You want workers who will take low pay without complaining about working conditions. And you can get that with illegal aliens who don't speak the language and don't know their rights, until they hook up with community organizations backed by the entire Democratic Party and then you're up to your neck in lawsuits and minimum wage bills.

At which point you'll threaten to move to Mexico or China... to escape a problem that you caused.

Maybe I'm misjudging you, but I don't think you really want an open economy where deregulation cuts out the government bureaucracy and makes it possible for both workers and corporations to do business on better terms.

I think that Mexico is exactly what you want. Sometimes in business you have to take yes for an answer. And I think that in this case yes is the answer.

You want a closed system where there is no competition and cronyism is the only way things get done, where the corporate taxes are a bit lower, but the difference is more than made up by bribes, a society sharply divided between the vast armies of the unprotesting poor who are resigned to their fate and a small wealthy elite that enjoys its superiority in ways that it can't on this side of the border.

You don't really want to build things. You want to keep other people from building them while you enjoy a monopoly on the things that someone innovative built twenty years ago before he was forced to leave the country.

Paul Ryan is your boy and few other politicians represent the complete disconnect between the economic and immigration policies of your kind better than him. Ryan wants to cut social benefits and legalize 12 million illegal immigrants. He wants to cut money for the "takers" and add million more takers to the voting rolls to ensure that any legislative changes he makes will vanish in a wink.

So what does Paul Ryan really want? Does he want to cut spending more or does he want amnesty more? He's willing to sacrifice his budgets for amnesty, but not amnesty for his budgets.

Ryan may spout nonsense about how this generation of "family-oriented" illegal aliens will start lots of business and keep social security afloat, and how they, in a complete reversal of history, will be all for cutting social spending and voting Republican. But I doubt that he or McCain or anyone else is stupid enough to believe that nonsense.

Given a choice between America, the Republican Party and Amnesty, they're willing to sacrifice America and the Republican Party, not to mention Conservatism, on the altar of Amnesty.

The real question is why. Not why Ryan is choosing such a course, but why his backers who claim to want legislative reforms and economic freedom are pursuing an aggressive and well-funded course that will ensure that America will never have any more economic freedom than can be bought by a bribe or a family connection? Why are the people who claim to be concerned about our debt and our unsustainable spending determined to take both up to eleven?

Maybe we're all part of the problem. Maybe as a society we're no longer capable of producing leaders capable of thinking in terms of long term consequences. We want what we want and we want it now.

Corporate America has decided that it needs cheap labor now and the tens of millions of unemployed and unskilled Americans don't do. In the long run, amnesty will make America all but impossible to do business in for any company that doesn't have General Electric, Duke Energy or Tesla in its name. But in the long run, the sun may go nova. That's how people like that think.

Maybe it's as simple as pumping and dumping America, cashing in on a few years of cheap labor and then heading somewhere else and profiting from selling the last remnants of the collapsing economy to Qatar or Saudi Arabia. It appears to be happening in Europe. Why not America?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for capitalism in the same way that I'm for democracy. As Churchill said, it's the worst possible system except for all the alternatives.

Capitalism, like Democracy or Wikipedia, isn't innately good, it's just better because it's decentralized and that allows people to pursue their own dreams, agendas and anything else they like. The sum total of this crowdsourced wonderland is sometimes good, sometimes bad, often in-between, but on average better than any tyranny of politics, economics or articles on breeds of armadillo would be.

Democracy gave us Barack Obama. Capitalism gave us GE. Wikipedia lists a blue armadillo that doesn't exist in nature. All these flaws remind us that crowdsourcing is imperfect. It doesn't give us good results. It gives us better results.

But dear Corporate America, despite what Rachel Maddow says, I kind of like you. You make decent toasters. Or at least you design decent toasters that China makes. And if you ever decided to dump the Green energy labels, the abstract art and the million dollar donations to gay rights groups and turn into the monstrous cryptofascist conspiracy that liberals claim you are, we might get somewhere.

But we both know that's not going to happen.

You're not conservative. You're certainly not right-wing. There are exceptions, but they're not the rule. Like most of our elites, you're liberal. At best you're occasionally libertarian, but in a limited way. You're all for opening up the borders, but you're all for requiring businesses to get permits if they're in a competing line of work. And you feel guilty, about ice caps, black kids in the inner city and all the other stuff that comes in your mail.

But don't feel too bad, Corporate America. You're not uniquely awful. You're just part of a society whose best and brightest have lost their way and whose proud and prosperous have spent too much time listening to them.

In a decaying society, you have learned to grab what you can without believing that the society and the nation are worth protecting as more than sources of loot. In your comfort zone, the transnational idea has come to seem plausible and the world and its many nations seem infinitely redundant to you. If America doesn't work out, try China or Mexico or Qatar or Singapore.

That comfort zone in which you can thrive on transnational fantasies while still vacationing on Martha's Vineyard is brought to you by a Pax Americana. The peace of the American mercantile empire that your forebears put into place with sailing ships and armed men enables you to sell and buy across the globe, to jump in a jet plane and pop from airport to airport and from luxury hotel to luxury hotel.

All this is not the fulfillment of some Tom Friedmanesque fantasy about the inevitablity of globalism and the flattening of the world. It's not a new era of history. It's the last days of a peaceful empire that made your wealth and power possible. And that you are destroying the same way that the Romans destroyed theirs.

Yes, for a time you will have your estates in Gaul and compliant barbarians who will clean your floors and look after your kids at cut rate prices. The wine will be plentiful and the circuses shocking. And one day you will wake up and discover that your grandchildren have become barbarians, that the civilization you knew is gone and the virtues that made your way of life possible are gone with it.

I won't preach to you about sacrifice.I'll leave that to Elizabeth Warren and her ilk who will bleed you for every cent you have unless you pay her off first. I will tell you that actions have consequences and not just of the class action lawsuit kind. Power is not the same thing as control. That's not only a lesson that Obama must learn. It's a lesson that you must learn as well.

To build a thing, you must know what it is you are building, you must test the structure, practice with the tools and make it real. Destroying a thing is easier. All you have to do is tear down what works and replace it with a slipshod structure made out of poor materials and tools you don't know how to use as cheaply as possible.

That's what your amnesty push will do to America. And when it's done, when America is California and California is Mexico and organized crime is indistinguishable from government and the only way to do business is with a handful of bribes, then you really will have built that.

On that day, there will be no Tea Party to save you and no Republican Party left to defend you.

You will flee to Singapore or China or Africa, only to realize that you are no longer a wealthy American, but the citizen of a fallen empire without protection in a world where the old rules made by the Pax Americana no longer apply. When the last bribes have been squeezed out of you and your company has been taken over and looted by the son of some government official, perhaps you will finally come to know the worth of the civilization you so foolishly destroyed.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure my DVD player no longer works.



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Casual Infamy (From Down Under)

Renewable Energy Handouts Winding Down - There is a real-world example of what can happen when subsidies are cut and greater scrutiny is applied to renewable energy projects, Read more

ABC’s Media Watch Is A Joke - ABC’s Media Watch is a one-eyed watchdog that sees only what it wants to see. Read more

Wind Farms Need Fossil Fuels For Every Operation - Bill Shorten should have asked a couple of questions before committing Australia to a 50 per cent renewable target. Read more

Shorten’s Renewable Energy Insanity - Does anyone take Bill Shorten seriously any more? He wants to rapidly accelerate Australia’s renewable energy Read more

Greek Lessons On Debt And Deficit - New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford writes about “living for the now” and asks: “What does being present really mean? Read more

Green Activists Killing Our Reef - Let me ask you this. What status does the Great Barrier Reef enjoy in official international agencies? Is it “at risk”? Read more


The Greens Demolition Of Tasmania

This Appeared @ Casual Infamy

The state election in March last year saved Tasmania from becoming an Aussie version of the Amish. They came within a whisker of existing without any meaningful business and were just about forced to re-invent the horse and cart. A 12.2 per cent swing to the Liberals meant they had the first pro-business state government in years.

With the Greens sharing power, it’s Earth Hour all year round if you want to run a business. Tasmania suffered years of neglect under a Labor/Green state goverment, and the result was loss of jobs, loss of industry, loss of standards and loss of wealth.

The Greens would like to see them scavenging for seeds and berries to eat, and trading possum pelts for a living, as long as the possums had died of natural causes first. The Federal Government should have come down hard and ruled that if the state doesn’t produce anything or earn any money, there will be no welfare available. As it stands, Tasmania has the highest number of illiterates in the country and the highest per capita of people living off a government hand out.

Tasmania is rich in minerals, it has great natural resources including fisheries and farming and tourism. It is nearly the size of England with a population of 500,000. There are 23 local councils who all fight with each other and are dominated by the Greens. It’s almost impossible to run a business. The Greens simply bring in overseas “experts” or apply to some international body to stifle any development.

The trashing of the Triabunna pulp mill and its associated port on Tassie’s east coast offers an insight into the looney Green’s tactics. The mill was purchased from Gunns in 2011 by the Wilderness Society. A Tasmanian parliamentary inquiry found the mill to be a viable business and said the purchasers had a contractual obligation to keep it running. Wilderness Society boss Alec Marr and his cronies went in and wrecked the joint.

A group of businessmen wanted to develop a tourism venture by running a cable car from the top of Mt Wellington down to Hobart and then join up with an overhead tramway that would travel around the Hobart waterfront. The tramway was to be purchased secondhand from Sydney. It would have created building jobs and permanent employment. NO! said the Greens.

It’s not only in Tasmania. The Greens are out to stop all 21st century development. Christine Milne’s solution for second airport in NSW, take a train. In Victoria, scrap the East/West Link and take a train. The same people who have prospered due to human progress now want to prohibit that from the next generation. The loopy Greens are the ‘Taliban’ of the Australian economy.

The Green voter doesn’t have the intellectual capability to understand the gravity of their policies, but is more worried about gaining favour among their urban social peers because it’s cool to vote Green. The Universities are the problem, not the solution. Almost all Leftist policies emanate from radical university lecturers. Christopher Pyne should be spending his time trying to eradicate this cancer from the teaching/lecturing mob.

The demographics are that a lot of them will have a university degree, where the ability to think and reason should be highly developed. However, there are very few of them who understand the basics of maths and economics.

Tasmanians have learnt a very painful lesson and it is doubtful they will ever hold the Greens party in the esteem they once did. Unfortunately, the inner city elite on the mainland have yet to learn that painful lesson, but eventually they will be forced to acknowledge that the socialist nirvana promised by the Greens is nothing more than a mad dreamscape.

Tasmania would like to develop a new and unique export industry – shipping off the loopy Greens to their spiritual home in North Korea.

190 Generals and Admirals Sign Letter to Congress: Reject the Defective Iran Deal

By Carol Greenwald

Yesterday, Aug. 25, a letter (text and signatories belowas delivered to the Republican and Democratic Senate and House leadership, signed by 190 retired United States Generals and Admirals which called upon the Congress to reject the "defective" Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran deal) because it "would threaten the national security and vital interests of the United States.."   President Obama last week trumpeted that he was able to find 36 retired flag officers who supported his agreement to "give diplomacy a chance." The media explained away this paltry number of signers by saying that " retired brass avoid firm positions on Iranian nuke deal."

We proved the lie to that excuse. Four to five volunteers from around the country in less than a week got 190 generals and admirals to sign a letter which urges Congress to reject the JCPOA because "this agreement will enable Iran to become far more dangerous, render the Mideast still more unstable and introduce new threats to American interests as well as our allies.".......To Read More....

Venezuela’s Food Shortages Trigger Long Lines, Hunger and Looting

By Maolis Castro and Kejal Vyas

Violent clashes flare in pockets of the country as citizens wait for hours for basics, such as milk and rice.  Hours after they looted and set fire to a National Guard command post in this sun-baked corner of Venezuela earlier this month, a mob infuriated by worsening food shortages rammed trucks into the smoldering edifice, reducing it mostly to rubble.  The incident was just one of numerous violent clashes that have flared in pockets around the country in recent weeks as Venezuelans wait for hours in long supermarket lines for basics like milk and rice. Shortages have made hunger a palpable concern for many Wayuu Indians who live here at the northern tip of Venezuela’s 1,300-mile border with Colombia……In past years, when oil prices were high, Venezuela’s leftist government flooded markets with subsidized goods ranging from cooking oil to diapers. It gave citizens in border towns like La Sibucara not only access to cheap supplies, but also a source of income as many people trafficked products—including nearly free gasoline—to neighboring Colombia, drawing handsome profits.…….To Read More…..

My Take – So you think things are bad now….wait…’s going to get a whole lot worse.  Venezuela is doomed!  They only thing they have is oil and most of the income derived from that resource was wasted by that arrogant blithering babbling idiot Hugo Chávez promoting socialism in South America.   His chosen successor, Maduro, and his socialist cronies are left with this one inescapable fact.  No one is going to want Venezuelan oil in the very near future.  Their oil is so crude, viscous and filled with contaminates the only refineries in the world who are willing to deal with it are – you guessed it – the United States, the country these blithering idiots won't deal with.  Fraking is changing the world's economics in more ways than has been fully appreciated.   Fracking oil is not only sweet and light – its ultra sweet and ultra light.  It won’t be long before those refineries won’t be accepting Venezuelan oil for economic reasons.  What happens then?  This is a country with terrible infrastructure, and their rail system doesn’t even connect with any other country in South American, and geographic conditions make them largely isolated from their southern neighbors and their only economic hope faces north – to the United States. 
It’s going to be interesting to watch arrogant blithering idiots change into crawling beggars - or will there be new “leaders”, who understand economics.  I wonder if Sean Penn – one of Hollywood’s top communists and fellow travellers - will find that disturbing?  So to prevent that do you think he and his fellow Hollywood socialists would be willing to donate their fortunes to Maduro in order to allow him to continue down the great socialist path they love so much?  And Bernie Sanders can act as economic advisor.  Hey Bernie - Tell us once again about the greatness of socialism and how it brings about equality.  I guess when everyone's starving that's a form of equality!  What I don't understand - and perhaps Bernie and Sean can explain it to me - why is it socialist leaders never seem to be standing in lines and starving with their "equal" partners in these great socialist utopias? 

American Council on Science and Health

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Cow Cruelty Condoned by Anti-GMO Groups - Dairy cows have to be dehorned by farmers in a cruel but necessary fashion. One scientist, however, is working on a solution: incorporating the genes from a hornless breed into the regular dairy cow. The technique promises to reduce animal cruelty, but since its a GMO, advocates don't like it. Read more.

Help for Vegans Struggling to Go‘Cold Turkey’ - Is meat and dairy an addiction? A group of vegans believe that it is, and like with smoking, harm reduction and gradual cessation may be key to transitioning to this new diet. That's because only 16 percent those seeking to become vegetarians or vegans stick with it. Read more.

8-Glasses-of-Water Myth is All Wet- No, Virginia, you don't have to drink eight glasses of water every day to be healthy. This is a myth that's been handed down for generations. It wasn't true at the start, and it isn't true now. In fact, too much water can be deadly. Read more.

Surprising Group Join Ranks of Binge Drinkers - We usually think about young people as those who frequently go too far with alcohol. While that's true, we often overlook other demographics. A new study points out that 20 percent of senior citizens, those over the age of 65, are also hitting the sauce way too hard. Read more.

Another History-Making Moment for Diabetes - A long-standing controversy with oral hypoglycemic drugs is that, while they lower blood glucose levels, there is little or no evidence that they add years to a patient's life. So, lower glucose levels in type 2 patients have, in effect, been little more than a controversial marker of disease. Until now. Read more.

Britain’s ‘Clean Eating’ is the Latest Foolish Food Fad - The U.S. isn’t the only country with folks providing scatterbrained theories about what people should or shouldn’t eat, and why. We have our Vani Hari (aka the Food Babe), and now it turns out that Britain has its own group of loopy ladies who are also out to lunch. Read more.

Do Beta-Blockers Also Block Ovarian Cancer? - In today's "you never know what is around the corner" department, a surprising story says that beta-blockers—heart drugs that are used to lower blood pressure and slow the heart—may have another use. That would be reducing the toll of ovarian cancer, which is one of the hardest types to treat. Read more.

The False Fear of ‘Toxic Breast Milk,’ by a Skilled Manipulator - Dr. Phillipe Grandjean has a long and well-deserved reputation of being in the forefront of "toxic terror" campaigns. He has launched anxieties about all sorts of fish in our diets, but now he has become a devotee of warning nursing mothers about--of all things--potentially toxic chemicals in breast milk. Read more.

Appreciating the Norm Borlaug Documentary ‘Freedom From Famine’ All Over Again

Posted on by Gil Ross @ The ACSH Website

It is, of course, quite understandable that The American Council on Science and Health has been a devoted fan of our late co-founder, Dr. Norman Borlaug, at least since our origin in 1978. He painstakingly studied plant breeding methods, which he improved month by month, planting season by season in Mexico, amidst the impoverished.
But, given his immense contributions to plant breeding science and his fervent devotion, even in his later years, to the cause of scientific and technological progress against hunger and starvation, it is amazing to us that his humanitarian efforts are so little-known, to the public and even to scientists.

That’s why we here at ACSH are once again calling attention to a short documentary titled “Freedom From Famine: The Norman Borlaug Story,” which highlights a lifetime of life-saving work and his fervent devotion to eliminating global starvation.

Dr. Borlaug developed new wheat types that would withstand climate variations including winds and drought, as well as infestations of devastating wheat rust disease.

 Serendipitously, he also discovered that by moving his headquarters a distance away at a high elevation, he could actually study two growing seasons instead of one during several months. He worked in the same dirt-poor conditions as the farm workers.

Dr. Borlaug’s work eventually was credited with saving approximately one billion lives from starvation, initially in Latin America and then South Asia. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, and subsequently received other awards and honors for his lifesaving efforts. The movie is a labor of love (or admiration, at least) by The Mathile Institute for the Advancement of Human Nutrition, and the film makers, Gay and Phil Courter. It was first released in 2009, when Dr. Borlaug’s died at the age of 95.

Here’s the Institute’s accompanying message:

Americans have little knowledge of one of their greatest sons. Why do schoolchildren in China, India, Mexico and Pakistan know the name and work of Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug, while so few of his countrymen have never heard of him? How did a dirt-poor farm boy from rural Iowa grow up to save a billion people worldwide from starvation and malnutrition and become the father of the Green Revolution? What were the inherited traits and environmental factors that shaped his astonishing journey and led to successes that surprised even him? What can we learn from his life and views that might help the human race survive the next critical century? This documentary film is a must-see for anyone interested in American history, world hunger, plant breeding, agriculture and biotechnology.
This hour-long film is fascinating; it contains filmed portrayals of The Green Revolution’s beginnings in Mexico, and its stop-and-start export to India and Pakistan, replete with political and bureaucratic maneuverings that Dr. Borlaug had to become as well-versed in as he had with the agronomic technology. Against his natural proclivities, he did it. And millions upon millions of lives were saved.

The Changing World of Energy Production Will Change Everything!

Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Foundation Reports China is Curbing It'sRenewable Energy Subsidies - Good Thinking -And Shale Revolution 2.0 Could Depress Oil Prices For A Generation
Editor's Note - What we need is clarity! This business about fracking/drilling for new oil and gas sources is going to more than drop the price of energy for a generation - it's going to change the world geopolitically! Muslim Middle East countries are in big trouble from this point on. Most of them can't properly feed themselves, don't have an infrastructure to promote industrialization, have no deep water navigation potentials, their populations are largely uneducated and lack technical know how to operate a modern industrialized society, their leadership is corrupt and each of these Muslim countries are fractured internally by religious differences and geographic obstacles that have made them adversaries for hundreds of years.  They are in fact midieval tribal societies with modern weapons who hate each other more than they do outsiders - whom they hate with unbridled passion.

None of that changed except for the one thing - they have oil – and the industrialized world's overwhelming need for it gave them the financial wherewithal to appear to be real countries.  That’s going to change radically now.  Furthermore there’s going to be a great deal of competition to occupy or control their neighbors within the next five years - from Turkey to Saudia Arabia and from Egypt to Pakistan, the entire Middle East is going to be a mess…..and the only stabilizing force in the world – the American military – will stay out of it!  The civilized world won’t need them any longer!  The Bretton Woods security blanket is about to be withdrawn, and that's going to alter the rest of the world also, including Europe! 
China Curbs Renewable Energy Subsidies – China’s wind and solar developers are getting much less than they anticipated in handouts from the government because of a quirk in subsidy policies, threatening to stymie growth in the world’s biggest market for clean energy. --Bloomberg News, 21 August 2015

Shale Revolution 2.0 Could Depress Oil Prices For A Generation – Shale oil is undergoing an unheralded productivity boom – the scale of which has not been seen since the early days of IT – that will depress oil prices for a generation. That is the stark view of Neptune head of research Chris Taylor. ‘A 321% productivity gain over four years is incredible. I have never seen an industry move like this since maybe very early IT at the beginning of the PC rollout and it hasn’t even finished yet,’ Taylor said. --James Phillipps, City Wire, 26 August 2015

Green Germany: Every Second Power Plant Faces Closure – Germany’s shift to renewable energy sources will have a greater impact on operators of traditional power plants than originally thought, according to new data from the country’s grid supervisor. Fifty-seven traditional gas and coal power plants are set to close in Germany as a consequence of Energiewende. “The situation for existing power plants is getting worse,” Müller said. “An ice age is looming for the construction of new plants too. Every second planned facility is hanging by a hair,” Hildegard Müller, head of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries said. --Deutsche Welle, 24 August 2015

Reality Check: India To Double Coal Production By 2020 - Coal consumption in India, particularly in the electric power sector, is outpacing India’s domestic production. From 2005 to 2012, India’s coal production grew by only 4.7% per year to about 600 million metric tons while the country’s coal-fired electric power capacity grew by a much faster rate (about 9.4% per year), reaching 150 gigawatts. To help resolve the shortfall in coal supply and to support expanded coal-fired generation, India has set a coal production target of 1.5 billion metric tons by 2020. --U.S. Energy Information Administration, 25 August 2015

India Will Not Follow China’s Climate Policy - India will not announce its peaking (peak emission) year, unlike China, in its ‘climate action plan’ which is to be submitted by the country to the UN body on climate change in September. --Vishwa Mohan, The Times of India, 25 August 2015

Britain’s North Sea Oil Industry Sets Course For The Scrapheap - Half a century after the founding of the North Sea industry, its biggest oil fields are mostly dried up. What remains is the crumbs that are not worth the time or investment of the biggest players. The North Sea was once the biggest single contributor to the exchequer, but this year it will hand over little more than £1bn, compared with more than £11.5bn just three years ago, according to the specialist adviser Hannon Westwood. The Office for Budget Responsibility reckons that the Treasury’s take between 2020 and 2040 will dwindle to a total of just £2bn, a 94% reduction on previous forecasts. The day when the North Sea goes from asset to liability is not as far away as one might think, not least because the taxpayer is on the hook for roughly 60% of the estimated £30bn decommissioning bill. --Danny Fortson, The Sunday Times, 23 August 2015

ESPN Owes Curt Schilling, and America, an Apology

By David French
Yesterday, ESPN suspended Curt Schilling for telling the truth. He tweeted — then deleted — the following meme: ESPN’s response was immediate, and just as mindlessly politically correct as you’d expect. “Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective,” ESPN said. “We made that point very strongly to Curt and have removed him from his current Little League assignment pending further consideration.” But what’s offensive about the truth?
If anything, Schilling understated the extent of Islamic radicalism. While more than a million Muslims actually belong to radical militias, terrorist organizations, and the military forces of radical Islamic states, the number of Muslims with terrorist sympathies and radical beliefs number in the hundreds of millions. The number of Muslims expressing “confidence in Osama bin Laden” remained stubbornly high even as his power and influence waned:
Staggering numbers of Muslims support the death penalty for apostasy: In fact, according to the 2013 Pew Research Center report, 88 percent of Muslims in Egypt and 62 percent of Muslims in Pakistan favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim religion. This is also the majority view among Muslims in Malaysia, Jordan and the Palestinian territories.
While that view is mainstream in the Islamic world, it is certainly “extremist” in the United States.   Where’s the apology, ESPN? .....To Read More..... 

Atlas Shrugs

Pentagon investigating Centcom for Lying About Success Against ISIS - If Centcom wanted accurate news about ISIS, they should have been reading this website’s ISIS reportage going back to 2011.  Instead, they’ve been drinking Obama’s kool-aid, and now they’re shocked (shocked!) to find the Islamic State is actually not a “Junior Varsity” team.  Obama lied, millions died.  Centcom, at Obama’s insistence, has been putting a smiley emoticon on our fictional successes in our limpwristed war efforts against the Islamic State.  As bad as they are now saying it is…… It’s worse than that.  Where are the Pentagon Papers on Obama’s perfidy? His airstrikes were purely cosmetic and did nothing to stop ISIS.  He armed “moderate al-Qaeda” and Syrian...

Christian Flood Victims Forced to Convert to Islam, Become Slaves to Muslims or Die- …essentially following Qur’an 9:29 to the letter, in other words.  As torrential flooding spanned across various regions of Pakistan this summer and washed away thousands of homes, Christians in Kasur have received very little humanitarian aid and have been left to starve if they don’t convert to Islam or become modern-day slaves in order to receive help from Muslims or the government. Wilson Chowdhry, the president of the British Pakistani Christian Association, told The Christian Post that there are more than 60 Christian...

France Train Attack Suspect Watched Jihad Video Before Boarding - Remember, this is the jihadi savage who said that he was just trying to commit a robbery — and the enemedia duly reported that his “motive was unclear.” Now there can be no doubt, but the denial and obfuscation of the obvious will continue anyway.  The armed man accused of attacking an Amsterdam-to-Paris practice final week watched a video calling for Jihad earlier than boarding the practice, officers stated at present.  Alleged gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani watched the video on his cellphone, they added, which was activated the identical day of the assault.  He additionally belonged to a recognized radical mosque, French...

ESPN pulls Curt Schilling from Little League World Series after tweet - Schilling was right. Not every German was a Nazi — it was the ideology that had to be defeated. The ideology is the problem, and yet ANYONE who speaks critically of jihad or Islam is destroyed. This is the ideology that has to be defeated today, but instead, we have surrendered to that ideology — jihad and sharia — and have submitted to its brutal, draconian system of governance that prohibits criticism of Islam. Just as criticism of Nazism and Communism were prohibited in those totalitarian systems. The Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Qaeda, al Shabaab are ALL devout Muslim groups, all waging holy war to impose Islam and Islamic law — if that’s not Islamic, what is it? Schilling shouldn’t have apologized,...

Watch VIDEO: Muslim “refugees” flooding Europe, shouting ”Allahu Akbar” - Scroll down for the video. Muslim immigrants shouting “Allahu Akbar” in Hungary. Germany confirmed Tuesday it has stopped returning Syrian asylum-seekers to their first port of entry in the EU. The Independent reports, “Germany opens its gates: Berlin says all Syrian asylum-seekers are welcome to remain, as Britain is urged to make a ‘similar statement’.” There are thousands of these hostile invaders. Europe is on the verge of descending into utter chaos. Reuters reported that “thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia’s border on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and lashed out with batons before apparently abandoning a bid to stem their flow through the Balkans...

Iranian Official: Israel’s Annihilation Still Our Central Goal - Obama’s Middle East strategy points to one thing and one thing only — a post-Israel Middle East. There is no other explanation. Listening to the administration try to sell this genocidal war pact is like listening to Joseph Goebbels explain the Jewish problem. “Iranian Official: Israel’s Annihilation Still Our Central Goal,” by Ari Soffer, Arutz Sheva, August 25, 2015 (thanks to A senior Iranian official has reiterated that Iran views the annihilation of the State of Israel as its most central foreign policy, despite warming relations with western powers. The Iranian Parliament Speaker’s Adviser for International Affairs, Hossein Sheikholeslam, made the comments in a speech to reporters...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Charles Koch blasts Barack Obama

By Mike Allen

Charles Koch hit back at criticism of “the Koch brothers” during President Barack Obama’s energy speech in Las Vegas earlier this week, saying he was “flabbergasted” by the attack and charging that Obama made the dig as a favor to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who appeared with him……Koch said his company is “opposed to renewable energy subsidies of all kinds — as we are all subsidies, whether they benefit or help us.”..“We are not trying to prevent new clean energy businesses from succeeding,” Koch continued. “Any business that’s economical, that can succeed in the marketplace, any form of energy, we’re all for. As a matter of fact, we’re investing in quite a number of them, ourselves — whether that’s ethanol, renewable fuel oil. … We’re investing a tremendous amount in research to make those more efficient and create higher-value products.”.....“But it’s not going to help the country to be subsidizing uneconomical forms of energy — whether you call them ‘green,’ ‘renewable’ or whatever. In that case, the cure is worse than the disease. And there is a big debate on whether you have a real disease or something that’s not that serious.......the cure is to do things in the marketplace, and to let individuals and companies innovate, to come up with alternatives that will deal with whatever the problem may be in an economical way so we don’t squander resources on uneconomic approaches.”…..To Read More……

Atlas Shrugs

Police raid Brussels homes after foiled train jihad attack - Are the brave French media and the tools over at CNN still calling it a …. robbery? Bloody clowns rooting for their own executioners. A suspected Islamist militant wielding guns and a knife was subdued by passengers on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday. Two people were wounded.  Prosecutors said the man detained had boarded the train in Brussels and that they had...

Outrage spreads as cities plan Ramadan celebrations on 9/11 - We have come full circle. Muslim celebrations on 9/11, with the West heralding the progressive triumph of savagery over humanity. Don’t be surprised if Obama follows suit at the White House. These same cretins teach us about “mutual respect” and “mutual understanding.”  The 9/11 Muslim terrorists evoked Muhammad 90 times in their martyrdom letters left behind.

VIDEO: ISIS Slaves Being Freed Thanks to YOU - Critics that say I am helping a terrorist organization — the world’s richest billion dollar terror army.  These same people would have condemned Peter Bergson and his buying Jews’ lives to escape the Holocaust. These same people would condemn the Jews who would use whatever they had, gold, silver, diamonds, anything to get a favor from a Nazi soldier — a pass, a family member or something/anything. These same people would condemn the Jews who sewed jewels into their hems to buy some way, any way out — they, too, were wrong?....

Paris prosecutor’s office formally opens terror investigation after train jihad attack - But the French “al Dura” media is calling it a robbery. A robbery without ….a robbery.   A known jihadist with links to Islamic terror groups and previous arrests for jihad terror steps onto a train with a Kalashnikov, a handgun and a knife, and begins opening fire — and that’s a “robbery” according to the Charles Enderlin school of French journalism. Je suis Charlie, indeed.  Paris prosecutor’s office formally opens terror investigation after train attack.
Ethiopia: Christian leaders jailed after protesting persecution by Muslims - Islamic supremacism in action. This absolutely defines the very idea of sharia law. “After official complaints made to Ethiopia’s government about increasing persecution of Christians in a Muslim-dominated area of southern Ethiopia surfaced in the media, a district court charged six members of the administrative committee of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) with inciting public disturbance, destroying public trust in government officials and spreading hatred.”
ISIS blows up ancient temple in Palmyra - The sharia-drive UN’s Unesco has described the attack on Syria’s cultural history, reported by activists on Sunday, as a “war crime.” Which means they’ll blame …… Israel.  This is what devout Muslims do. They destroy the sacred sites and religious icons of the non-believers. From two of the world’s largest standing Buddhas — one of them 165 feet high — in Afghanistan to the tens of thousands of Hindu temples and Christian churches, Rachel’s tomb, the archaeological sites of the Jewish first temple, and the Sphinx, with renewed calls to finish the job.  Under Islam, the demolition of statues is a “religious duty.”  But the West’s first, last and only...

*Warning* *Graphic* “Implementing Allah’s Law” - Today’s tweets from the Islamic State — and Western elites are attacking those of us who oppose sharia and jihad. These apologists for savagery are just as culpable as those who are beheading and hand-chopping. Oh, yes. We owe the rise of this inhumanity to them.  Will the islamophobia never end?
Team Obama wins mercy for a sponsor of terrorism - Imam Obama doing the heavy lifting for jihad savagery. I warned Atlas readers months ago that Obama was working to exculpate jihad groups — beheading, Jew-hatred, creed apartheid, etc. are religious imperatives. Obama was raised on all this as a young boy in Indonesia.  Back in February, a Manhattan federal jury sent a critical message about holding the perpetrators of terror responsible: It found the Palestinian Authority liable for six attacks and assessed $218.5 million in damages. But on Monday, thanks to Team Obama, that message was all but obliterated.  After an unusual intercession by the State and Justice departments, the...

40,000 Iranian Girls Married Under the Age of 15 Per Year - There is no distinction between child marriage and slavery. If anything, child marriage is worse: the child, unlike an adult slave (or a slave with his or her parents around) is entirely at the mercy of her “husband.” But Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine, and that makes it right, and to be imitated by Muslims for all time.  More than 40,000 Iranian girls under the age of 15 were married during the last calendar year in Iran, according to Iranian officials, most to older men.  The number has remained relatively constant for the last 10 years, adding up to some...